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Est. 2009

Amazon Consultants | 10+ Years of Expertise

Just think, we used to sell and make purchases only at local brick and mortar stores. Now we have evolved to expand our selling potential and meet customer demands by utilizing online marketplaces, like the ever so popular Amazon.

Awesome Dynamic has also evolved and grown as needs and demands have changed. When we first opened doors in 2009 we focused on quality websites, backed with superior SEO. We knew the ins and outs of keywords and search results. Taking that experience we repositioned Awesome Dynamic to be leaders in assisting companies of all sizes in growing and utilizing the Amazon marketplace for their benefit.

Our experienced team of professionals work alongside businesses who are looking to effectively and efficiently sell online. Whether you’ve already begun the process of selling on Amazon or you are completely new, we’re here to be your virtual ally and navigate the behind-the-scenes workings of the Amazon marketplace. Selling on Amazon can lead to a substantial increase in profits, but maximizing your opportunities within this sales channel can often be challenging and time-consuming. You want to be at the forefront of where your customers are shopping. We’re here to help you get there

Seller Central is the right sales platform for third party sellers seeking to sell retail (directly to the public) via Amazon. With a Seller Central account, you are a third-party merchant or marketplace seller on Amazon. Our Seller Central Account Management service is a monthly service that manages almost all of your Seller Central processes.

The Seller Central platform offers great margins and comparative leeway but requires a commitment to details. Awesome Dynamic’s Seller Central Account Management service oversees and reports on the progress of your sales on Amazon, optimizes your competitive position on Amazon, and frees you up to run your business. We can be your Amazon Consultants for your Seller Central account.

Amazon Consultants Helping With Buying And Ordering Process
Amazon Conultants Assisting With Vendor Central Logistics

Vendor Central is the right path for some merchants, and the wrong one for others, depending on your company’s operations and goals. Our Vendor Central Program Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Vendor Central processes.

You need a plan to succeed on the Vendor Central sales platform. Awesome Dynamic’s Vendor Central Program Management is an ongoing monthly service that clears the hurdles, optimizes your position on Amazon and puts you on the correct path to profits. Let us be your Amazon consultants through Vendor Central.

Paul Dworianyn, Founder of Awesome Dynamic

Great to meet you! I'm Paul Dworianyn, Founder of Awesome Dynamic. I started making websites as a freelancer in 1994 and now run a successful business with many talented employees. I have developed a team that can provide unparalleled Amazon consulting services, putting our clients head and shoulders above their competitors.

I have a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership and worked as a college instructor and school administrator for 12 years. I have a passion for teaching and adapting to people's unique learning styles. I'm proud to bring that passion to the consulting aspect of the different services that Awesome Dynamic provides.

Our clients think we are awesome. You should check out our clients’ reviews because they absolutely love working with us. I'm confident you will love working with us too, as your Amazon consultants!

“Choosing Awesome Dynamic Tech Solutions at the outset was the best decision I could have ever made as they immediately went to work on the things we found most difficult and confusing, and got the job done for us. I highly recommend this company and continue to use them. If you need help getting your products on Amazon this is the company to call. True professionals.”


"I highly recommend the Awesome Dynamic team and am extremely impressed with their responsiveness and accessibility. Their responses to our questions are immediate. Awesome Dynamic stopped the hemorrhaging developed a new internal processes audit that helped to organize our approach. And if needed, they will always jump on a call to assist us. We are learning step by step how to become great Amazon sellers!”


"Awesome Dynamic has done an excellent job for our Amazon presence. We have had product available in the past, but never were able to truly get significant sales due to our lack of understanding in how Amazon operates. They have a great team, and are always there and able to take us to the next level. Thank you for all the hard work!!!"


Awesome Staff

Awesome Dynamic Paul Opt

Paul Dworianyn

Fort Myers, FL
Paul has a total of three dogs, two boxers and a miniature dachshund. Paul started building computers and websites in the mid 90's.

