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new to amazon market

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A successful ecommerce brand sought to expand into the Amazon marketplace to sell their meditation audio players. They were aware of the challenges that would arise when it came to launching their products and adapting to the complexities of Amazon’s platform.


  • The client was concerned about making the shift from their web store to Amazon
  • The client was not familiar with using Amazon Seller Central
  • To establish a presence on Amazon, it was crucial to quickly launch strategic advertising campaigns


  • Fully optimized product listings with engaging photos, informative descriptions, and relevant keywords
  • Developed a cohesive Brand Story, A+ Content, and Brand Store
  • Utilized Lightning Deals to rapidly increase traffic and sales
  • A/B tested to ensure the most profitable listing versions were being displayed to buyers
  • Suggested inventory management strategies to maintain stock levels at Amazon’s desired storage utilization ratio
  • Created regular Amazon Posts to engage followers and boost customer loyalty
  • Performed weekly account audits to identify and track potential account health issues
  • Conducted Seller Central training


Since launching on Amazon, the client has seen a 54.67% year-over-year growth. During Prime Day, there was a 106.82% year-over-year increase in product sales. Our A/B testing yielded a 72.47% increase in conversions the month following the experiment. The client achieved 4,057 free viewable impressions for their brand within six months of launching Posts. By proactively spotting product issues, we were able to reduce account health impact and downtime within a week of occurrence.

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