About Us

Unique Combination of Expertise and Customer Service


Delivering Cutting-Edge Ecommerce Expertise …

Awesome Dynamic’s professionals help many types of businesses sell their products on Amazon and Walmart effectively and efficiently. We have clients who sell on Seller Central, clients who sell on Vendor Central, Walmart Marketplace and some who sell on all platforms. We help companies and organizations that are already currently selling, as well as those that are completely inexperienced. Wherever your business falls on the Ecommerce spectrum, we’re ready to help you navigate the behind-the-scenes workings of each different marketplace.

Selling on Amazon and Walmart has the potential to greatly increase profits. However, learning the ropes of selling within this sales channel is challenging and requires a significant investment in time. Our team has the expertise and experience to help you succeed by offering custom-tailored solutions, excellent content, efficient advertising and expert management practices that help you launch, revive and grow your brand. Awesome Dynamic wants to help you maximize your opportunities, while allowing you to continue focusing on managing your business.

… Through Unsurpassed Customer Service

The Awesome Dynamic team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service. We care about our clients’ success and work hard to help them achieve it. We listen carefully to our clients to ensure that we thoroughly understand their goals and issues. We pay attention, ensuring that no detail — no matter how small — is missed.

Awesome Dynamic offers custom-tailored solutions for managing and growing sales on Amazon. We are not a one-size-fits-all shop. We provide customized service to each client; if you need to add services or cut back our hours, don’t worry — we’re flexible. You get as much assistance as you want or need. Regardless of the number and level of services chosen, every client is assigned a dedicated team of two people, and a single of point of contact.

Awesome Dynamic’s Core Values


A Brief History of Awesome Dynamic

Awesome Dynamic was founded in 2009 by Paul Dworianyn as a website development company that focused on quality websites, backed with superior SEO. As consumer needs and demands changed, so did the focus of Awesome Dynamic.

We took our knowledge of keywords and search results and repositioned Awesome Dynamic. Today, we are a leader in assisting companies of all sizes in growing and utilizing the Amazon marketplace, helping them to better understand and utilize Amazon as a selling platform.

We offer our clients an entire suite of services in-house, manage over 250 Amazon accounts worldwide and are proud of not only our expertise in selling on Amazon but also our dedication to putting customer service above all else.