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Successful listing content keeps potential buyers engaged and increases conversions from visitors who are “just browsing” to buyers, if done correctly.

Amazon offers Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), now called A+ Content, to 3rd Party Sellers who own and trademark their private label brands as a do-it-yourself way to elaborate on product descriptions beyond the standard listing with the goal of increasing conversion rates. There is no cost to use EBC, or “A+ Content” which Amazon Vendors also have access to.

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content, now known as A+ Content, allows your customer to view more information and photos to help them make more informed decisions and decrease return rates. Let us create Amazon Enhanced Brand Content for your Amazon products!

Awesome Dynamic Amazon EBC, tablets with Amazon listings.

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Professional photography can provide a positive perception of both product and seller


Write rich, engaging product titles, descriptions and product features to create buyer motivation


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Optimize product descriptions to entice customers to purchase your products

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Benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

The purpose of Amazon EBC is to provide more information than the standard listing with the goal of motivating the buyer to buy. Our content specialists can help you take advantage of EBC by crafting meaningful product information through the presentation of a unique brand story, enhanced images and more text placements. The Enhanced Brand Content that we produce strives to increase conversion rates by:

  • Engaging the reader with a compelling view of how the product will their life
  • Driving traffic to your listing by keeping shoppers engaged with your listing longer, thereby boosting rankings, per Amazon’s algorithm
  • Increasing conversion rates
  •  Providing a more thorough description for your customer, reducing chances for misinterpretations, returns and negative reviews
  • Fostering buyer loyalty and repeat business by support the buying decision

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Increase traffic to your listing

Communicate value

Increase conversions

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Reduce returns

Improve customer experience

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Improve search rankings

The competitive advantages of Amazon EBC are undeniable
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