Terry Levin

Chicago, IL
Terry is an admitted music snob, and he is also a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. He is often seen with his beloved dog, Hank.
Awesome Dynamic Amy Opt

Amy Van Wie

Director of Account Services
Providence, RI
Amy worked as a carpenter and a mason in her family business for 6 years. Amy has also been known to get "giddy" over spreadsheets.
Awesome Dynamic Nicole Opt

Nicole Terborg

Director of Marketing
Phoenix, AZ
Nicole loves to play team sports and enjoys cold pizza. Nicole studied abroad in Seville, Spain and enjoys traveling.
Amazon Consultant 200x200

Tim Dworianyn

Senior Amazon Consultant
Chicago, IL
Tim has a musical backround & used to play in several local groups. Tim also loves learning about how things work, which leads to random YouTube tangents learning very useless & random facts.
Amazon Consultant Shawn 200x200

Shawn Cassinelli

Amazon Consultant Team Leader
Seattle, WA
Shawn has three dogs, a cat, two snakes, a tortoise, a turtle, and some gold fish. Shawn also enjoys spending time with his family, going on hikes, and once owned a farm.
Samantha Awesome Dynamic

Samantha Posch

Executive Administrative Assistant
Chicago, IL
Samantha attended Culinary Arts School and is ambidextrous. She writes with her right hand, and plays sports/activities with her left hand.
Hank Bio Photo


Director of Puplick Relations
Chicago, IL
Hank enjoys walks in the park with his dad, playing with his extensive toy collection, and well-optimized Amazon listings.
Awesome Dynamic Jon Opt Opt

Jon Freeman

Digital Marketing Specialist
Fort Myers, FL
Jon is obsessed with bicycling. He also loves all animals, especially his two cats and two turtles.
Awesome Dynamic Jose Opt

Jose Maldonado

Associate Amazon Consultant
Chicago, IL
Jose likes to play all kinds of sports, but does not enjoy watching them. Jose also loves to swim.
KellyHuegel Headshot2018 Cropped

Kelly Huegel

Marketing Coordinator
Milwaukee, WI
Kelly is outnumbered by boys in her home, after having twin boys! Kelly also loves organizing and has a "bin" obsession.
Cat Wadsworth

Cat Wadsworth

Creative Team Leader
San Francisco, CA
Cat considers herself to be a 'Citizen on the World'. She's a polyglot who has traveled to 27 countries thus far. She also loves anything espionage related.

Janet Hagen

Amazon Account Manager
Chicago, IL
Janet is a thrill-seeker who loves going to theme parks and water parks with her husband and four kids. She also enjoys bike riding, scrapbooking, and chatting with family and friends.

Sarah Fricke

Account Management Team Leader
Chicago, IL
Sarah likes to take summer road trips with her family - she especially enjoys planning them! She also loves animals and fosters kittens with her local animal shelter.

Bill Bearse

Senior Amazon Consultant
Chicago, IL
Bill is an avid golfer with a handicap of 10 and loves hiking - he's even hiked several mountain ranges in the PA and NY areas. He also loves watching the Atlanta Braves and Dallas Cowboys.

Amber Dombroski

Amazon Account Manager
Washington D.C.
Amber loves to perform, both on stage and in film, and is especially fond of improv. She is passionate about animal welfare and hopes to one day grow her own self-sustaining garden to live off of.

Katie Kennedy

Senior Amazon Consultant
Edison, NJ
Katie has run a marathon and five half marathons. She has two dogs, a cat and a large collection of houseplants.
Robert 1

Robert Baittie

Graphic Designer
Chicago, IL
Robert is a pilot, a Shaman, and a licensed massage therapist and he owns a wellness center in Barrington.

Matt Coman

Associate Amazon Consultant
Columbus, OH
Matt enjoys being outdoors and hiking. He's explored all of his cities' metro parks and Ohio's state parks. He also enjoys poetry and loves making collages out of old magazines, books and websites.

Hannah Dobry

Associate Amazon Account Manager
Chicago, IL
Hannah is a mom to two kids and loves to go bird watching. Her all time favorite trip was to Kauai on her honeymoon.
Awesome Dynamic Cory Opt

Cory Levin

Associate Amazon Consultant
Chicago, IL
Cory is a University of Illinois student who studied abroad in Sydney, Australia. Cory also played 3 different sports in high school.

Tim Dombroski

Associate Amazon Consultant
Washington D.C.
Tim loves to watch baseball, hockey and soccer. He also enjoys watching movies, both new releases and old favorites, and has lived in every time zone in the US.