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A large cleaning chemical company, selling more than 70,000 units monthly with 150,000 units stored in Amazon’s warehouses, enlisted the help of Awesome Dynamic’s Recovery Service to recoup lost funds. With over 30 monthly shipments, each containing thousands of units, the task of identifying and pursuing potential reimbursements from Amazon is a full-time endeavor. Amidst the challenges of tracking shipments, reconciling orders and returns, and managing Amazon’s warehouse logistics, the company was losing tens of thousands of dollars monthly.


  • Shipment discrepancies led to financial losses for the client
  • Overcharged shipping costs eroded profits
  • Revenue was impacted by discrepancies in returns
  • Profit margins suffered due to damaged inventory
  • Limited time prevented the client from focusing on fund recovery amid product catalog expansion efforts
  • Losses undermined valuable sales growth opportunities
  • Limited expertise posed challenges in navigating Amazon’s complex reimbursement processes


  • Implemented inventory management reviews to monitor order fulfillment losses.
  • Recovered $26,868.49 for the client in the first month and $29,273.57 the following month.
  • Enhanced communication channels with Amazon to streamline fund recovery efforts, contributing to the significant revenue returns obtained for the client.
  • Conducted regular audits and reviews to identify and rectify errors and discrepancies promptly, ensuring optimal financial outcomes for the client.
  • Provided expertise and assistance in navigating complex reimbursement processes with Amazon, resulting in the successful retrieval of funds owed to the client.
  • Offered ongoing support and consultation to ensure the client maximizes the value of our services and sees a significant ROI with no out-of-pocket expenses.


The results speak for themselves: in the first month of handling the clients’ recovery audit, we successfully recovered $26,868.49, followed by an impressive $29,273.57 in the second month. After service fees, the client is averaging over $20K in additional revenue each month. This revenue is now used to subsidize services that Awesome Dynamic performs for them, allowing the client to see a significant return on investment. Using our Recovery services has more than covered the cost of our other services, providing substantial financial gains and valuable growth opportunities while reinforcing the value of our partnership.

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