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If you’re serious about page one rankings on Google or Amazon, and want to be competitive online, our SEO services are for you. We create an intricate and individualized campaign based on your business goals resulting in increased online visibility.

We analyze your business based on your goals and real data, then apply and fine-tune a combination of meaningful content and SEO services to improve your search rankings and online presence with Google. We do this for Amazon clients as well, attracting greater awareness of your brand, message, and business on the Amazon sales platforms.

Why Choose Awesome Dynamic?

We set ourselves apart from other SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firms by being 100% transparent and accountable to you! We contact you weekly with report updates and let you know exactly where you stand.

We even let you know exactly what we’re working on each week to make sure that there is no mystery in what we are accomplishing for you. We are also available for communication if you have any questions along the process. This exceeds the industry standard in SEO.

Full Service SEO

This is our premier SEO service offering which is ideal for businesses that want to crush their competition on Google while leveraging our expert personnel. We take you to new levels of awesome you have never imagined!

Consulting SEO Services

This option is ideal for the budget conscious businesses that is very serious about SEO. Take control of your destiny through our expert consulting sessions. You or your staff will become SEO experts under our guidance. 

Amazon SEO Services

See Awesome Dynamic in action with valuable tips and tricks. Check out our past and most recent Amazon & SEO webinars. See questions asked for a user perspective or watch as we help businesses just like yours get found on the Amazon sales platforms!

Full Service Online Marketing: Next Level Search Engine Optimization

Our full service options are for organizations that are very serious about online marketing. Leverage our experienced staff to dominate your competition in the search engines. We can completely take over your entire online presence and turn your website in to a powerful lead generating machine. You competition won't know what hit them!

Tangible Core Objectives:

  • High Ranking Keywords
  • High Volume Website Traffic
  • Website to Lead Conversion
  • Lead to Sale Conversion

Customer & Organizational Goals:

  • Target Audience Focused Content
  • Customer Engagement & Acquisition
  • Brand Consistency & Awareness
  • Profit Centered Strategic Planning

Video Testimonial & SEO Webinar

Jan O'Malley | Libertyville Massage Therapy Clinic

Awesome Webinar on 3 Actionable SEO Steps!


Know exactly where you rank for keywords and how much more traffic your website is getting!


Easy to understand step-by-step instructions designed for people that don't have a technical background.


Demonstration videos are provided so you can see exactly how to move from one screen to the next.


Huge return on investment! Implementing our SEO strategies will bring you more business!

Helping Get Your Website FOUND Online!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, increases the visibility of your website in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search results. The goal of search engine optimization is to get your website found and have your visitors to your website turn into REAL customers. If you are not on the first page of a search engine, you will most likely not get found. We have hundreds of tactics to get your website higher in search engine results. In fact, we guarantee that your website will be in a better position than when you started for the keywords that are best for your business.

Why SEO Services are Essential for Your Business:

More Sales
Increase sales by making your business competitive online

Measurable Results
Increased rankings and traffic on your website

Get Customers
Convert website visitors into new customers

Awesome Dynamic Helping Get You Website Found
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White Hat vs. Black Hat

We use “white hat” techniques. These are proven techniques that ensure that your website does not get blacklisted from search engines and are considered best practices. We do not use “black hat” techniques which can get you banned from search engines. If a firm is not 100% transparent and makes promises that are too good to be true such as “We Will Get You #1 On Google Guaranteed” then they are most likely using poor techniques that can hurt your website in the long run.

Google & Search Engine Ranking

Google has over an 80% market share and we focus on getting results for this search engine. Google changes their algorithm on how website pages rank twice a day. We do all the work and keep up with updates and changes to make sure you don’t get lost in the rankings.

SEO Strategies & Techniques

We employ a variety of search engine optimization strategies depending on the geographical scope of your target audience. We evaluate what goals are most important to your local business and develop a personalized SEO strategy from feedback and conversations. No two businesses are alike and therefore, we do not copy the same strategy for each local business.

  • Link Building Campaigns
  • Citation Listing Campaigns
  • Website Optimization
  • Google+ and Search Engine Pages Fully Optimized
  • Google Review Campaign
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) correctly installed on your site
  • Videos
  • Mobile Sites
  • E-Mail List/Newsletter Campaign
  • Blog Campaign
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Press Release Campaign
  • Reputation Management
  • Many more additional options & client requests
Awesome Dynamic Seo Strategies And Techniques

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Awesome Dynamic Seo Content Marketing

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a critical part of SEO because it builds your online brand, earns links and boosts your website’s authority.  The process of content marketing requires that we share all forms of content related to your site with the right people in the right places.  We create this unique content which will earn links and show the search engines that your website has authority. Quality content marketing is the most recent addition we’ve made to our campaigns to adapt to the changes the search engines have been making in their search algorithms.  We need to show the search engines we are creating unique and high quality content that contributes to the internet community as a whole while building links to and from that content.

How Important Is It to Attain a High Ranking?

