Is it worth hiring a professional copywriter?

Yes, professional help can make all the difference. Content should be high quality, persuasive, and filled with detailed descriptions and keywords that will help your listing reach the first page of results.

Paying for listing copy is typically a one-time fee unless you modify your product, get new packaging, or make additional changes. You can use the same copy for as long as you continue to sell that product. The initial investment is highly valuable and continues to provide benefits for the duration of the sales. 

A professional Amazon copywriter has experience writing copy that not only entices the customer but answers their questions and gives them a better understanding of a product's value. They utilize top keywords throughout their copy to optimize the listing and help the product rank better in search queries. Typically, organic listings that have been properly optimized rank higher within Amazon’s complex search algorithm and result in a higher sales volume. Pair that with a solid PPC advertising strategy and you will be on page one of Amazon’s search results in no time.