Walmart Sales Increase 2,107.96% in One Year

Expanding into Walmart Marketplace Awesome Dynamic client product listings on laptop screen


A growing plastics manufacturer and seller on Amazon wanted to expand their online presence into additional marketplaces. They already had a Walmart Seller Central account but did not have the know-how to get things up and running on this new platform. Our team evaluated their catalog and took the top-performing merchandise on Amazon to create and launch listings on Walmart.


  • They did not know how to identify the best market for their catalog
  • Listings were not showing live on Walmart
  • Client was not familiar with the best ways to utilize Walmart’s marketplace


  • Identified top-performing product SKUs from the client’s extensive catalog on Amazon. Then, organized the process of adding those top sellers to Walmart.
  • Adopted the listing copy that we already created and optimized for Amazon to follow Walmart’s best practices.
  • Applied for and began advertising on Walmart to drive traffic and increase exposure to new listings.
  • Conducted training on Walmart best practices with the client.

ResultsExpanding into Walmart marketplace client sales results graph

GMV (Gross Merchandise Value / Sales) increased by 2,107.96% compared to the previous year.

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