After someone searches for a particular keyword phrase in Google, they are 42% likely to choose the first result, 12% likely to choose the second result, 8% likely to choose the third result, 6% likely to choose the 4th result, 5% likely to choose the fifth result, etc. You can see that attaining a higher ranking can exponentially increase the number potential customers visiting your website.

Why Should I Need SEO Services?

The goal of any type of SEO is to get more/new customers than before. Getting your website listed prominently in the search rankings for keyword phrases that relate to the goods and/or services your business provides require SEO. Google’s ranking algorithm requires persistent content marketing and ongoing updates to your website which is part of the process we use to help your website get found.

Will SEO Services Benefit My Business?

This campaign is beneficial to businesses and organizations that want improve their visibility in search engine results for particular keyword phrases. If your business has a fairly localized geographical target audience and there are many competitors in this area, using SEO services can be very effective in getting your business listed outside the city in which your business is located. We can target keyword phrases that include the names of specific cities that you want to target that are outside the city that your business is located in.


How Do I get My Website To Show Above My Competitors?

Our SEO Services can go a long way to improve your website’s ranking for particular keyword phrases. Continuing with the campaign can also help solidify a top position once attained. Your competitors may be working on the same keyword phrases to outrank your website. There are several activities that Google likes to see which can increase your ranking above your competitors. Citation Listings, Directory Listings, Social Media traffic, onsite optimization, and blogging show Google that your website has ‘diversity’ in regard to incoming links, traffic sources, and fresh quality content. These additional activities can help put your website ahead of a competitor that is tough to outrank. Our SEO Services include these activities.

How Can I Make My Business Stand Out?

Ranking highly for keyword phrases is very important to get potential customers to find your website.  However, your website has to do a good job at hooking that customer into ‘converting’. Your website must be visually attractive, quick loading, easy to navigate, and have a strong call to action on every appropriate page. Ask us to provide you with a free evaluation of your website to help you determine what improvements could be made to increase your website’s conversion rate.

What is Converting or a Conversion?

A ‘conversion’ is getting a website visitor to take the action you want them to take. This could be a phone call, email, signup for a newsletter, or buy a product on your website. Converting website visitors into customers is the end goal of SEO.  However, SEO services will not make any difference in your bottom line unless your website does a good job at converting website visitors into customers. 

Awesome Dynamic Seo What Is Converting

Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down Review System

Strategic method to get your happy customers to leave 5 star reviews on the top review sites. Get more Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and even industry site reviews. Avoid negative reviews and gain customer feedback for a second chance with any unsatisfied customers. Have your webmaster implement this excellent review idea today. Managing your online reputation is a very important part of our SEO services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What are some top search engine optimization tips?

What are some top search engine optimization tips?

  • Fill out a Google My Business page 100% 
  • Make sure you have a separate page for each product/service on your website 
  • Add 300-600 words to each service/product page 
  • Add a minimum of 2 pictures to each service/product page and preferably at least 1 video 
  • Check it is clear what your website sells within 3-5 seconds 
  • Blog a minimum of twice per month 
  • Add fresh content to your service/product pages every 3-6 months or add a FAQ section (like the one you're reading right now!)
  • Link to other websites on each page of your website
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors 

What are the best search engine optimization tools?

What are the best search engine optimization tools?

Here is a list to get you started on checking your website vitals: 

  • Mobile Friendly Test - Is your site mobile friendly? 
  • Page Speed Insights - your website's score out of 100 
  • Google Transparency Tool - prevent hacking
  • - check site speed 
  • - check duplicate content
  • - Protect your content online 
  • - check your Google My Business page, get a free website, connect with business owners, free resources

How can I get my YouTube videos to show up on Google?

How can I get my YouTube videos to show up on Google?

Don't just use YouTube to post videos about your business and hope for a result and lots of views. Be more active. Here's a few quick ideas on how to add search engine optimization  and optimize your videos: 

  • Add tags and fill out the information 100% when you upload your video 
  • Add your website URL and phone number to the comment section 
  • Add your contact information on the last slide of the video 
  • Connect your Google My Business (Google+) page to your YouTube account and your website 
  • Promote videos on other social media platforms and your blog, especially on your Google page 

Don't forget - YouTube also acts as a citation. A citation is anywhere on the internet where your name, address, and phone number show up. This means YouTube can take up an extra spot (or even 2!) on the 1st page of Google, pushing your competitors off the page. YouTube results show up high on search results most likely because Google owns YouTube. 

What do search engine optimization companies do?

What do search engine optimization companies do?

What exactly is the SEO you hired doing to improve your search results? Here's the main items they will probably be attacking or at least should be doing:

  1. Updating blog and page content
  2. Adding and optimizing pictures and videos
  3. Creating and executing an online review strategy
  4. Claiming social media accounts like Google My Business
  5. Fixing broken links and technical errors on the site
  6. Keeping up with industry trends and major Google changes
  7. Tracking rankings, creating weekly reports, and competitors
  8. Analyzing Google Analytics and stats on your site
  9. Fixing Citations (Name, Address, Phone Number Consistency)
  10. Building links and balancing your link profile

In addition to the list above, good SEO companies will often add customized items for your business or industry. Great SEO companies will also add in some consulting and give you feedback on your website.

