Brand Strategy Results in 53% Sales Increase

Brand Strategy

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After switching from Amazon Vendor Central to Seller Central, a growing battery and adventure product company faced ongoing challenges in navigating the complexities of Amazon. While they were successfully running their own web store and working with third-party distributors, they wanted to begin selling directly to consumers. To implement this shift in their business model, they needed to develop a strong brand strategy.


  • Sales needed to be increased on Amazon
  • A product launch strategy needed to be developed
  • Brand recognition needed to be increased on Seller Central
  • Distributors were dominating the Buy Box, resulting in fewer direct sales
  • Product compliance issues led to listings being removed from Amazon


  • Optimized product listings with engaging photos, informative descriptions, and relevant keywords
  • Monitored and optimized advertising and launched
  • Sponsored Brand Video ads
  • Created engaging content and built out their Brand Story, A+ Content, and Brand Store
  • Designed high-quality product videos for product listings
  • Suggested inventory management strategies to keep products in stock at Amazon’s preferred storage utilization ratio
  • Worked with the client to successfully transition away from distributors and take over control of the listings selling directly to customers
  • Worked with Amazon support and the client to resolve product compliance issues

ResultsAmazon Brand Strategy Client Results

There was a 53.97% increase in sales year-over-year in the following eight months after limiting distributors and focusing on direct sales. There was an 18.6% increase in the Buy Box win percentage after working with the client to eliminate distributors selling on the listings, compared to the previous eight months.