Sales Increase to $7M After Rebuilding Brand Reputation

rebuilding brand reputation acrylic products


A manufacturer of acrylic organizers and home entertaining goods began selling on Amazon. They were unaware of the complexities involved and the need to stay vigilant with their seller account. As a result, their sales were falling short of expectations. Their annual sales on Amazon had stagnated at $270,000.


  • Product listings were not optimized to display full and accurate information resulting in confused buyers and increased returns
  • Other sellers and resellers were taking over this manufacturer’s product space on Amazon
  • Rogue sellers and counterfeiters were capitalizing on the market that this manufacturer had previously dominated
  • Few of this manufacturer’s staff knew how to manage an Amazon seller account


  • Awesome Dynamic researched the client’s approach to selling on Amazon, identified the problem areas, and presented the findings.
  • A multi-step course correction was recommended to re-establish brand authenticity.
  • Listings were converted to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) making inventory consistently available.
  • Amazon product listings were fully optimized, customer feedback was managed, Brand Registry was established and A+ Content created.
  • Reduced SKU clutter and rogue listings were eliminated. Re-framed SKU offerings that had multiple uses based on keywords, and created content specific for each usage.


The client was set on a 60-day course of unprecedented momentum, doubling average sales per item. We re-established brand authenticity, reduced competition from unauthorized sellers and improved customer relations. In a four year span, the client went from $270,000 to $7,000,000 in yearly sales.

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