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Client Success Stories


Improved Listing Optimization Led to Sales Increases of 27% Per Year

A leading manufacturer of shelf-stable foods came to Awesome Dynamic to determine what they might be “missing” in running their Amazon account. They were confident in the work they had done to date but realized they didn’t know it all. They needed the expertise of a team with wider depth and breadth of experience as well as success on the platform if they were going to move the needle.

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Maintained Sales While Decreasing Advertising Expense by 52%

A small but thriving fishing tackle company reached out to Awesome Dynamic in August 2018 needing to decrease their overall Amazon advertising spend of about $18,000 per month. Their concern was that decreasing the spend would have a corresponding negative impact on sales. They did not have the time to develop a level of expertise in PPC optimization.

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Sales Increase to $7,000,000 Annually

A manufacturer began selling on Amazon but, unaware of the complexities involved, neglected to stay vigilant of their seller account, and sales were falling short of expectations. After Awesome Dynamic took over account management, sales grew from $270,000 to $7,000,000 annually.

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Sales Increased 382% Between 2018 and 2020

An established Vendor Central seller was getting very little traction for their brand name sump pumps on Amazon. Awesome Dynamic figured out what was causing the lack of sales and helped the company improve their listings and increase their presence on Amazon.

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Sales Increased by 1,000% Within 6 Months of Working with Our Team

A premier candy company approached Awesome Dynamic in October 2017 with the goal of increasing sales by 30%. At that time, they were exclusively utilizing self-fulfillment and unable to keep up with Amazon’s shipping targets. This created an unfortunate situation where they were at risk of having their ability to sell on Amazon limited.

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Sales Nearly Triple After Switching to Seller Central

A large healthcare provider was experiencing stagnant sales while selling on Amazon’s Vendor Central. After Awesome Dynamic provided its expertise and instructions, the company achieved a sales increase of 160% in less than three months. 

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Walmart – Sales increase 2,107.96% over one year

A growing plastics manufacturer and seller on Amazon wanted to expand their online presence into additional marketplaces.

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Walmart – Sales increase 28.05%

A men’s grooming product company established a strong track record on Amazon and saw potential in expanding their online sales presence to outside markets. They created a Walmart Seller  Central account but ran into numerous issues editing listings and improving their reach on Walmart’s Marketplace.

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Weekly Sales Increased by 4,701% After Hiring Awesome Dynamic

A leading manufacturer of extruded plastic and rubber approached Awesome Dynamic after their primary retail distributor canceled their product line. The company was left urgently searching for a replacement revenue stream and hoped that Amazon could fill that gap. Currently selling through Amazon’s Fulfilled by Merchant program (FBM) and unconvinced they could yield the return needed on their own, they contracted with Awesome Dynamic to achieve their goals.

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IPI Score Increases over 75 points & FBA Restock Limits Improved

In May of 2021 Amazon unexpectedly introduced Account Level Restock Limits. The limits restricted the client from sending in inventory to FBA and their fast-moving inventory quickly sold out.

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Appealing to a Broader Audience

In just seven months the client saw a sales increase of 104% while focusing their efforts on appealing to the B2C audience.

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appealing to the b2c market