Sales Climb Nearly 350% with Product Listing Organization

Awesome Dynamic Amazon Consultants Case Study - Product Listing Optimization Overview

A well-known shoelace company wanted to clean up their listings, consolidate reviews, and create color variations for their products. While they were familiar with how to create variations, Amazon was not combining the various colors as requested. Our team revamped the copy and images on the listings, identified and resolved issues with creating variations,
and increased the client’s overall revenue.


  • Product listings were disorganized; multiple listings contained repeat colors or incorrect sizing information.
  • Listings were not consistent. Some listings utilized variations, while others did not.
  • Large catalog across multiple categories required detailed planning and extensive time to overhaul.
  • Amazon Support needed to be involved due to listings already being established. This took opening cases and working with Amazon to get all listings updated.


  • Completed listing optimization (keywords, copy, high-quality images), while simultaneously working to place products into variation families thus improving the user experience, and driving traffic to the listings.
  • Eye-catching and informative infographics were created to help further explain information about the laces in a visually appealing manner.
  • Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand advertising campaigns were developed to increase visibility on listings.
  • Our team stayed patient and practiced persistence with Amazon Support to get all listings updated and variations completed.


After the reorganization of variations and listing optimization was completed, PPC campaigns were created. PPC campaign sales grew nearly 350% year over year, from 2021 to 2022. These campaigns have been performing extremely well with a lifetime ACoS of 18.61%. Page views are five times higher than they were a year prior (2021) and sales rank is improving.

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