ACoS Slashed by 60% While Boosting Sales

Advertising overhaul

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A seller specializing in high-end drawer/cabinet organization systems teamed up with Awesome Dynamic to build a strong presence on Amazon. Facing challenges in creating compelling product listings and running effective advertising campaigns, they struggled to compete with lower-priced competitors, demonstrate product value, and reach their intended audience.


  • Outdated imagery compromised brand credibility and perceived product value
  • Product page copy was ineffective, failing to convey critical product details
  • Advertising efforts were mismanaged, leading to overspending and inefficiencies in reaching the target audience
  • The high quality of the products was not effectively represented to potential buyers
  • The product category faced saturation with lower-priced alternatives, posing a challenge to standing out and commanding higher prices


  • Overhauled advertising management to optimize performance and reduce spending
  • Optimized product pages to drive relevant traffic and sales
  • Revamped graphics to convey a modern and sleek aesthetic and boost brand credibility
  • Created effective copy to convey important product features and benefits
  • Developed compelling and informative A+ Content to demonstrate product value


With strategic advertising management, our team significantly improved the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) and sales performance. This led to a notable increase in overall sales, requiring a pause in orders during the holiday season to manage skyrocketing demand. Monthly sales surged from an average of $60,000 to over $100,000, surpassing their previous peak of $90,000. When we took over advertising, we reduced ACOS by 60%, and decreased spend by 57.5%, with only a 1% decrease in advertising sales.

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