Amazon Lightning Deals: How to Boost Sales in a Flash

April 24th, 2023

Amazon Lightning Deals Online Shopping Discount

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Everyone loves a deal. So much in fact, that it’s been proven that discounts and coupons drive sales, recruit new customers, and boost profits. From bundles to BOGO and beyond, ecommerce sellers consistently flock to this foolproof marketing strategy to get an edge on the competition. 

While Amazon offers several types of promotions and discounts, the Lightning Deal is one effective way to snag new customers and keep them coming back for more. These limited-time promotions promote a sense of urgency in shoppers who must complete their purchase before the clock runs out. 

With a limited number of coupons available, the now-or-never style of marketing instills a heart wrenching case of FOMO in eager consumers searching for the biggest bang for their buck. So what does this mean for Amazon sellers? Let’s break down the basics.

What is a Lightning Deal on Amazon?

Amazon Lightning Deals are short-term promotions that offer a limited number of discounts to Prime Members. They can be found on Amazon under Today's Deals or on the Prime Day page. Deals are limited to one per customer until the promotion period ends or all available deals have been claimed.

When a Lightning Deal is available, shoppers will see:

  • Your product
  • The available product variations including color, size, pattern, style, etc.
  • The available Lightning Deal discount and pre-tax total 
  • The total quantity of Lightning Deals that have already been claimed 
  • A timer displaying how long shoppers have to claim their discount
  • An Add to Cart button to complete their sale

What are the Benefits of Amazon Lightning Deals for Sellers?

Amazon discounts are wildly popular for buyers and sellers alike. Many Prime shoppers search for Amazon Deals daily. This gives any seller a considerable advantage with the price-savvy sect of Amazon’s 200 million+ users worldwide. The Amazon Lightning Deal can also be used as a tool to ramp up Prime Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and holiday sales. 

Some of the primary benefits of Lightning Deals include:

Driving Traffic

Oftentimes, shoppers are looking for a reason to buy, and running an Amazon Lightning Deal just may be the determining factor. Most importantly, they drive traffic to your product listings, giving you a fresh set of eyes that may never have stumbled upon your product listings otherwise. 

Improve Rankings and Brand Awareness

While many sellers think of discounting items as a loss, these Amazon deals may increase your rankings and add valuable exposure to your product line. Amazon discounts can make shoppers feel excited about shopping with you and confident that they took advantage of the opportunity to save. 

Promoting New Products

Rolling out a new product is no small feat. Shoppers often flock to product listings that have an arsenal of positive reviews. If you’re looking to gain traction, attract new customers, and improve your organic ranking, an Amazon Lightning Deal is a great way to get the job done. 

Clearing Inventory

Need to clear stagnant inventory or an excess of less popular products? An Amazon Lightning Deal might be just what the doctor ordered. These Amazon promotions can help you stir up some excitement and drive sales on products that are taking up precious space.

How Do I Set Up an Amazon Lightning Deal?

Ready to roll out your Amazon promotion? For maximum impact, Amazon recommends that you get prepared for the big day. 

  • Make sure your deal is in the correct product category
  • Include any seasonal products that may appeal to shoppers
  • Review your competitors' pricing

Once you’ve determined your products and discounts, there are two ways to submit your Lightning Deal:

Method 1:

  • Click on the Create tab within the Dashboard 
  • Select the item you want to submit
  • Select Edit or Advanced Edit 
  • Enter the price, quantity, timeframe, and product variations 

Method 2: 

  • Select See all recommendations
  • Follow the prompts to submit your Amazon promotion

Once you have submitted your Amazon deal, allow up to 15 minutes for processing. Amazon will notify you of your Lightning Deal’s time slot. 

What Do Amazon Lightning Deals Cost?

While Amazon Lightning Deals may improve your popularity, it’s important to make sure they are feasible for your products and brand. 

To see if these Amazon deals fit your budget, start by calculating the cost. Amazon requires that you give at least a 15% discount, but many brand offer 20-35% to draw in more buyers. 

Amazon Fees:

Amazon charges a flat fee to participate in a Lightning Deal. This fee may vary based on the timeframe and marketplace. The total amount is listed next to the “Submit” button when you sign up for a Lightning Deal. 

Fees will typically be higher during periods of high traffic (such as Cyber Monday or Prime Day) and lower during slower times. 

Once your deal runs you can view your fees by signing into your Seller Central account and going to:

  • Reports 
  • Payments 
  • Transaction View 
  • Lightning Deal Fee

Product Categories:

The success of these Amazon promotions also depends on your product category. If you sell seasonal products, Amazon Lightning Deals can help you take advantage of this valuable window of opportunity. Toys, electronics, and beauty products also typically perform well due to their high-profit margin and low return rate. 

Consider your Audience:

Consider your target audience. While many household items and gifts do well with Amazon promotions, high-end luxury items may not. Look at your demographics such as income level, job title, location, and age. 

While some people are specifically looking for the best price on their products, others might equate price with quality and opt for a more expensive choice.

Are You Eligible for Amazon Lightning Deals?

To be eligible to run an Amazon Lightning Deal, you must:

  • Be a Professional Seller 
  • Have a minimum of five Seller Feedback Ratings per month 
  • Have an overall seller rating 3.5 stars+
  • Have an established sales history
  • Pay a non-refundable fee to Amazon

Your products must also fit Amazon’s criteria. Certain items such as adult products, baby formula, medicine, and medical devices are not eligible for Amazon Lightening Deals. Products must be in “new” condition and include:

  • 3+ star rating
  • Low return rate
  • Adhere to all pricing and Amazon Deal terms and conditions
  • Be Prime-eligible 
  • Include multiple variations (size, color, style, etc.)

Are Amazon Lightning Deals Worth It?

Interested in setting up a Lightning Deal but concerned about the cost? You’re not alone. While many sellers use Amazon promotions to snag new customers and improve sales, not all products fit the bill. 

Can you afford to discount your products and spring for the fees? Can you fulfill an influx of orders in a timely manner? 

While it may be scary to slash prices, the juice is worth the squeeze for many sellers. Amazon Lightning Deals can be a great way to promote new products, gain reviews, and recruit loyal customers. 

Start by doing the math and considering your long-term strategy. What might be a headache for one brand could be a game-changer for another. 

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