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Awesome Dynamic Amazon Consultants Case Study - Product Listing Optimization

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A well-known shoelace company wanted to boost performance by improving its listings, consolidating reviews, and creating color variations for its products. While they were familiar with how to create variations, Amazon failed to combine their various colors as requested.


  • Listings were disorganized, with multiple listings containing duplicate colors and incorrect sizing information
  • While some listings utilized variations, others did not
  • Overhauling a large catalog across multiple categories required meticulous planning and a significant amount of time
  • Opening cases and seeking Amazon support was crucial to updating existing listings


  • Completed listing optimization and organized products into variation families to enhance the user experience and drive traffic
  • Created visually appealing and informative infographics to better illustrate product details
  • Launched Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ad campaigns to increase visibility
  • Maintained ongoing communication with Amazon to finalize variations and update listings


After successfully reorganizing variations and optimizing the client’s listings, we launched strategic PPC campaigns.

This resulted in a 350% year-over-year growth in sales within one year. These campaigns continue to deliver exceptional results, with a lifetime ACoS of 18.61%. Page views have increased by five times compared to the previous year, and sales rank is improving.

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