Decreased Advertising Expense by 52% & Maintained Sales

fishing tackle company decreased ad spend but maintained sales on amazon with listing optimization


A small but thriving fishing tackle company reached out to Awesome Dynamic in August of 2018 needing to decrease their overall Amazon advertising spend by approximately $18,000 per month. They were concerned that reducing the spending would result in a negative impact on sales.


  • Ad spend needed to be decreased by $18,000/month while maintaining conversions
  • A plan was needed to identify immediate steps to reduce excessive ad spend without compromising sales
  • Ads were sending customers to lack-luster listings
  • Product listings required an overhaul with new keywords, copy, images, and infographics


  • Completed a competitive analysis to gather insights and develop a strategic plan
  • Conducted keyword research to identify additional high-ranking keywords
  • Moved ad campaigns to manual, expanded relevant keywords, reduced overall ad spend, and optimized ACoS
  • Decreased spending on underperforming keywords and increased on keywords that were generating sales
  • Completed listing optimization (keywords, copy, high-quality images) to further improve the user experience


Over the course of one year, our team was able to maintain the client’s sales volume, while reducing their ad spend by 52%.

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