Mastering Amazon Visibility: A Comprehensive Guide to Improving Your Online Presence

June 29th, 2023

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For those of us who grew up at the peak of mall culture, we have seen firsthand how drastically times have changed. Amazon has revolutionized the retail industry, granting sellers the ability to tap into a nearly limitless global market. If you want to see and be seen, this is the place to do it.

An estimated 1.9 million (and counting!) sellers are actively selling on Amazon. Modern shoppers are exceptionally tech-savvy and expect top-notch content to keep them engaged and motivated to buy. If your product listing isn't up to par, shoppers have endless alternative options that are only a click away. 

With a world of opportunity at your fingertips and a constant influx of new sellers popping up daily, it's crucial to invest in strategies that help you generate maximum profit and distinguish yourself from the competition. With proper planning, you can help improve product visibility and cultivate a seamless shopping experience for Amazon’s many frequent shoppers.

How to Improve Your Listing on Amazon and Gain Visibility

1. Showcase Your Product Using All of the Available Picture Slots

It's true what they say - a picture speaks a thousand words. Since we are visual creatures by nature, utilizing the maximum number of photos allowed by Amazon is a quick and easy way to improve visibility on Amazon and boost your Listing Quality Score.

While your first image must be on a plain white background and fill 80% of the frame, the other images should be a mix of informative and lifestyle photos that explain how the product works, what it does, and directions for use. 

Effective lifestyle images can help people visualize your product in their day-to-day lives. Suggestion is a powerful form of advertising and the more information you give your potential customer, the better.

2. Address Common Concerns in Your Listing Copy

As a seller, it is crucial to anticipate common customer complaints and concerns. This is especially important for those facing a constant barrage of negative reviews. Setting expectations through listing copy and product images prepares buyers for the experience of receiving your product.

Although we all want to showcase our products in the best light possible, avoid embellishing details and steer clear of anything that resembles false advertising. Stating that your collagen powder is "totally tasteless" when customers have reported numerous complaints about a fishy taste will likely backfire if the claim doesn't accurately represent your product.

Find creative ways to address common concerns and complaints while still accurately representing your product. This will set realistic expectations, increase customer satisfaction, and minimize returns.

Optimizing your product listing helps shoppers find your product and increases the likelihood of conversions. By conducting thorough keyword research and implementing high-quality product images and graphics, you can guide shoppers that are likely to make a purchase toward your product listing.

3. Keep Your Amazon SEO Fresh and Up-To-Date

Since Amazon processes approximately 20 orders per second, there is no shortage of opportunities to improve sales. Keeping keywords up-to-date can improve search results, traffic, and conversions. 

The Amazon A9 algorithm changes and updates regularly. If you have noticed a decline in sales revenue or a significant drop in ranking, consider doing a fresh round of keyword research. Use only relevant keywords, and avoid stuffing your content with popular but irrelevant keywords that can cause confusion and get your listing flagged by Amazon for violating listing page policy.

4. Experiment with Pricing

Implementing a new pricing strategy is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from your competition. These tactics can help you secure the Buy Box (aka the holy grail for Amazon sellers). This valuable real estate is located to the right of any product detail page and enables customers to add an item to their shopping cart with a single click. 

Winning the Buy Box can exponentially increase your chances of making a sale. It is, in fact, one of the most reliable methods for boosting conversions. 

Amazon reviews sellers who offer the same product and selects one seller for the Buy Box based on criteria such as price, availability, shipping options, and overall seller performance. Keeping your listing, inventory, and customer service in good standing gives you the best chance of claiming the coveted Buy Box for yourself.

Finding the right pricing for your product can have a significant impact on visibility and sales. While many sellers try to undercut the competition to stand out, for certain product categories, raising prices can actually drive sales. 

For example, luxury items can be priced higher than basic household essentials. To optimize your profitability and draw new customers, consult an expert Amazon Account Management Agency.

5. Deliver an Outstanding Experience and Garner Positive Reviews

Products with a significant number of positive reviews are more likely to convert. Social proof has a huge impact on how people shop, and 95% of shoppers check reviews before making a purchase.

With reviews, both quality and quantity matter. Having a few sub-par reviews mixed in with an arsenal of positive reviews can actually make your listing seem more authentic and reliable to potential customers. Several studies indicate that products with more Amazon reviews are more likely to sell regardless of their average rating. 

To improve reviews, closely monitor every aspect of your product listing. Respond promptly to feedback and customer queries, and make sure to courteously and quickly address negative reviews. Taking the time to resolve issues and connect with shoppers is a great way to drive customer loyalty and increase reviews.

The Amazon Vine program is a valuable tool for eligible sellers looking to boost visibility. This invitation-only program selects trustworthy reviewers to test new products and submit a review. Although sellers have to provide free products to their reviewers, this is an effective way to give newly launched or pre-release products a boost.

6. Use Ads to Your Advantage

Sponsored Product ads are pay-per-click advertisements that target specific keywords and appear above and within search results, as well as on product detail pages, on both desktop and mobile browsers and devices. 

