Appealing to a Broader Audience

Cleaning tool manufacturer sales growth on Amazon


An industrial cleaning tool manufacturer had been successfully selling through Vendor Central for a few years. They specialized in providing products for industrial use, however, they saw that more buyers were purchasing their cleaning tools for home and prosumer situations. They came to Awesome Dynamic to seek guidance on how to target this new audience.


  • The client had limited experience designing and marketing for a consumer market since their business to date was geared towards other businesses.
  • Listing content was lean and optimization techniques were not being utilized.
  • The catalog of products was extensive with many variations for each product.
  • Sales were starting to become stagnant.


  • Focused on existing product lines that were already selling on Amazon and started to gain in popularity among transitional consumers.
  • Performed keyword research and a competitive analysis.
  • New listing content was created and optimized with the new target market, keywords, and goals in mind.
  • Utilized advertising campaigns to drive both industrial and consumer audiences to the refreshed product listings.

ResultsAwesome Dynamic Case Study Results - Client Sales Growth Chart

After the listings were fully optimized and the advertising campaigns were implemented the client saw a universal increase in overall sales for each item family that was included in our scope of work. The client started with our team in July 2021 with a revenue of $77k. Month over month the client saw a steady increase in revenue. As of January 2022 the revenue hit $157k, a sales increase of 104%.

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