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Awesome Dynamic helps you get the most out of Amazon. What makes us so AWESOME? Awesome Dynamic works side-by-side with businesses looking to sell online, effectively list products and improve their online brand image. Our years of Amazon seller experience, satisfied clients, and a background in SEO and website knowledge will give your business a unique and beneficial advantage. Our team of strong and educated leaders are waiting to be your virtual alley in navigating the behind-the-scenes workings of the Amazon marketplace.

Selling on Amazon can lead to a substantial increase in profits, but maximizing your opportunities within this sales channel can often be challenging and time-consuming. Don’t rely on your own knowledge and expertise to guide you through the complex and ever-changing world of Amazon. Instead, work with our experienced Amazon consultants and enjoy greater profits with fewer headaches.

Seller Central is the right sales platform for third party sellers seeking to sell retail (directly to the public) via Amazon. With a Seller Central account, you are a third-party merchant or marketplace seller on Amazon. Our Seller Central Account Management service is a monthly service that manages almost all of your Seller Central processes.

The Seller Central platform offers great margins and comparative leeway but requires a commitment to details. Awesome Dynamic’s Seller Central Account Management service oversees and reports on the progress of your sales on Amazon, optimizes your competitive position on Amazon, and frees you up to run your business. We can be your Amazon Consultants for your Seller Central account.

Amazon Consultants Helping With Buying And Ordering Process
Amazon Conultants Assisting With Vendor Central Logistics

Vendor Central is the right path for some merchants, and the wrong one for others, depending on your company’s operations and goals. Our Vendor Central Program Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Vendor Central processes.

You need a plan to succeed on the Vendor Central sales platform. Awesome Dynamic’s Vendor Central Program Management is an ongoing monthly service that clears the hurdles, optimizes your position on Amazon and puts you on the correct path to profits. Let us be your Amazon consultants through Vendor Central.

Paul Dworianyn, President of Awesome Dynamic

Great to meet you! I'm Paul Dworianyn, President of Awesome Dynamic. I started making websites as a freelancer in 1994 and now run a successful business with many talented employees. I have developed a team that can provide unparalleled Amazon consulting services, putting our clients head and shoulders above their competitors.

I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and worked as a college instructor and school administrator for 12 years. I have a passion for teaching and adapting to people's unique learning styles. I'm proud to bring that passion to the consulting aspect of the different services that Awesome Dynamic provides.

Our clients think we are awesome. You should check out our clients’ reviews because they absolutely love working with us. I'm confident you will love working with us too, as your Amazon consultants!

“Choosing Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions at the outset was the best decision I could have ever made as they immediately went to work on the things we found most difficult and confusing, and got the job done for us. I highly recommend this company and continue to use them. If you need help getting your products on Amazon this is the company to call. True professionals.”


"I highly recommend the Awesome Dynamic team and am extremely impressed with their responsiveness and accessibility. Their responses to our questions are immediate. Awesome Dynamic stopped the hemorrhaging developed a new internal processes audit that helped to organize our approach. And if needed, they will always jump on a call to assist us. We are learning step by step how to become great Amazon sellers!”


"Awesome Dynamic has done an excellent job for our Amazon presence. We have had product available in the past, but never were able to truly get significant sales due to our lack of understanding in how Amazon operates. They have a great team, and are always there and able to take us to the next level. Thank you for all the hard work!!!"


Awesome Staff

Awesome Dynamic Paul Opt

Paul Dworianyn

Paul has a total of three dogs, two boxers and a miniature dachshund. Paul started building computers and websites in the mid 90's.
Awesome Dynamic Terry Opt

Terry Levin

Vice President
Terry is an admitted music snob, and he is also a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. He is often seen with his beloved dog, Hank.
Awesome Dynamic Amy Opt

Amy Van Wie

Account Services Manager
Amy worked as a carpenter and a mason in her family business for 6 years. Amy has also been known to get "giddy" over spreadsheets.
Awesome Dynamic Nicole Opt

Nicole Terborg

Amazon Account Manager
Nicole loves to play team sports and enjoys cold pizza. Nicole studied abroad in Seville, Spain and enjoys traveling.
Awesome Dynamic Kristen Opt

Kristen Lallis

Amazon Account Manager
Kristen lives in sunny Florida enjoying her time at the beach, the springs or the pool. Kristen has 3 dogs and 2 adorable sugar gliders. She hopes to run her own dog rescue one day in the future.
Amazon Consultant 200x200

Tim Dworianyn

Senior Amazon Consultant
Tim has a musical backround & used to play in several local groups. Tim also loves learning about how things work, which leads to random YouTube tangents learning very useless & random facts.
Amazon Consultant Shawn 200x200

Shawn Cassinelli

Senior Amazon Consultant
Shawn has three dogs, a cat, two snakes, a tortoise, a turtle, and some gold fish. Shawn also enjoys spending time with his family, going on hikes, and once owned a farm.
Awesome Dynamic Lindsay Opt

Lindsay Baker

Amazon Account Manager
Lindsay loves living in Michigan where her family enjoys swimming and boating as much as possible. Lindsay has also been skydiving twice, although she is very scared of heights.
Amazon Consultant Spencer

Spencer Tintorri

Senior Amazon Consultant
Spencer once had dreadlocks for 3 months and has a dark chocolate obsession. Spencer also has a cat who loves to work on his laptop.
Awesome Dynamic Jon Opt Opt

Jon Freeman

Associate Amazon Consultant
Jon likes to brew homemade beer and make wine. Jon also loves all animals, especially his two cats.
Awesome Dynamic Jose Opt

Jose Maldonado

Associate Amazon Consultant
Jose likes to play all kinds of sports, but does not enjoy watching them. Jose also loves to swim.
Samantha Awesome Dynamic

Samantha Posch

Executive Administrative Assistant
Samantha attended Culinary Arts School and is ambidextrous. She writes with her right hand, and plays sports/activities with her left hand.
KellyHuegel Headshot2018 Cropped

Kelly Huegel

Marketing Coordinator
Kelly is outnumbered by boys in her home, after having twin boys! Kelly also loves organizing and has a "bin" obsession.
Awesome Dynamic Emily Opt

Emily Dayton

Amazon Copywriter
Emily's lifelong dream is to own and operate a cupcake food truck. If Emily could have any pet it would be a teacup pig named "Snorkles".
Awesome Dynamic Blake Opt

Blake Tintorri

Senior Amazon Consultant
Blake is an avid traveler and enjoys trying new foods. Blake also loves viewing various artwork.
Awesome Dynamic Bernadette Opt

Bernie Dworianyn

Amazon Copywriter
Bernadette is a classically (French) taught professional savory chef & Pastry Chef. Bernadette also enjoys knitting and crocheting.
Awesome Dyamic Jessica Opt

Jessica Dworianyn

Amazon Account Manager
Jessica was a gymnast from age 5-19. Jessica is left handed and also has one full sleeve and a half sleeve of tattoos.
Awesome Dynamic Cory Opt

Cory Levin

Associate Amazon Consultant
Cory is a University of Illinois student currently studying abroad in Sydney, Australia. Cory also played 3 different sports in high school.
Awesome Dynamic Jill Opt

Jill Kruse

Amazon Customer Service
Jill was born on St. Patrick's Day and has three boys. Jill also loves to be by the ocean.