Unlocking Unlimited FBA Storage – Sales Soar 684% in 3 Months

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A leading extruded plastic and rubber manufacturer turned to Awesome Dynamic when their primary retail distributor discontinued their product line. Urgently seeking a new source of revenue, they turned to Amazon’s Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) program. Skeptical about achieving the desired profits on their own, they contracted with Awesome Dynamic to achieve their goals.


  • The client needed to meet $28,000 in weekly sales and $8,000 in daily sales by year-end to recover lost revenue
  • They had new products ready to go in order to expand their catalog, which could boost sales, but adding them was urgent and content had not yet been created
  • The client was hesitant to use FBA due to negative past experiences
  • While adding new products was critical, the client’s storage space was limited to 2,000 FBA units due to their oversized storage category products
  • To avoid limitations on new FBA inventory storage and overcome slow-moving FBA inventory, the client needed a rapid increase in their Inventory Performance Index (IPI)


  • Quickly created high-quality listing content and updated the client’s Amazon catalog
  • Conducted Amazon image creation training and enhanced visual content through our Amazon photography service
  • Collaborated with Amazon to expand storage capabilities and optimized shipping and fulfillment methods to prevent inventory and listing challenges
  • Removed slow-moving products to improve metrics and free up space for in-demand items
  • Monitored and optimized Amazon PPC campaigns to improve their sell-through rate
  • Increased traffic and sales by monitoring product performance and adjusting the product selection to meet customer demand


In just three months, sales skyrocketed by an impressive 684%, reaching $35,000 per week compared to the client’s previous $4,500 per week. Awesome Dynamic created, uploaded, and/or updated 40 unique products across five distinct product lines within two months.

Implementing a just-in-time shipping process helped the client maintain optimal inventory levels for all their products. By collaborating with Amazon, Awesome Dynamic was able to increase the oversize storage limit to 3,000 units, and in only four weeks, the client’s IPI score soared to 361, unlocking unlimited storage privileges. The client’s IPI score continues to steadily increase and currently stands at 400.

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