How to Manage Your eCommerce Amazon Business from Home

May 30th, 2021

With lock-downs throughout the US and the world, more people than ever before are working from home. Twitter recently announced that they will allow some employees to continue to work from home permanently and many companies, large and small, will most likely follow suit.

For those who run an eCommerce Amazon business, the ability to work from home could provide many benefits, but it is crucial to get into the right focus and start being as productive as possible, even without going into the office each day. Use the following tips to learn how to shift your focus to make your work from home situation successful.

Create a Schedule for Work and Stick With It

When a worker is going to the office, they have a schedule they follow every day. They get up at the same time, have breakfast at the same time, and head to the office at the same time. While workdays might vary, they have a schedule to stick with and can go home at the end of the day. While working from home is different and can throw off the schedule significantly, it is crucial to have some sort of schedule and to stick with it.

Though it may be more difficult to do, sticking with a schedule can help the worker keep their focus on work and be more productive while working at home. On the flip side, a schedule is also important so you have a break from work. When you leave the office there is that separation from that part of your life as you go to be with family or friends, have dinner and relax. It’s just as important to have that break from work so you come back the next day refreshed, not drained.

Establish a Dedicated Space Just for Work

There are many distractions at home, from family members to the TV, the kitchen, and even the worker’s favorite hobbies or a place to relax. One of the ways to help minimize distractions and boost productivity is to create a space that’s dedicated just for work. This can be a small desk in one of the rooms or a whole room that has been transitioned into a home office. The key here is to keep everything in one place, minimizing the need to search the house for crucial paperwork. This will also help to create a work mindset whenever the worker enters their dedicated workspace. l-node-5ec2e844557bc" data-node="5ec2e844557bc">

Connect with Chat and Video Conferencing

Something many people miss is the buzz in the office and the connection with their coworkers, even if they don’t realize it at first. However, while it’s not possible to see coworkers in person, it is still possible to connect with them through chat and video conferencing. Keeping in contact with coworkers can help keep the worker from feeling lonely and ensure they can easily collaborate on any projects that need attention. This can help workers continue to feel the personal connection they had in the office, even if it’s in a different format.

Many eCommerce Amazon businesses already have set up a chat and video message system. If not, here are three popular choices to connect with fellow team members: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Amazon Chime. Fortunately there are many choices in this day and age, and most are no cost to you. You or your company have to find the one that meets your needs best.

Schedule Breaks

Scheduled breaks allow the worker to get up from their desk, walk around, and get a snack or something to drink. This can help break up the workday, just like in the office, and allow them to stretch and move around a little bit. This also helps to ensure you aren’t raiding the pantry too often.

Set Rules for Work Time

Rules should be set for while the worker is at their computer or working on a task for their job. This includes rules for when they can be interrupted or when it’s necessary to avoid interruptions unless it is an emergency. This is essential to help productivity as well as the ability to have the worker be able to focus on their tasks.

Check in on Others

Workers should check in on others they work with to ensure they are ok and have what they need, just as they would in a physical office setting. This connection helps everyone feel better and can push away feelings of loneliness many people will have when they’re suddenly not at work anymore.

Start Thinking of Creative Solutions

During the workday, start working on new creative solutions that can help boost your eCommerce Amazon business in the short term and the long run. This includes driving more traffic to Amazon, as there are ways to get new traffic using social media, emails, and other types of marketing campaigns. Creativity is going to win here, as the most creative solutions are likely the ones that will capture the attention of potential customers and encourage them to make a purchase.

Creative solutions can include using new technology, like taking 360-degree photos of products or sharing your business story and additional uses for products with an Amazon storefront. Customers want to see the products clearly before they make a purchase, and they love buying from a company they know more about.

Other creative solutions:

  • New email promotion and direct people to your Amazon store
  • Creating unique content for social media accounts to get more people to check out the products on Amazon
  • Looking into new types of marketing campaigns that are going to be novel and get the attention of potential customers

Spend Time Creating Better Content

When there is downtime during the scheduled work hours, it’s best to put this time towards creating better content. Quality photos can be taken at home of products to help showcase everything the product has to offer or enlist the help of your Amazon consultants to get this project done with a professional photographer.

Content (titles, bullet points and descriptions) should be improved as well, making sure it is top-quality content and relevant keywords are being used to entice more potential buyers to view the products. Workers should also spend time making sure the content is mobile-friendly and easy to read. Don’t forget to double check the new content. You don’t want to hit publish and post an error.

Infographics are a great way to get a lot of information to eCommerce customers in a small amount of space. Once again, this is something that you can learn how to create these graphics on your own or if you want, you could delegate that to your consulting team as well.

Work on New Shipping Options for Customers

Another idea for downtime is to look into shipping options. For eCommerce Amazon business websites, there are plenty of different shipping options to consider, including shipping through Amazon (FBA), shipping using private carriers, or shipping via USPS. Even with a single shipping company, there are numerous options to consider. Exploring the shipping options can allow the worker to find something that works better for their company, budget and customers.

While lock-downs and other measures have led to more workers working from home, that doesn’t mean that productivity is going to decline. If you manage an eCommerce business, use the tips here to stay as productive as possible while you’re working from home and help your business thrive.

Speak with an eCommerce consultant today to get more information about how they can help you with the eCommerce site as well as with the transition to working from home. Though it is different from working within an office, you can work from home and still be highly successful.