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September 13th, 2023

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Amazon Product Marketing

Even Amazon’s most popular products need a little boost from time to time. With a wide range of options displayed in the platform's infinite search results, it may be challenging to attract interested shoppers to your product page.

The good news is that if you’re selling on Amazon, there are a wide variety of ecommerce marketing tools you can use to boost brand awareness and promote your products. Businesses of all sizes can capitalize on customer insights and promotional strategies to effectively reach their target audience.

What is Remarketing?

The process of targeting potential buyers who have shown interest in your products is known as remarketing. It is essential to develop effective remarketing strategies that cater to customers who are likely to complete a purchase.

While remarketing is an important part of digital marketing for Amazon, it can be implemented on or off the platform. This ecommerce advertising tactic is popular for a reason. When properly executed, it can attract and convert motivated shoppers into customers.

How Do I Promote Products on Amazon? 

Remarketing ads have an average conversion rate of 70% for shoppers who have engaged with your products or brand. Figuring out how and when to target these potential customers can be confusing, so it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and devise a strategy that is specifically tailored to your goals.

Email Marketing

For Amazon sellers, email marketing proves highly effective in boosting reviews and sales. To attract interested shoppers, consider these approaches:

  1. Take advantage of Amazon's Review Automation tool to increase the number of reviews you receive.
  2. Experiment with various email campaign versions to identify the most effective one.
  3. Cultivate a dedicated audience by building an off-Amazon subscriber list.
  4. Keep existing subscribers engaged through discounts, promotions, and updates on new products.

Social Media

72% of Americans use social media daily. Developing an active social media presence not only recruits high-intent shoppers but also gives customers a place to share their own experiences with your brand. Some popular social media retargeting tactics include:

  • Creating custom audiences
  • Targeting app users
  • Experimenting with various social media ad campaign versions to identify the most effective one
  • Including a call-to-action in your posts


To start developing a solid Amazon marketing strategy, it’s crucial to clearly define your goals. Are you looking to boost brand awareness? Increase product sales? Get more reviews? Explore Amazon's advertising options to determine which one aligns with your objectives.

Amazon Advertising Options:

  • Sponsored Product Ads
    Ideal for sellers who want to promote individual products.
  • Sponsored Brand Ads
    These ads showcase three of your products and your brand logo and are geared toward driving brand awareness.
  • Sponsored Brand Video Ads
    Reach new customers and diversify your audience with ads that appear on Amazon and outside markets, linking to your product detail page.
  • Sponsored Display Ads
    Target shoppers as they browse similar products; these ads may be configured to reach audiences outside of Amazon.

Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)

Amazon DSP is one of many tools sellers can leverage in their remarketing efforts. Advertisers buy and display ads across the web, both on Amazon and off. With vast data and targeting capabilities, DSP drives product and brand awareness, displaying ads based on shopper interest and behavior.

Some benefits of DSP include:

  • Advanced Targeting Capabilities
    Utilizing DSP marketing and data makes buying ads more cost-effective and efficient, streamlining ad campaign launches, listing optimization, and analytics.

  • Competitive Advantage
    While sellers often spend more on the initial setup and maintenance of DSP advertising, they may gain a significant competitive advantage over traditional advertising efforts.

  • Minimal Effort and Real Results
    With Amazon DSP, you can easily run a larger number of ads on a single platform across various marketing channels.

  • A Variety of Valuable Tools
    By incorporating DSP into your digital marketing strategy,  you can leverage vast amounts of Amazon data and gain access to exclusive Amazon audiences.

Brand Stores

Amazon Brand Stores allow sellers to deliver an in-store experience while shopping on Amazon. Your multi-page storefront offers a variety of customizable page templates that highlight a flagship product, your product collection, or your brand mission. You can also choose to build a page from scratch.

Some of the benefits of creating an Amazon Brand Store include:

  • Showcasing your full product catalog to drive sales
  • Creating an immersive online shopping experience
  • Highlighting your best-selling and seasonal items
  • Reinforcing your brand identity
  • Differentiating your brand from your competition
  • Engaging shoppers with high-quality content

Customer Service

Connecting with your customers doesn’t always require a big budget or a detailed Amazon marketing strategy. Sellers can reach shoppers right on their Amazon product pages. Being responsive in your Amazon Q&A and Customer Questions section can help give shoppers the information they need to make a purchase.

Best practices for Amazon customer service:

Mastering Amazon Product Promotion

With Amazon marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for success. Begin by assessing your current performance, looking for areas of improvement, and clearly defining your goals. To boost brand and product visibility, commit to consistently refining your digital marketing strategy and seek guidance from an expert who can customize your approach to align with your objectives.

Need help reaching your target audience? Our Amazon account management team is here to help! We work with you to develop strategies tailored to your goals. From listing optimization to PPC management and DSP support, we’re equipped with all the tools you need to grow your brand and meet your goals. Get started today with a free consultation.