Visibility and Sales Skyrocket – 382% Growth in Two Years

Visibility and sales skyrocket case study

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An established seller on Vendor Central was experiencing minimal traction for their brand of sump pumps on Amazon. They sought to identify the reasons behind the lack of sales, enhance their product listings, and boost their visibility on Amazon.


  • The product catalog contained 100 units, each with its own unique copy, images, and A+ Content
  • Listing images lacked crucial product information and failed to utilize all available slots, displaying only 1-2 images
  • When searching for the brand name, none of the client’s listings were displayed
  • Due to budget constraints, listing optimization needed to be spaced out over time


  • Developed a strategic plan to optimize product listings, prioritizing the best-selling products first
  • Updated the remainder of the catalog once high-potential listings were live
  • Created unique listings and updated content with informative copy, specifications, and keywords
  • Created new images and graphics to better illustrate the distinctions among the different models and utilize all available image slots
  • Developed cohesive A+ Content for all products
  • Implemented PPC advertising to increase visibility in search results


By optimizing product listings with keyword-rich copy and implementing a strategic advertising plan, our client experienced increased visibility and sales growth on Amazon. Our recommendations led to a 210% sales increase in the first year, selling 884 units, and a 55% increase in the following year, with 1,374 units sold. Our listing and keyword optimization plan, combined with a successful PPC strategy, propelled our client’s products from obscurity to the top of Amazon’s search results.

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