Account Makeover Led to Consistent Growth

Awesome Dynamic Case Study - complete Amazon account makeover resulting in consistent growth.


A family business started selling medical products (splints and braces) on their own for a few years before seeking the assistance of Awesome Dynamic. The potential for growth was there, but was inhibited by underwhelming listings, a lack of profitable advertising campaigns, and trademark issues.


  • Product listings were underdeveloped and not converting.
  • Client faced FBA inventory challenges such as storage restrictions, as well as over- or under-stocked inventory for much of their catalog.
  • Trademark was in review for an extended period of time, thus meaning Brand Registry could not be completed and listings were hijacked during this time period.
  • Advertising was not performing.
  • There was a lack of customer service and return processes.
  • The overall account health was poor.


  • Completed listing optimization (keywords, copy, images) improvements to improve the user experience and drive traffic.
  • Created a strategy to set up and implement self-fulfillment orders to offset inventory restrictions with FBA and maintain in-stock inventory at all times.
  • Brand Registry was completed and issues with hijacked listings were resolved.
  • Advertising campaigns were implemented.
  • Overall account health was closely monitored.
  • Process was developed and client trained to handle customer service, returns, and monitor metrics.


After a complete account overhaul was implemented (listing optimization, advertising, brand registry, fulfillment, and customer service) the client saw consistent monthly revenue growth. Within one month of working with our team revenue increased. In less than two years revenue nearly tripled.

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