Optimized for Walmart GMV Increased 28.05%

Client Case Study - Optimizing Product Listing to sell on Walmart


A men’s grooming product company established a strong track record on Amazon and saw potential in expanding its online sales presence to outside markets. They created a Walmart Seller Central account but ran into numerous issues editing listings and improving their reach on Walmart’s Marketplace.


  • Listings could not be edited
  • Client did not have access to advertise on Walmart Marketplace
  • Optimization techniques were not implemented to help organic and paid search efforts
  • Sales were declining or stagnant


  • Applied keyword research and optimization strategies to their Walmart selling account.
  • Regained control of branded listings, while adding an extra layer of brand protection by enlisting in Walmart’s Brand Portal.
  • Received approval to create an advertising account and launch advertising campaigns.
  • Utilized advertising campaigns to drive traffic to the freshly optimized product listings.
  • Created a multi-pack (new option for Walmart) which increased average spend on each order.

ResultsSales growth on Walmart marketplace after optimizing listings

After the listings were fully optimized and the advertising campaigns began, the GMV (Gross Merchandise Value / Sales) increased by 28.05%, compared to the same quarter the year prior. Additionally, with the new multi-pack option the average order increased from $16.80 to $18.27. This meant that each order shipped became more profitable.

*Compared to the same quarter the year prior

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