Is SEO Worth It?

Is SEO Worth It?

With SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you are either

A) Getting a Good Return with real numbers and results

B) Not getting a Good return with real numbers and results

And you now have the proof that SEO is worth it or not for yourself. Here's the big mistake people make: They do SEO for 2-3 months, don't see results and quit. A minimum of 6 months for most industries is required to even start seeing results. After 6 months, you will get long term results that don't disappear the second you stop paying like Adwords.

Ask Yourself:

What do you spend your current marketing budget on? TV ads, mail outs, e-mail lists, DexKnows, AdWords, or other items like this? Do you know the exact amount of people who called you, visited your website, or converted to a sale? If not, how do you know you're getting a good return on these investments?

Should I use SEO books to learn SEO?

Should I Use SEO Books To Learn SEO?

The short answer is no. Google releases updates to their algorithm about twice daily and major updates  regularly. Books are great for the theory behind SEO. To gain more knowledge in current SEO practices, use the following resources: 

  • Attend SEO Webinars 
  • Talk to multiple SEOs
  • Get a free initial quote/consultation from SEOs 
  • Attend Google Events in your area 
  • Read recent articles from established SEO blogs like or 
  • Post questions on blogs, youtube videos, or forums like Local Search Forum
  • Connect with resources from your local chamber 

What can I do for my SEO today?

What Can I Do For My SEO Today?

Try the following:
1. Create & Optimize a Google My Business Page
2. Check you have separate service/product pages with 300-600 words each
3. Write Meta Data for your site.

What is Keyword Stuffing?

What Is Keyword Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing is when you have your keyword or keyword phrase written too many times on 1 page. The exact keyword should be written between 0.5%-2.5% of the entire page content. Ex: For 1,000 word page, 5-25 times for that page. However, 25 times may be flagged by search engines as spam. Stick to varying your keyword. Ex: Puppy Food, Puppy Food, Puppy's Food, Food for Puppies are all variations. Too many hashtags at the bottom of your website or sentences that just list keywords is also keyword stuffing. 

When am I done with my SEO program?

When am I done with my SEO program?

The true answer is never. Would you run 1 tv ad then never advertise again? The same goes for SEO. Once you get to the top of Google, you need to stay at the top by: 

  1. Keeping up with Google changes (500+ changes per year!) 
  2. When you get to the #1 position, you want to stay at the top 
  3. SEO stats help you make important business decisions 

What is a good website marketing strategy?

What is a good website marketing strategy?

For an effective website marketing strategy follow these steps: 

  1. Decide on your goal (higher sales, more likes, better rep, etc.) 
  2. Decide how much time you can dedicate, pay for, or a combo
  3. Spend time doing thorough keyword research
  4. Follow these SEO strategies to rank for about 5 of these keywords 
  5. Once you rank on the 1st page for these words, pick the next 5 
  6. Continue to monitor your rankings using a rank tracker program

How Search Engine Optimization Works?

How Search Engine Optimization Works:

  1. Choose your keywords based on demographic, traffic, and competition
  2. Create Content: separate service/product pages with a minimum of 300-600 words, pictures, and videos and regularly blog
  3. Make strong call to actions on each page - what action do you want your customers to take?
  4. Offsite: social media, online reviews, press releases, linking, blogs, etc.
  5. Get more traffic or phone and e-mail leads or sales directly from your websites

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies

  1. Decide to spend some or all of your marketing budget on SEO
  2. Hire a full time SEO, Do-It-Yourself, or try SEO consulting 
  3. Create goals ex: more customers, more sales, reputation goals
  4. Do Keyword research and track results on a weekly basis
  5. In 6 months, reevaluate the progress and goals and repeat for more keywords or continue to work on existing keywords 
  6. Reach goals. Set new SEO goals. 

Examples of Search Engine Optimization

Examples of Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not just 1 or 2 things that you can dominate. You have to be well rounded for Google and search engines to trust you.

Examples of SEO Items:

  • Online Reviews
  • Social Signals/Social Media
  • Behavioral Signals (Click Through Rate, Offers, Check-Ins)
  • Links
  • NAP Consistency (Name, Address, Phone Number) On Site
  • Citations
  • Proximity to search location
  • Keyword in Business Title
  • Domain Authority Score
  • Personalization of Site
  • Original Content
  • Great Media

What exactly is SEO?

What exactly is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a combination of content marketing, social media, integrating keywords, page ranking factors, link building, having Google "trust" your website, online directory consistency, online reviews, and more ever changing factors. Overall, if you have a good website and actively update the content, you will be in good shape. 

Other names for SEO include: 

  • SEM - Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Marketing
  • Internet Marketing