Amazon Account Makeover

Awesome Dynamic Case Study - complete Amazon account makeover resulting in consistent growth.

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A family business sold medical splints and braces on Amazon for a few years before partnering with Awesome Dynamic. Despite their potential, trademark issues and ineffective listings and advertising limited their growth.


  • Product listings were underdeveloped and not converting
  • Storage restrictions and FBA inventory challenges affected a significant portion of the client’s catalog
  • Trademark review delayed completion of Brand Registry and resulted in hijacked listings
  • Advertising campaigns were not performing
  • Ineffective customer service and return processes compromised the client’s brand reputation
  • The client’s overall account health was poor


  • Optimized listings to improve the user experience and drive traffic
  • Developed a self-fulfillment strategy to offset FBA inventory restrictions and consistently maintain in-stock inventory
  • Completed Brand Registry and resolved issues with hijacked listings
  • Implemented strategic advertising campaigns
  • Closely monitored overall account health
  • Developed a process and trained the client to effectively manage customer service, returns, and monitor metrics


With a complete account overhaul including listing optimization, advertising, Brand Registry,fulfillment, and customer service, our client experienced a steady increase in monthly revenue.

Within just a month of partnering with us, their revenue started to grow, and in under two years, it nearly tripled.

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