Sell Direct to Consumers with Amazon Seller Central

Let Us Manage Your Seller Central Account

As the world’s largest e-commerce platform, Amazon provides businesses like yours with an incredible opportunity to reach millions of online shoppers across the world. If you choose to sell your products on Amazon, the platform has two unique portals through which you can manage your account - Vendor Central or Seller Central. 

As Amazon Vendors, sellers act as first-party merchants, selling their products directly to Amazon, which then turns around and sells those products to consumers. With a Seller Central account, you act as a third-party merchant or marketplace seller, offering your products to customers directly. Seller Central offers several advantages over the Vendor Central selling platform, including:

  • Greater control
  • Better analytics
  • Open to any seller 
  • More room to maneuver 
  • Direct access to Amazon customers 
  • Opportunities for greater margins
Awesome Dynamic Seller Central Management
Awesome Dynamic Seller Central Amazon Boxes

Getting Started with Seller Central

While Vendor Central is available to sellers on an invite-only basis, anyone can sign up for a Seller Central account at any time. You can register on Seller Central as either an individual or a professional seller, each subject to different pricing structures. Individuals are charged $.99 per item sold with no monthly fee while professionals pay $39.99/month to sell an unlimited number of products. 

New to Seller Central?

Our consultants are happy to discuss your options and help determine which plan is right for your business. 

Managing an Amazon Seller Central Account

Once your Seller Central account is up and running, keeping up with the tasks required to maintain your account and excel as a seller on the Amazon marketplace can be a daunting prospect. As with most aspects of selling on Amazon, benefits come with requirements and constraints which require vigilant monitoring, action, patience and persistence.

Tasks required on a daily or frequent basis to manage your account include:

  • Providing customer service
  • Managing of feedback
  • Responding to product reviews
  • Addressing account notifications
  • Managing cases
  • Addressing quality alerts
  • Addressing performance notifications
  • Managing shipping for “Fulfillment By Merchant” (FBM)
  • Managing shipping for “Fulfillment By Amazon” (FBA)
  • Assessing stock levels
  • Reporting on sales, and more

Seller Central Account Management Services

Our Seller Central service takes the stress and intricacies of account management off of your plate and into the hands of our Awesome Dynamic Amazon Specialists and Consultants. We’ll help you grow and optimize your Amazon business by implementing a customized strategy built just for you. We work closely with Amazon every day, and pride ourselves on being true Amazon experts.

Our SC Account Management service is a monthly service that manages most of your Amazon processes, including:

Monitoring your Amazon account
Replying to customer correspondence
Reporting and executing promotions
Responding to account notifications quickly
Responding to negative reviews and feedback
Sending inventory updates & reports regularly
Monitoring stock levels frequently
Managing & following-up on cases
Addressing stranded inventory issues
Reconciling FBA shipments & unfulfillable inventory

Seller Central Consulting Services

Account management is only half the battle when it comes to Seller Central. You need the right content and marketing strategies to drive sales and make a measurable return on your investment. This is where our Amazon consultants come in. They have the experience and expertise necessary to drive traffic and conversions for your listings. 

Keyword Research

We’ll find the best terms, at the right price, to help get your product in front of interested buyers.

Product Listing Optimization

We’ll review and revise your product detail pages in accordance with Amazon’s A9 algorithm. Ongoing monitoring and updating of your account will maximize visibility and traffic to your page.

A+/Enhanced Brand Content

We’ll help your listing stand out from the crowd with more robust content designed to create a better shopper experience. We’ll use a combination of compelling imagery and copy to tell your brand story and support your entire product portfolio.

PPC & Advertising 

In the crowded Amazon marketplace, it takes more than organic search to drive traffic to your products. We’ll set up a comprehensive PPC marketing campaign to drive the most clicks at the lowest cost.

Photography & Videos

Online shoppers can’t touch or feel your products for themselves. We’ll bring your listings to life through high-quality product imagery, compelling infographics and informational videos.

Storefront/Brand Page

Amazon Stores simulates the experience of a brick and mortar store in the online marketplace. We’ll set up and manage your brand store to create a central hub where consumers can explore your brand and full product catalog.

Hybrid Strategy Services

As Amazon becomes increasingly competitive, many sellers are trying to maximize their presence on the platform by operating both Vendor Central and Seller Central accounts. This hybrid model, as it is known, can be a tricky strategy to navigate on your own. Our consultants will work with you to carefully assess your products and find a transition strategy that meets your objectives without compromising your Amazon business.

Regular Reports and Updates - Client Dashboard

We’ll constantly monitor changes and updates to your account and draw your attention to any areas of concern before they can negatively affect your business. We’ll provide a detailed analytics report with in-depth insights into how your Amazon business is running. We’ll highlight wins and discuss on-going opportunities to improve your Amazon performance.  

In addition, you’ll have 24/7 access to your account via our client dashboard where you can review:

  • Sales
  • Units sold
  • Advertising metrics, including:
    • Spend
    • Sales
    • ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales)
  • Inventory levels 
  • Current tasks
  • Completed tasks 
  • Upcoming tasks 
  • Paid hours remaining
  • Information for your Primary Awesome Dynamic contact 
  • Contract start and end dates
Amazon Seller Central Account Management Dashboard

The Benefits of Doing Business

Seller Central offers great margins and comparative leeway but requires a commitment to details. Our SC Account Management service oversees and reports on the progress of your sales on Amazon, optimizes your competitive position on Amazon and frees you up to run your business.

Amazon Seller Central Account Management Time Is Money
  • More time to manage & grow your business while we handle Amazon for you
  • Regular flow of information and reports for decision making
  • Optimization of margins through agility and responsiveness to opportunities and threats 
  • Improving brand profile via consistent, responsive attention to customer needs
  • Excellent score on Amazon “Operational Performance” metrics
  • Increase chance of winning the Buy Box
  • Decrease chances of account suspension
  • Expert team handling your account

Mastering the Amazon Marketplace

Step One: Strategize

It all starts with a kick-off call. You’ll meet with your dedicated team to discuss your business goals, concerns and needs in relation to your Amazon account.

Step Two: Build

We’ll work with you to build a solid foundation and strategy that supports long-term success on the Amazon platform.

Step Three: Launch

Shipment prep, training and execution are followed closely by launch strategies to drive traffic to your listings, and garner positive feedback and reviews.

Step Four: Monitor

Monitoring your account and getting out ahead of issues before they damage your seller metrics is critical.

Step Five: Optimize

Amazon offers great tools to replace the in-store buying experience. We’ll work with you to create content that empowers your audience and increases conversions.

Step Six: Repeat

We’ll continue to grow your Amazon business by constantly refreshing your listings, driving traffic to them, and continuing to add new products, as needed.

Awesome Dynamic Seller Central Propel

We strive to be more than just another impersonal technology company. It is our goal to be a true partner to you as you build your Amazon business and navigate Seller Central.

Our team combines cutting-edge Amazon consulting with superior customer service to provide a comprehensive client experience our competitors can’t match. Get in touch today to learn more about the tools and services we provide to help grow your Amazon business.