Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

Master Fullfillment By Amazon with Us

As a seller on Amazon, you can pick and ship your merchandise yourself (“Fulfillment By Merchant or FBM), or you can pay to have Amazon do it (FBA). With Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA), you determine an amount of inventory to store at an Amazon Fulfillment Center. You prep and ship your products to the fulfillment center(s) rather than sending them directly to the customer. When customers order your products, Amazon then picks, packs and ships them and provides customer support on the products.

Although mastering FBA is time consuming and challenging, it is one of the biggest competitive advantages you can have over other sellers if it makes sense for you and your products. Advantages can include savings of overhead-related costs storage, inventory, and time as Amazon stores your inventory and fulfill your orders. Some sellers in more competitive situations with smaller margins, however, can be frustrated by the costs and strict requirements of FBA.

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We Offer Services To

Is it right for you?

Determine Amazon FBA eligibility and if it's a right fit for your product and business

Prime Badge

Determine how to achieve the coveted "Prime badge" for your listings to help boost sales


Facilitate keeping your stock at a healthy level and so that product is available to your customers


Help you plan and strategize for inventory, restocking, and keeping inventory numbers organized


Help you prepare, label, and ship products properly to create consistency for your customers

Shipping Options

Determine the most cost-effective way to ship your products into Amazon Fulfillment centers


The product must pass a 3-foot drop test, consisting of one drop on each side, and one on a corner


Manage excess inventory, inventory velocity, disposal and removal orders


Assess packing costs and find the most efficient packing strategy for your Amazon business


Calculate FBA fulfillment, storage fees, and how it impacts your e-commerce business

FBA Position

Conduct an FBA viability analysis, help you decide your profit margin after FBA fees


Analyze whether FBA is right for you and, if so, develop a strategy to convert to FBA

Typical Results Include

FBA is not right for every seller, but it tends to work very well for those whose business model and selling strategies meet certain criteria.

  • Decrease fees associated for incorrectly prepared products
  • Eliminate concerns regarding daily order fulfillment
  • Majority of customer service handled by Amazon
  • Fulfillment problems handled by Amazon
  • Reduce likelihood of out of stock situations
  • Outsourced storage and fulfillment center
  • Two-day shipping on most products
  • Gain influence over the Buy Box
  • Increase sales volume
  • Maximize bottom line