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As an Amazon seller, you have two options when it comes to fulfilling orders and shipping out merchandise. You can either fulfill orders yourself through Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) or you can have Amazon do it for you through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA).

How Does FBA Work?

With FBA, you choose a set amount of inventory to store at a Amazon Fulfillment Centers. After prepping and shipping this inventory over to Amazon, the platform takes care of picking, packing and shipping orders directly to buyers. The process is pretty simple, following these four steps:

1. Ship to Amazon

Using Amazon’s FBA stock prep guidelines, the seller is responsible for labeling, preparing and packing the products to be shipped to Amazon. From here, you can set up a shipping plan through your Seller Central dashboard. We recommend using one of Amazon’s Partnered Carriers to take advantage of low inbound shipping fees.

2. Amazon tracks your product

Once Amazon receives your product, it will store and track your inventory in its Amazon Fulfillment Centers.

3. Shoppers make a purchase

As soon as a shopper buys your product, Amazon will automatically process the order and prepare for fulfillment.

4. Amazon fulfills each order

Amazon handles picking the product, packaging the order, printing the shipping labels and delivering the product to the buyer on your behalf. The platform will even email tracking information and handle any shipping issues for you.

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Essentially, Amazon handles all the logistics and all you have to do is check your inventory and restock when necessary.

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Is FBA Best for My Business?

FBA can be one of the biggest competitive advantages you have over other sellers, as it may help reduce your overhead costs dramatically, especially when it comes to storage, inventory and time savings.

That being said, mastering FBA can be difficult and time-consuming, especially for sellers in competitive situations with smaller margins. These sellers can often become frustrated by the costs and strict requirements associated with FBA. Get Amazon FBA help today!

When FBA is the Right Choice for You

While there are no hard and fast rules for whether or not your business should consider FBA, there are two categories of sellers for which FBA tends to be especially useful.

1. Those who sell primarily on Amazon

If most of your business is conducted on Amazon, we highly recommend that you consider FBA as a primary means of driving your sales. By handing off fulfillment to Amazon, you’ll free up a great deal of time and be able to focus on sourcing new products, enhancing the quality of your listings and managing the other aspects of your business.

2. Those who sell both on Amazon and other websites

Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment service allows Amazon to fulfill orders made not only on Amazon but on your website or other third-party channels as well. This streamlined service allows you to manage inventory for all of your e-commerce sales with one fulfillment partner.

Amazon FBA Help | Our Awesome FBA Services

It can be tough to weigh the pros and cons and figure out if FBA is right for your business. Even if you know that you want to move forward with FBA, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. That’s why at Awesome Dynamic, we provide the Amazon FBA help you need to:

  • Determine your Amazon FBA eligibility and if it's a right fit for your product and business
  • Learn how to achieve the coveted "Prime badge" for your listings to help boost sales
  • Facilitate keeping your stock at a healthy level so that you maintain a good IPI score while making your product available to customers at all times
  • Help you plan and strategize for inventory, restocking and keeping inventory numbers organized
  • Help you prepare, label, and ship products properly to create consistency for your customers
  • Determine the most cost-effective way to ship your products into Amazon Fulfillment Centers
  • Help your products pass a 3-foot drop test, consisting of one drop on each side, and one on a corner
  • Manage excess inventory, inventory velocity, disposal and removal orders
  • Assess packing costs and find the most efficient packing strategy for your Amazon business
  • Calculate FBA fulfillment, storage fees, and how it impacts your e-commerce business
  • Conduct an FBA viability analysis, help you decide your profit margin after FBA fees
  • Analyze whether FBA is right for you and, if so, develop a strategy to convert to FBA

Already Have FBA? We’ll Help You Better Manage Your Inventory

When properly executed, FBA is an almost effortless way to keep your Amazon business running smoothly. But let your inventory get out of balance and FBA can become a nightmare for any seller. Forget to send inventory to an Amazon Fulfillment Center and the “Currently Out of Stock” or “Currently Unavailable” mark on your listing can flatline your sales in no time.