This ad type provides the most precise control over ad targeting and is a valuable Amazon PPC management tool, helping to increase your sales and product visibility. You can choose your bid amount, set a daily budget to manage your ad spend, and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

Sponsored Display ads are designed to target shoppers who searched for similar products or visited your product listing without making a purchase. With these ads, you can select particular products or categories that share similarities or complement your promoted product.

By using this ad type, you can remind interested customers about your product and increase brand visibility on Amazon.

Video ads appear on Amazon's websites, mobile apps, Fire tablet wake screen, and across the web. They give you the opportunity to create striking visual content and reach a wider audience.

Quality streaming content and innovative ad formats can set you apart from your competitors and captivate viewers. Whether you aim to promote a new brand or enhance engagement, video ads are a highly effective way to gain product visibility and customer loyalty.

7. Boost Visibility with Variations and Bundles

The information provided in your product listing plays a crucial role in helping shoppers decide whether your product is a good fit for them. Amazon Variations can significantly enhance the shopping experience for potential buyers by displaying all the relevant options they are looking for. This added convenience is a great way to boost visibility and sales on Amazon.

Check to make sure variations are available for your product category. If so, make sure your product is a good fit for variations by asking yourself a few important questions:

  • Are these products the same? 
  • Can you use the same titles and descriptions for all child ASINs? 
  • Are the differences between each child ASIN minor? 

If you answered yes to all three questions, variations are a great fit for you. To get a better understanding, let’s down the primary elements of an Amazon variation:

  • Parent ASIN: Non-buyable entities that are not visible to buyers and can only be seen on your Seller Central page. It represents a generic product group. For example, cotton sweaters.
  • Child ASIN: These are specific products that shoppers can buy on Amazon. They are broken down by color, size, pattern, material, etc. For example, striped sweaters. 
  • Variation theme: This represents the parent-child ASIN relationship, and how products differ from each other.

Bundles are another convenient option for Amazon shoppers. They consist of two or more complementary products sold together in one listing. This not only makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for, but it also provides great value. After all, who doesn't love a good deal?

For sellers, Amazon bundles are a great way to promote multiple products and increase sales. Each bundle has a unique ASIN and must include the word "Bundle" in the title. This option can serve as a great opportunity for sellers to promote less popular items alongside bestsellers.

8. Add A+ Content and Your Brand Store to Product Listings

Not sure how to improve your listing on Amazon? To boost visibility on Amazon, start by upgrading your product listing with visually appealing content. While your title, bullets, and description enable you to communicate the basics, investing extra time into creating A+ and Brand Story content is a worthwhile endeavor.

Amazon A+ Content stands out and drives conversions. This striking content replaces the basic, dull product description that appears on the product listing page with custom text and images.

With a variety of modules to choose from, Sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry program have the option to add cutting-edge A+ Content. This provides sellers with a valuable competitive edge and helps to trigger the "buy now" response in shoppers. In fact, Amazon estimates that A+ Content can increase sales by up to 10%!

Adding an Amazon Brand Story to your listing is another way to gain visibility and retain customer interest. This feature highlights important information about your brand and helps you tell a story about where you started and what makes you unique.

Not only does this add credibility to your brand, it allows you to speak directly to shoppers. Highlight the most important aspects of your brand to create an authentic connection with your audience.

9. Drive Traffic From External Sources

Social Media

To boost visibility on Amazon, think outside the box. Leverage social media to drive traffic to your product listing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok attract a vast audience that is highly engaged and eager to make purchases. In fact, approximately 36% of internet users in the US utilize these popular platforms to purchase or gather information about brands that pique their interest.


To promote your products and direct interested shoppers to your Amazon listing, consider using newsletters and email marketing. Whenever someone subscribes to your newsletter or signs up to learn more, take advantage of this opportunity to send them relevant information and remind them of your presence. These emails can include promotions and updates that may capture their interest.

Affiliate Marketing

Website owners, bloggers, and content creators can use the Amazon Affiliate program as a free tool to advertise products from on their sites by creating links. Referral fees are earned when customers purchase products from Amazon by clicking on the links. Merchants can also seek out popular YouTubers and bloggers and ask if they would be interested in featuring your product in their content.

Awesome Dynamic's Boosting Visibility on Amazon product listings checklist and guide. Show on a tablet with a pencil and cup of coffeeBoost Visibility with this Checklist

Attracting loyal customers is a must in the retail world. How you do that in an online marketplace is different and there are many components that work together to aid in your visibility on Amazon. Follow our guide and checklist to ensure your listings are on track for success. 

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To enhance your visibility on Amazon, conduct regular audits of your Amazon listings to identify areas for improvement and determine strategies that can elevate your listing from “good” to “great.”

Review competitor content to identify any areas of weakness. It requires time and effort to find your footing on Amazon, so seek the guidance of a professional and adopt a creative approach. Sellers who take a "list it and leave it" approach to the platform seldom, if ever, achieve long-term success.

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