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November 15th, 2023

Social media for Amazon Sellers

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Amazon has an uncanny ability to deliver what we want before we even know we want it. Remaining true to its tradition of wowing consumers with jaw-dropping innovations, the leading ecommerce platform has once again unveiled the unexpected. Shoppers can now buy Amazon products on Facebook or Instagram without ever leaving the app.

Amazon has teamed up with Meta to reach internet users where they are. Since 70% of users visit a Meta social platform every day, a large number of daily scrollers can soon be clicking on Amazon ads and completing their purchase right on Meta's apps.

What’s New With Social Shopping

With Meta's new feature, social media users can link their Facebook and Instagram accounts to Amazon. Within these Meta apps, they can easily purchase products promoted on their feeds. This gives Amazon sellers the opportunity to simplify checkout and reach new customers in one fell swoop. 

Meta has made improvements to its online ad system using artificial intelligence (AI) over the last year, raising its stock more than 160%. These changes have contributed to higher sales, even in a difficult digital ad market. As a new Meta Agency partner, Amazon and its sellers can expect to reap the benefits of these positive changes in the near future.

What Will Social Shopping Look Like in 2024?

On Facebook and Instagram, Amazon users will be able to click on ads and make in-app purchases on Facebook and Instagram. Shoppers will have access to current prices, Prime eligibility, shipping details, and product information on selected ads. 

Sellers can choose whether to enable this feature, as it is strictly voluntary. They can also unlink their Amazon and Meta accounts at any time in the Accounts Center after enrollment.

While many of the specifics are yet to be revealed, this collaboration is expected to deliver a significant revenue boost for Meta, Amazon, and their advertisers. Soon, details on how revenue sharing will work and how merchants can choose where their ads run will be revealed.

social media management for amazon sellersSocial Media Basics for Amazon Sellers

Amazon continues to find ways to conveniently connect shoppers with products that match their search. By taking advantage of the many tools and features offered by the platform, merchants can expand their customer base and increase traffic and sales.

Social media is where shoppers share their favorite products, discover new brands, and collect the information they need to make a purchase. For businesses, it is the perfect avenue to connect with the public and establish trust.

In 2022, experts estimated that the average person spent 147 minutes on social media daily. For ecommerce sellers, focusing on reaching consumers through social media marketing isn’t just beneficial - it’s crucial to remaining competitive. 

Organic vs. Paid Social Media Marketing

If you’re new to social media marketing or looking to refine your tactics, it’s important to explore your options and develop a strong strategy tailored to your goals. 

With numerous social media platforms, algorithms, and advertising types to consider, seeking assistance from social media specialists can help you launch campaigns that fit your budget and drive traffic.

What is organic social media? 

Organic social media is the free content you share on social media platforms. 

Common examples of organic social media:

  • Posts
  • Photos
  • Videos

How it works:
Organic social media relies on engagement and natural growth. By frequently posting high-quality content, you can reach your target audience and keep them interested in your brand. 

Best practices:
To grow and maintain interest, create a consistent posting schedule. Quickly respond to comments and messages, connect with others in your industry, and add relevant hashtags to your posts. If you don’t have the time to closely monitor your accounts and create fresh content regularly, consider hiring a creative agency with social media specialists. 

What is paid social media? 

Paid social media is paid advertising designed to reach a particular social media audience. Ads can be targeted to age, location, interests, behaviors, and other demographics. 

Common examples of organic social media:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Display ads

How it works:
Advertisers bid on the placement of their ads. The cost is based on factors such as the target audience and ad performance. By targeting specific customer groups (demographics) and interests, your ads will only be displayed to shoppers likely to purchase from you.

Best practices:
To create ads that interest your target audience and drive sales, seek the guidance of a full-service marketing agency. With Amazon copywriters, photographers, graphic designers, and social media management specialists in tow, you can be sure that the content you're paying for appeals to your target audience. You set the budget, they do the work.

The Benefits of Investing in Social Media Management

Have you ever heard the saying, “you’ve got to spend money to make money?” Although this may not always be true, a few smart investments can drastically improve performance. Hiring a full-service marketing agency with both ecommerce and social media experts can help you take advantage of the valuable opportunities the Meta/Amazon partnership offers. 

Meta's advertising model differs from Amazon's. Facebook and Instagram use a "discovery-based" approach. This means that rather than targeting shoppers based on their search terms (keywords), it matches social media users with relevant ads even if they have not actively searched for a particular brand. 

This approach offers Amazon sellers a valuable opportunity to connect with potential buyers who may not have been previously aware of their products.  

What role does a social media management firm play in your growth? Many start-up and established brands are using social media to growth hack and expand their business. 

To demystify the process and help you decide whether social media specialists could benefit your brand, let's explore their responsibilities.

Social Media Post Management 

Social media marketing experts develop a plan to build consumer brand trust, introduce new or seasonal products, send traffic to your product listings, and build your online presence. 

Keeping a close eye on your social media is important to attracting and maintaining a loyal following. Our full-service marketing agency helps brands build awareness and engage their target audience by:

  • Setting up new accounts or reviewing and providing recommendations for an existing account.
  • Researching and creating a posting schedule based on the best platforms, days, and times to post.  
  • Creating click-worthy copy that links back to your product page or store and includes relevant hashtags. 
  • Posting images and videos that you’ve already created or enlisting our creative team to develop new attention-grabbing images or short product videos to use for posts, reels, and stories. 
  • Sharing our work and expertise with your company and simplifying the approval and scheduling process. 

Social Media Advertising Campaign Management 

Knowing how to make the most out of your social media advertising budget requires expert insight. A full-service marketing agency keeps a close eye on upcoming trends and advertising options that can give you the most bang for your buck.

To create a strong social media strategy that capitalizes on the Meta/Amazon partnership, it’s important to understand the way both Amazon and Meta business solutions work. Our team of Amazon and social media experts create custom advertising plans to help you meet your goals in today’s market. 

  • Our team evaluates your analytics (social media performance data) monthly to establish an appropriate budget for maximum impact.
  • Attribution tracking links are set up to collect crucial data and track how many sales on Amazon can be directly attributed to social media ads. 
  • We research and identify your ideal target market to ensure your ads are being shown to customers who are likely to complete a purchase.
  • We continually look for ways to boost engagement and sales while freeing up your time to focus on daily operations.

With 2024 right around the corner, it’s time to prep for a profitable new year! Amazon has set the standard for success in ecommerce due to its ability to adapt to emerging trends and provide an exceptional shopping experience. With the right strategy, your brand can use this exciting new partnership to grow your social media presence and Amazon sales at the same time.

Our experts are passionate about taking ecommerce brands to the next level. Equipped with all the tools you need to reach your revenue goals, we are proud to call ourselves the one-stop-shop for ecommerce growth. From social media marketing to PPC advertising and creative content creation, we have the skills and experience you need to stand out. To make this year your best yet, schedule your free 30-minute consultation today!