How to Relaunch Amazon Products

June 18th, 2021

Learn If You Should, and How to Effectively Relaunch Amazon Products

You started selling on Amazon months or maybe years ago. Everything was going fine, maybe even great, but you’ve noticed the dreaded decline in sales. This is your livelihood, so it’s important to get to the bottom of this and have a plan in place to turn things around. First, you need to determine if your product listing deserves a second chance. Then you can follow these guidelines on how to relaunch Amazon products.

Are Your Listings Optimized Effectively?

If you can’t check off each of the points below, your listing could use some TLC. By making changes to these elements you could improve your rankings and thus your conversions (and may warrant a relaunch of Amazon products).


Do you have relevant keywords targeting your product? Depending on the competition, keywords for your product niche may be highly competitive and harder to reach. If so, you are missing the chance to rank for these top keywords. The opposite side of that is that you have keywords with a low search volume.


Look at the category in which you launched your product. Is this still the best choice? Maybe run your own informal market research and ask a few people (who are not familiar with your product) what category they would seek out to find your product. Additionally, look at your competition. You can easily spot who is at the top of search results. Continuously monitor what they are doing.