Client Referral Program

Refer, Reward, Repeat!

What is Awesome Dynamic's Client Referral Program?

Do you have connections in the ecommerce world who could benefit from our services? Our exclusive Client Referral Program is tailored for both current and prospective clients, offering rewards for recommending our services to others within their network. It’s our way of showing appreciation for your trust and support while expanding our community of satisfied clients.

Please note that this program is offered to our current clients and prospective clients only. While we value all collaborations, the Client Referral Program focuses specifically on cultivating relationships with our direct clients and fostering shared success within our community.

Recommend Our Ecommerce Services

How It Works:

  1. Referral Submission: Clients have the option to refer contacts that could benefit from our services, and upon their successful enrollment, become eligible for rewards.
  2. Reward Options: Our referring clients can choose between a $500 Amazon gift card or a $1,000 invoice discount per successful referral.
  3. Connect With Our Team: Our representative schedules a consultation with your referral to learn more about their business and tailor services to fit their needs.
  4. Reap the Rewards: After the new client’s first invoice payment, the referring client will be notified and rewarded!

Who is eligible to participate in the Client Referral Program?

The Client Referral Program is exclusively for current clients and prospective clients.

What rewards are offered for successful referrals?

Referring clients have the option to choose between a $500 Amazon gift card or a $1,000 discount applied to their next invoice for each successful referral.

How should referrals be submitted?

Referrals can be submitted by informing our team of the contact details of the referred individual or organization.

How will referring clients be notified of their rewards?

Referring clients will be notified of their rewards via email after the successful enrollment and payment of the referred contact's first invoice.

Can referrals be submitted for any type of service?

Yes, referrals can be submitted for any of our services offered.

“Awesome Dynamic has done an excellent job for me. For problem solving, design work and customer service, they are top-notch.”
— Dave

“I truly cannot say enough about how wonderful the team at AD are — I am so happy to have found them! This team really knows their stuff and they've made my life infinitely easier so that I can focus on new product development and building key account relationships.”

— Lisa

“Highly recommended! Awesome Dynamic has helped my Amazon sales grow significantly and resolve account issues along the way.“

— Nicole