What are the FBA packaging and prep requirements?

Amazon includes a detailed description of packaging and prep requirements for FBA. While the list may seem extensive, it covers each category including loose products, product sets, boxed units, hanger removal, and more. 

Sellers should note that any unit that falls within multiple categories must be prepped according to ALL applicable prep types. For more information about these requirements, log into your Seller Central account and go to the Packaging and Prep Requirements resource page.

These general Amazon FBA prep and packaging requirements can streamline the process of sending inventory to Amazon fulfillment centers. If you don’t follow these requirements, Amazon fulfillment company may refuse, return, or repackage the products sent in at your expense.

A few things to note: 

  • Each unit must have a unique FNSKU that corresponds to a specific product. Variations like size or color require different FNSKUs.
  • Every unit needs an exterior scannable barcode or label.
  • Shipping boxes should have existing unscannable barcodes removed or covered.