What are GTIN Exemptions?

For most categories, you must associate your products with industry-standard product identifiers in order to create new product pages on Amazon. These IDs ensure page accuracy by matching listings to products that already exist in the Amazon catalog. ­­GTIN (Global Trade Item Numbers) is one type of ID used to create catalog pages on Amazon. Other IDs include UPCs, ISBNs, EANs and JANs. If you do not have a GTIN you can apply to request an exemption. ­­First, you need to search and determine if your product matches an existing product. If so, you can add your offer to the existing product detail page without a GTIN. If there is no existing product, you are required to request a GTIN exemption before adding your product. ­­This link to Amazon’s resource page outlines what you need to know before you request an exemption, how to make an exemption request, and how to add your product after you receive a GTIN exemption. You will need to log into your seller account to view this page.