Sales Spike 1,000% in 6 Months by Boosting Brand Reputation

boosting brand reputation on amazon

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A leading candy company approached Awesome Dynamic with a goal to increase sales by 30%. They relied solely on self-fulfillment but had been unable to meet Amazon’s stringent shipping and customer service standards. This jeopardized their sales, ranking, and brand reputation.


  • The client was unable to meet Amazon’s shipping requirements for self-fulfillment
  • Sales and ranking were negatively impacted by feedback on their account
  • Inadequate customer service response times compromised the brand’s reputation


  • Removed unfavorable feedback to improve brand reputation
  • Gradually transferred inventory to FBA for faster fulfillment and acquisition of the coveted Prime badge
  • Set up variations for holiday themes and promoted seasonal versions
  • Performed testing to determine the best products to include in their Amazon store
  • Implemented multi-packs of popular items to lower costs and increase margins and sales
  • Optimized product listings with engaging photos, informative descriptions, and relevant keywords
  • Utilized Amazon Sponsored Products to increase traffic and visibility


The client experienced a surge in sales during the holidays, increasing from $1,219 to $11,273 in a short time. Within 2 months, their sales had grown by 1,000% compared to the previous year.
Subsequent months also saw significant growth, ranging from 400-700% compared to the previous year. Yearly sales have steadily increased.

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