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Amazon Consultants

Take your Account
to the Next Level

Learn new solutions to get your business process organized and streamlined
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Go Far with Our Amazon Consultants

Awesome Dynamic strives to help you get the most out of Amazon. What makes us so AWESOME? Our unique combination of SEO and website know-how combined with our hands-on Amazon seller experience gives us a perspective you'll find nowhere else. Lots of people talk about selling on Amazon, but few others offer the well-rounded expertise that delivers customers to your door.

Our team keeps current and we use our experience, knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to make the most of your Amazon sales channels. We own the compass. Let our awesome Amazon consultants guide your foray into the Amazon marketplace.

Seller Central is the right sales platform for third party sellers seeking to sell retail (directly to the public) via Amazon. With a Seller Central account, you are a third-party merchant or marketplace seller on Amazon. Our Seller Central Account Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Seller Central processes.

The Seller Central platform offers great margins and comparative leeway but requires a commitment to details. Awesome Dynamic’s Seller Central Account Management service oversees and reports on the progress of your sales on Amazon, optimizes your competitive position on Amazon, and frees you up to run your business. We can be your Amazon Consultants for your Seller Central account.

Vendor Central is the right path for some merchants, and the wrong one for others, depending on your company’s operations and goals. Our Vendor Central Program Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Vendor Central processes.

You need a plan to succeed on the Vendor Central sales platform. Awesome Dynamic’s Vendor Central Program Management is an ongoing monthly service that clears the hurdles, optimizes your position on Amazon and puts you on the correct path to profits. Let us be your Amazon consultants through Vendor Central.

Meet The Owner

Great to meet you! I'm Paul Dworianyn, President of Awesome Dynamic. Although I started making websites as a freelancer in 1994, I now run a few businesses with many talented employees. I have developed a team that can leverage unparalleled Amazon consulting services with SEO and content strategies honed through years of web design and web management know-how. The result is an awesome combination of synergies that puts our clients head and shoulders above their competitors.

I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and worked as a college instructor, and school administrator for 12 years. I have a passion for teaching and adapting to people's unique learning styles which I'm proud to bring to the consulting aspect of the different services that Awesome Dynamic provides.

We're different because I hire my staff based on their great people skills, then I train them on the tech skills. Our clients think we are awesome, you should check out our client's reviews, they absolutely love working with us and I'm confident you will too as your Amazon consultants!

“Choosing Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions at the outset was the best decision I could have ever made as they immediately went to work on the things we found most difficult and confusing, and got the job done for us. I highly recommend this company and continue to use them. If you need help getting your products on Amazon this is the company to call. True professionals.”


"I highly recommend the Awesome Dynamic team and am extremely impressed with their responsiveness and accessibility. Their responses to our questions are immediate. Awesome Dynamic stopped the hemorrhaging developed a new internal processes audit that helped to organize our approach. And if needed, they will always jump on a call to assist us. We are learning step by step how to become great Amazon sellers!”


"Awesome Dynamic has done an excellent job for our Amazon presence. We have had product available in the past, but never were able to truly get significant sales due to our lack of understanding in how Amazon operates. They have a great team, and are always there and able to take us to the next level. Thank you for all the hard work!!!"


Awesome Staff

Awesome Dynamic Paul Opt

Paul Dworianyn

Awesome Dynamic Terry Opt

Terry Levin
Vice President

Awesome Dynamic Tim Opt

Tim Dworianyn
Expert Amazon Consultant

Awesome Dynamic Amy Opt

Amy Van Wie
Project Manager

Awesome Dynamic Nicole Opt

Nicole Terborg
Project Manager

Awesome Dynamic Emily Opt

Emily Dayton
Content Writer

Awesome Dynamic Blake Opt

Blake Tintorri
Amazon Consulting Specialist

Shawn (2)

Shawn Cassinelli
Expert Amazon Consultant

Awesome Dynamic April Opt

April Arizona
SEO Specialist

Awesome Dynamic Jon Opt Opt

Jon Freeman
Logistics Manager

Awesome Dynamic Jose Opt

Jose Maldonado
Amazon Specialist

Awesome Dynamic Jill Opt

Jill Kruse
Amazon Customer Service

Awesome Dynamic Bernadette Opt

Bernadette Dworianyn
Content Writer

Awesome Dynamic Lindsay Opt

Lindsay Baker
Project Manager

Awesome Dyamic Jessica Opt

Jessica Dworianyn
Project Manager

Awesome Dynamic Cory Opt

Cory Levin
Amazon Specialist