For your competitors, this is a prime opportunity to undercut your business & start siphoning off your customers by getting favorable reviews, optimizing their listings and boosting their ranking and conversion rates. Even if you quickly restock your inventory, you’ve already dug a hole which you’ll need to work hard to climb out of.

We can offer the Amazon FBA help you need to maintain your Amazon sales mojo and avoid running out of inventory by:

  • Anticipating sales trends, fads & seasonal spikes to help you forecast proper inventory levels
  • Vigilantly monitoring your inventory levels
  • Helping you understand your customer base and the ways in which they shop
  • Set up inventory management software to automate the process of keeping your FBA inventory stocked
  • Helping you assess the best course of action if your inventory starts to run low
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We Can Help You Recover from Depleted Inventory | Amazon FBA Help

If you’ve let your inventory management slip and have run out of products in your FBA supply, we can help you course correct to get your Amazon business back up and running as quickly as possible. Once your inventory is restocked and you’re ready to resume sales, our Awesome team of Amazon Consultants can help you make up for lost time by:

Amazon Fba Help Restock
  • Running Amazon Sponsored Product campaigns
  • Enticing consumers with similar discounts or promotions
  • Constantly monitoring your inventory to make sure you never run out of product again

Stay on Top of the Latest FBA Updates

Every year, Amazon makes changes to its FBA fees relative to the changing market costs in undergoes to provide fulfillment, transportation and customer services to participating sellers. As part of our comprehensive Amazon FBA help, we keep a constant eye on FBA updates and inform you on how these changes could affect your business.

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5 Reasons to Consider FBA for Your Business

1. You’ll be eligible for Amazon Prime.

By enlisting in FBA, you’ll be automatically enrolled in Amazon Prime. This means that Prime members can purchase your product and enjoy 2-day shipping and other Prime shipping offers at no extra cost. With more than 85 million Amazon Prime subscribers, this benefit offers no small advantage to sellers looking to increase their sales.   

2. You’ll be eligible for Amazon free shipping and coupon offers.

Any Amazon buyer, whether they are a Prime member or not, can enjoy free shipping on eligible orders over $25. When you enroll in FBA, your product is automatically included on Amazon’s list of eligible free shipping products. The same goes for special Amazon coupons and buyer events like Prime Day and Cyber Monday.   

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3. You’ll achieve higher search rankings.

Amazon’s product search algorithm favors FBA items over non-FBA products. This means that sellers enrolled in FBA are likely to achieve higher search rankings and, as a result, greater sales.

4. You’ll achieve greater Buy Box placement.

Every seller wants their product to occupy that coveted Buy Box. If the event of a price tie, FBA Prime-eligible products will receive Buy Box priority over non-FBA products. In some cases, an FBA product has even been known to win out over a non-FBA product, even when the FBA product is priced higher.

5. You’ll gain greater trust with Amazon shoppers.

Shoppers familiar with Amazon’s impeccable reputation for fast, quality delivery are far more likely to purchase a product that boasts the “Fulfilled by Amazon” badge. Borrowing this kind of valuable equity from Amazon can go a long way toward making your product more appealing to buyers and driving a greater number of sales.

Achieve Awesome Results

FBA isn’t right for every seller. But for those whose business model and selling strategies meet the right criteria, our Awesome team of Amazon consultants can help your business seamlessly transition to FBA. With our team behind you, FBA can offer the following benefits to your business.

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  • Decrease fees associated with incorrectly prepared products
  • Eliminate concerns regarding daily order fulfillment
  • Majority of your customer service handled by Amazon
  • Fulfillment problems handled by Amazon
  • Reduce likelihood of out of stock situations
  • Outsourced storage and fulfillment center
  • Two-day shipping on most products
  • Gain influence over the Buy Box
  • Increase sales volume
  • Maximize bottom line