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Did you know the average Amazon seller loses 3-10% of their revenue? Achieving your goals can be tough when vital funds are tied up in chargebacks and accounting errors. With our recovery experts on your side, you can offset Amazon’s high fees and reinvest your hard-earned profits back into your business.

At Awesome Dynamic, we pride ourselves on being the top choice for Amazon sellers. Our unique recovery program has a track record of recovering more funds than our competitors. Instead of depending on automation and AI, our dedicated team thoroughly combs through every transaction, putting your money back in your pocket where it belongs. 

Amazon Revenue Recovery Solutions

Recouping lost revenue can be frustrating and time-consuming for business owners. As Amazon experts, we understand that there simply aren’t enough hours in a day to devote to this task. We reduce your workload and boost your profits by reclaiming what is rightfully yours—lost revenue due to errors, chargebacks, and other deductions in the Amazon supply chain. 

Let our recovery experts take the lead. We perform a thorough recovery account audit to search for uncollected revenue and then claim that money back from Amazon on your behalf. There are no upfront fees or flawed AI tools that overlook crucial funds. We handle the recovery process from start to finish, and you only pay a percentage of the recovered money.

Over $56,000 Reclaimed Revenue in Just Two Months

A large cleaning chemical company, selling more than 70,000 units monthly with 150,000 units stored in Amazon’s warehouses, enlisted the help of Awesome Dynamic’s Recovery Service to recoup lost funds. With over 30 monthly shipments, each containing thousands of units, the task of identifying and pursuing potential reimbursements from Amazon is a full-time endeavor. Amidst the challenges of tracking shipments, reconciling orders and returns, and managing Amazon’s warehouse logistics, the company was losing tens of thousands of dollars monthly.

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What makes your Amazon Cost Recovery program successful?

Our proven track record is a testament to our success. We surpass other services by diligently working on your behalf instead of relying on AI and automation. Our experts streamline the process, keeping it simple and stress-free so you can concentrate on critical aspects of your business.

Who is Amazon Recovery for?

All Amazon sellers, Seller and Vendor Central, can use our Amazon recovery services to reclaim lost funds.

Where is the money recovered from?

Funds can be recovered from a large number of areas such as shipment discrepancies, overcharge on shipping costs, returns discrepancies, shortage claims, damages to inventory, pricing discrepancies, chargebacks, and fulfillment center discrepancies.

Why does Amazon keep my money?

Amazon retains funds due to oversights in its automated accounting systems and the complexities of its supply chain. While these issues can be challenging to resolve, our experts are well-versed in recovering lost funds.

What will this Amazon recovery service cost me?

There is no upfront cost or obligation. When we recover your money, money that you would likely never see or know about, we take a percentage of what’s recovered. The rest goes directly to you. 

Our Proactive Revenue Recovery Approach

Managing your business while attempting to recover lost funds can be a stressful and demanding task. Unfortunately, this can cause businesses to miss out on valuable profits needed for growth. Our deduction management strategies are designed to regain recoverable revenue, potentially recovering up to 3-10% while preventing future losses. 

Many sellers find it extremely challenging to identify and rectify every instance of chargebacks and errors within Amazon’s vast and complex system. The high volume of transactions, combined with the dynamic nature of the platform, increases the risk of overlooking lost funds. With our program, you can delegate the task to our seasoned experts, allowing you to focus on expanding your business rather than battling with Amazon. 

  • Audit: Our team conducts a thorough audit to identify all recoverable revenue.
  • Strategy Development: We set up an actionable plan for recovering lost revenue based on our findings.
  • Plan Implementation: We diligently work on your behalf to recoup lost funds and keep you informed about our progress.
  • Payment: Your Amazon seller account is reimbursed with the recovered funds. We get paid when you get your money back.

Why Choose Awesome Dynamic?

  • Amazon Expertise: Our skilled and vetted team of Amazon experts brings a wealth of experience in navigating Amazon’s systems. We have a strong track record of working diligently on our client’s behalf to reduce your workload and optimize profitability.
  • No Flawed AI or Automation: Although automation can simplify certain tasks, having experienced professionals is crucial for effective revenue recovery. Our team understands the nuances of Amazon, and that’s why we recover more funds than our competitors.
  • Committed to Resolution: Awesome Dynamic specializes in identifying and resolving Amazon-related discrepancies. Our revenue recovery team focuses solely on reclaiming lost funds, leaving you with less stress and more time to focus on your business.
  • Leave the Stress to Us: Your satisfaction is our priority, and we aim to offer a seamless, hassle-free experience for our clients. We research your business’s unique challenges and tailor our solutions accordingly. Our team of industry professionals handles 100% of the recovery process.
  • Transparent Pricing Model: Our affordable and transparent pricing model sets us apart in the industry. We firmly believe in aligning our success with yours, which is why our clients only pay for our services after we have successfully recovered their funds.

Recover Your Hard Earned Money

Known for its complex platform structure and fluctuating policies, Amazon demands a proactive approach. Don’t let unnoticed errors and deductions eat into your hard-earned profits and unravel your progress and peace of mind. 

Partner with Awesome Dynamic to reclaim what is rightfully yours, stress-free. Join the ranks of satisfied businesses that partner with us to overcome obstacles and maximize revenue on Amazon. With more money in your pocket and less time dedicated to resolving errors, there’s no limit to your success.

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“The Awesome Dynamic Team is just that, awesome! They've helped us evaluate our listings and improve where improvement was needed. They are professional and helpful, as well as extremely efficient.”

— Carlyn
"Awesome Dynamic has done an excellent job for our Amazon presence. We had product available in the past, but never were able to truly get significant sales due to our lack of understanding in how Amazon operates. They have a great team and are always there and able to take us to the next level."
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“I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful the team at AD are — I am so happy to have found them! This team really knows their stuff and they've made my life infinitely easier so that I can focus on new product development and building key account relationships.”

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