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June 6th, 2023

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Unless you're an expert in ecommerce marketing, getting started on Amazon Advertising can be a daunting task. Choosing the right campaigns, setting your budget, and knowing when and where to increase your efforts can be the deciding factor in your success on Amazon. 

Amazon ads are used by a remarkable 73% of the five million third-party sellers on the world's largest ecommerce marketplace. If you're still not convinced, small businesses attribute a massive 30% of their total Amazon sales to Amazon ads, according to Amazon.

Enlisting the help of an Amazon agency can demystify the process and accelerate progress. This means less time spent figuring out what works best for your brand. An Amazon advertising agency can assist you in setting goals, determining a budget that's appropriate for you, and creating more effective campaigns.

Why Effective Advertising is Crucial on Amazon

If you’re wondering if you should be advertising on Amazon - the answer is yes! While it may be a cliché, you have to spend money to make money. That doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to see a boost in business. There are many ways to advertise on nearly any budget.

Advertising on Amazon is one of the most effective ways to draw eyes to your product pages and boost sales. Let’s break down some of the primary benefits:

  • Increase visibility
    Advertising on Amazon makes it easier for shoppers to find your products and drives brand awareness. The more people who view your product listings, the better your results will be.

  • Recruit new customers
    Amazon advertising services can help your products stand out and attract the customers that are most likely to make a purchase.

  • Boost conversion rates
    With an increasing number of customers discovering you through Amazon ads, it's easier than ever for them to find your products and complete a sale. As a result, your conversion rates can go up and your exposure can improve.

  • Improve efficiency
    By incorporating relevant keywords that appear in shopping results, it is easier to attract your target audience, spend less time on marketing efforts, and earn more.

  • Learn customer behavior patterns
    Amazon ad campaigns provide valuable insights into your audience, enabling you to tailor your campaigns to meet their unique needs, interests, and expectations.

  • Drive customer loyalty
    Amazon ads are designed to improve the customer experience. Amazon continues to develop new and improved advertising options that engage customers and match them with the best products for them.

  • Boost organic rankings
    PPC ads provide you and your Amazon advertising agency with valuable insights into how effectively specific keywords drive clicks and conversions. Incorporating these keywords into your listings can improve your ranking in organic search results.

Your Amazon Advertising Options

Now that you know what Amazon ads accomplish, it’s time to figure out which option is right for you. Every business has its own unique challenges and goals, and, unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. 

There are quite a few Amazon Seller Central advertising and Vendor Central marketing options to choose from. An Amazon advertising agency can help you select campaigns that will work best for your brand. 

Amazon Sponsored Brands

Goal: Drive brand awareness and customer loyalty

This cost-per-click (CPC) advertising option is available to vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry. It is designed to promote brand awareness and boost sales across your entire catalog of products. 

Sponsored Brands ads can include multiple products, a custom headline, and your logo. With Sponsored Brand Ads, Amazon directs shoppers to a selection of your products or your Brand Store.

Amazon Sponsored Products

Goal: Increase sales and traffic to a specific product listing

Sponsored Products ads are available to professional sellers and vendors. They are designed to promote specific products in shopping results and other product pages. 

These PPC campaigns are a great way to stimulate traffic to your best sellers or promote new products. 

Amazon Sponsored Display

Goal: Engage audiences on and off Amazon

Sponsored Display ads are available to vendors and sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry. They are designed to target shoppers who searched for similar products or visited your product listing without making a purchase.

By using these ads, you can select particular products or categories that share similarities or complement your promoted product.

Amazon Video Ads 

Goal: Reach new audiences 

Video ads appear on Amazon's websites, mobile apps, Fire tablet wake screen, and across the web. After viewing an Amazon sponsored brand video, 88% of customers stated that it influenced them to complete their purchase, as per Amazon. 

It’s important to abide by Amazon video ads best practices. Make sure to use your logo, include a call to action, and convey a cohesive message. Create a story that conveys your unique value.

Generating top-notch streaming content captivates customers and enhances your brand's credibility. These visually stunning advertisements are an excellent means of gaining widespread recognition and driving sales and engagement.

How Amazon Advertising Benefits Your Business 

There’s a reason Amazon advertising is so popular - it’s affordable and it works! While your approach should be tailored to your unique goals, there is truly an option for any eligible brand.

The best thing about Amazon ads is that they do not seem like ads at all. They seamlessly blend in with other products in a shopper's organic search results, creating an enjoyable customer experience. 

For sellers, PPC advertising is a simple way to stay within budget.  You pay only for the clicks your ads receive and can clearly track what’s working and what isn’t. From here, your Amazon ad agency can adjust your ad campaigns to give you the most bang for your buck.

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When all the pieces fit together, clients see results. Our team focused on PPC advertising management, listing optimization, Brand Registry, and inventory to assist this client and generate consistent monthly revenue growth. Read more about the challenges and solutions that led to revenue nearly tripling within two years.

Selecting the Best Amazon Ad Agency for Your Business

If you’re selling on Amazon, taking advantage of Amazon ads can stimulate significant growth. Any expert will recommend utilizing an Amazon advertising managed service to streamline the process and keep you on track and within budget.

When selecting an Amazon advertising agency, look for experience, convenience, and results. Any reputable Amazon agency will have a solid track record and the ability to manage all aspects of your Amazon account. You shouldn’t have to hire multiple agencies - look for a one-stop shop that meets all your needs.

An expert Amazon account management team should have a comprehensive understanding of Amazon's advertising platform and algorithm. They will be able to monitor your overall account health, seller ranking, and listing optimization. Together, these elements can improve your presence and profits.

Best Practices for Amazon Advertising 

When enlisting the help of professionals, be sure that their Amazon advertising services cover the process from start to finish. Advertising on Amazon is about much more than just running ads. These efforts often have crucial long-term results on your SEO, reviews, and sales.

Your Amazon agency should be there every step of the way to guide you with their experience and expertise. Their services should include:

  • Conducting thorough keyword research
  • Creating a customized strategy based on your goals
  • Helping you choose which products to advertise
  • Determining a budget that works for you
  • Prepping your product detail pages to ensure your listings will engage shoppers
  • Suggesting and implementing the best ad campaigns for your brand
  • Closely tracking ad spend and performance 
  • Managing your ongoing bidding strategy 
  • Adjusting your bids as needed to ensure optimal ROI 
  • Analyzing campaign data and leveraging insights
  • Testing new strategies to improve ad effectiveness
  • Incorporating the results of your ad campaigns into a larger optimization strategy

Our Amazon advertising agency takes a different approach than many PPC advertising companies. We believe in a steady and gradual strategy development process. 

During the first few weeks of your campaign, we use a test-and-learn period to gather insights. Once we learn more about what works for your brand, we work with you to develop a strong long-term strategy for success.

Your advertising strategy should be personalized to your goals, closely monitored, and adjusted as necessary. Amazon offers a wealth of opportunities, and it’s crucial to find an agency that can help you maximize your potential and stand out in a sea of competition.

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