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Are you ready to boost your sales with Amazon Vendor Central? This invite-only program allows sellers to provide products directly to Amazon. Thus allowing Amazon to handle the entire sales process. While the ‘sold by Amazon’ label can increase your sales and customer trust, it means giving up control over your pricing. 

When considering Amazon Vendor Central vs Seller Central, remember that Vendor Central is an invite-only program. If you’ve been invited, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of each platform. With the help of Amazon consulting experts, you can make the best choice for your business and develop a winning online retail strategy.

Comprehensive Amazon Vendor Support

Awesome Dynamic’s Amazon consultant experts have mastered the intricacies of selling with the Amazon Vendor program. With the knowledge and experience to help our clients prosper on the largest online marketplace, our ecommerce consulting team develops profitable Amazon vendor account strategies tailored to your unique needs and goals.

We provide strategic solutions for Amazon Vendor Central sellers to:

  • Proactively optimize product pages to get more products sold on Amazon Marketplace
  • Establish Amazon Vendor Central pricing that will maximize your profitability
  • Offer chargeback consultant services to increase revenue and minimize losses
  • Explore effective Amazon Vendor ads and manage campaigns
  • … and more!

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How We Help Businesses Succeed on Amazon Vendor Consulting

  • Your Amazon Vendor Central expert will research and analyze your business and competition to provide you with a comprehensive list of strategic Amazon vendor services.
  • We connect your sales systems with Amazon to build a strong, streamlined relationship.
  • Our team establishes an online retail strategy built exclusively for your business and product needs.
  • We become an extension of your team and manage your Amazon vendor account.
  • We continually search for innovative ways to maximize your potential on Amazon Vendor Central.

Amazon Vendor Central Management Services

In the evolving ecommerce landscape, there is no one-size-fits-all Amazon selling manual that sets you on the path to success. It takes a diligent and proactive approach to establish a strong presence and get more products sold on Amazon. 

Awesome Dynamic offers a wide range of Amazon Vendor consulting services for Amazon sellers. By implementing customized strategies and carefully monitoring results, we set businesses up for sustained Amazon business growth. 

Let’s dive into the wide range of Amazon Vendor management services offered by our Amazon sales consultants.

Maintenance Services

  • Inventory Planning: Minimize out-of-stock rates with inventory organization and the creation of a streamlined process for fulfilling purchase orders.
  • Monitoring: Our chargeback consultant experts monitor competitive spaces through product audits and Amazon seller account management.
  • Chargebacks: Your Amazon Vendor Central consultant will handle and set up your Amazon Vendor Central account to prevent future chargeback fees.

Content Optimization

  • Copywriting: Our Amazon Vendor Central experts write compelling copy and optimize product pages with a data-driven SEO strategy that boosts visibility and sales.
  • Product Images: We offer professional photography and editing to showcase important features and get more products sold on Amazon.
  • Advertising and Marketing Strategy: Our Amazon ecommerce consultant team offers expert insights and recommendations for your Amazon Marketing Services (AMS): PPC management, deals, coupons, and more.


  • Reviews and Ratings: Our Amazon consultant experts deliver timely and courteous customer support to minimize or eliminate negative customer feedback.
  • Case Management: Your Amazon Vendor support team resolves issues with Amazon Marketplace and ensures internal processes are compliant to avoid additional seller fees on Amazon.
  • Hybrid Strategy: Our specialists can get you set up for success on both Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central to maximize your exposure.

Additional Services

  • Brand Registry: Our Amazon Vendor experts register your brand on Amazon Marketplace to protect it from rogue sellers and counterfeiters.
  • A+ Content/Brand Store: Your team will leverage marketing opportunities to further share your brand story and product features.
  • Shipping: Your Vendor consultant will manage and optimize shipping processes to avoid issues and promote Amazon business growth.

Visibility and Sales Skyrocket – 382% Growth in Two Years

An established seller on Vendor Central was experiencing minimal traction for their brand of sump pumps on Amazon. They sought to identify the reasons behind the lack of sales, enhance their product listings, and boost their visibility on Amazon.

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Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd on Amazon Marketplace

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle on Amazon Marketplace. Awesome Dynamic has its finger on the pulse of selling on Amazon Vendor Central. Our Amazon consulting team dives into hundreds of accounts each day, making us the perfect ally for your business. Here are some of Amazon Vendor strategy programs that your team may recommend:

Amazon Advertising and Promotions

Improve your Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) with data-driven Amazon Vendors ads and/or take advantage of Amazon’s additional marketing opportunities such as coupons, deals, and discounts. These Amazon Vendor Central offers increase interest in your product catalog and drive buyers to click “add to cart.” Our Amazon ecommerce consultant experts evaluate your current position and make recommendations based on your competition, category, and budget.

Amazon Vine

Amazon Vendor Central features an invite-only product review program that enables a select group of customers to post opinions about new and pre-release items to help fellow customers buy with confidence. Amazon Vendor Central sellers benefit from an increase in the number of product reviews from trusted reviewers. Our Amazon sales consultants determine if Vine Voice is a worthwhile online retail strategy for you and if it is, we implement and manage the process.

Subscribe & Save

Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program allows customers to enroll in regular deliveries of products they use frequently in return for receiving a discount. As a valuable tool for Amazon sellers, it can drive customer loyalty and repeat sales. 

With Awesome Dynamic’s Amazon Vendor Services Program, our team reviews your product line to determine the best way to reach your sales goals. If the fit is good, our team implements, monitors, and reports on the program.

Make Awesome Dynamic Your Amazon Vendor Central Management Agency

Could your business benefit from Amazon Vendor Central help? Whatever you sell, sell it on Amazon with ease by partnering with our Amazon Vendor Central agency. We take the guesswork out of Amazon Marketplace, optimizing your sales channel and freeing up your time. With streamlined processes and reduced workload, you can cultivate a thriving online retail strategy that sets you apart from the pack. 

Benefit from expert analysis of your business, including an assessment of your competition, coupled with strategic Amazon vendor services to bolster your presence and growth on the platform.

  • Allow our team to uncover profitable advertising options and ways to optimize product pages to improve ROI and brand reputation.
  • Sit back as our Amazon sales consultants create an individualized strategy to fit your brand-specific business needs.
  • Save valuable time as we seamlessly integrate into your operations, acting as an extension of your team to unlock the full potential of selling on Amazon Marketplace.
  • Benefit from Amazon Seller Central expert advice if you choose to embrace a hybrid strategy as your business evolves.

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