Sales Nearly Triple After Switching to Seller Central

Healthcare Amazon Seller Success Story


A large healthcare product provider was experiencing stagnant sales while selling on Amazon’s Vendor Central. Enlisting the expertise of the team at Awesome Dynamic, a new strategic plan allowed them to pivot their approach and focus on Seller Central in order to capitalize on demand, and increase sales by nearly triple in less than three months.


  • Margins were low and there was no control over pricing and inventory
  • Payments were inconsistent
  • They were experiencing slow case resolution and communication, as well as impossible deadlines to fulfill orders
  • Inability to respond to consumer concerns and unable to adjust to marketing opportunities quickly


  • Strategically pivoted selling platforms from Vendor Central to Seller Central
  • Positioned the client with the leeway they needed to make and apply the necessary business decisions for their market
  • Optimized and merged duplicate listings
  • Performed a full catalog listing optimization including keyword research, new copy and images.
  • A process was established for metrics and data review to develop an ongoing optimal decision making strategy


The client was set on a 60-day course of unprecedented momentum, doubling average sales per item. Average sales price per item increased from $11.33, when selling on Vendor Central,
to $29.57, when selling on Seller Central.

A pattern of reliable direct deposits of funds from Amazon every two weeks was established. Listings gained the top 100 spot in sales rank on Amazon and won the Buy Box. Additionally, in less than three months sales soared, starting at $1,065 in month one and jumping to $28,298 by month three.

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