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Once called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), Amazon A+ Content refers to a graphically appealing section that is added to the seller’s product listing. A+ Content replaces the simple and often dull product description that appears on the product listing page. Compelling, eye-catching, and detailed Amazon A+ Content improves the user experience and drives conversions.

Sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry program may add Amazon A+ Content. If you have yet to upgrade your Amazon products to A+ Content, now is the time to do it. Why? Because Amazon enhanced content offers merchants a valuable competitive advantage over other sellers and helps trigger the “buy now” response in shoppers.

A+ Content is so effective, Amazon estimates that it can help boost sales by up to 10%!

Amazon Premium A+ Content offers an even wider selection of modules, including interactive options, to further enhance your product detail page. The added features and information in Amazon A+ Premium help to build a more appealing and educational shopping experience online. 

Another feature available to brand sellers is adding your own Brand Story. The Brand Story feature will be added just above your Amazon A+ Content. The scrollable carousel gives sellers space to share more about the brand’s values, build a connection, and share their product catalog. 

A+ Content Infographic

What is Amazon A+ Content? In a nutshell, it's a better way to share more information about your brand and product catalog. It's eye-catching and informative. It works hard to improve the shopper experience and when the experience is better, so are the sales. Take a look inside to better understand A+ Content and the value it adds to your business. 

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Why should I invest in creating A+ Content?

Adding A+ Content to your product listing can increase sales by up to 10% while showcasing your brand and products in a distinctive way. A+ Content goes beyond the standard product listing. As the customer scrolls, they are presented with imagery that is cohesive with your branding and provides in-depth information about the product. 

With A+ Content, there are a wide range of formatting options available to the seller to create a layout that fully highlights their product and brand. This customizable layout makes it easier for customers to skim and find the information they are looking for quickly.

When shoppers go to a business’ website, first impressions are crucial. This sentiment carries over to product listings and A+ Content, giving you an opportunity to impress while establishing your brand's integrity and credibility.

Who is eligible for A+ Content?

Brand-registered third-party sellers and all vendors can create A+ Content. Amazon sellers under Amazon Exclusive programs or Launchpad can also upgrade their product listings with this feature.

What options are available for A+ Content?

A+ Content allows you to customize the bottom section of your product listing with additional text, larger images, images with text overlay, technical specification charts, and product comparison charts. You can use these modules to add important information without being confined to traditional character counts and blocks of text found in a standard Amazon product description.

How much does it cost for A+ Content?

A+ Content is free for all qualified Sellers and Vendors. If you are a brand owner enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry program, log into your account and access the A+ Content Manager tool. From there, you can create and publish new content.

Will A+ Content help sales?

A + Content is one of the most effective ways to boost conversions and sales. High-quality content draws more interest and can convert shoppers into buyers. With more detailed information, creating A+ Content can also improve reviews and reduce returns.

Do I need A+ Content on all my product detail pages?

A+ Content is optional and will only be added to the ASINs you choose. You can create A+ for a specific product, or use one A+ template across many products in your category. If you have several similar products on Amazon, your A+ can be applied to multiple ASINs. That being said, A+ Content is not mandatory but listing with A+ Content typically has higher conversions and sales, better reviews, and reduced returns.

What are the restrictions when creating A+ Content?

All copy and images on your A+ page must be original and unique. This content should highlight information that is not on your listing. Follow Amazon content restriction guidelines to avoid violations and rejections.

Do your Amazon Vendor Consulting services include A+ Content creation?

At Awesome Dynamic, we offer full-service Amazon Vendor Support. A+ Content creation is a trusted Vendor Central Optimization tactic that we often recommend to boost performance. Since no two businesses are identical, this service may be a part of a larger Amazon Vendor Strategy tailored to your unique goals.

Beyond the Traditional Dull Product Description

The standard Amazon product description contains lots of text and no imagery, and provides little to no visual interest. A seller can manually input HTML code to add simple formatting like bolding, line breaks, and bullet points, but that runs the risk of violating Amazon’s HTML restrictions and rendering the content invalid.

Adhering to Amazon’s approved use of HTML, even with well-written, engaging, and useful information about your product, results in content that looks more like a college term paper rather than an eye-catching, compelling sales pitch. 

What entices shoppers to stop? What slows their scrolling long enough to read the description in your Amazon listing instead of just glancing over it and moving on to the next product? A+ Content, that’s what!

Awesome Dynamic Offers A+ Content Content Creation Services

During your first, free consultation, our experts will explain our Amazon account management services and help you determine which options are right for your brand and product line: Amazon A+ Content, Premium A+ Content, and Brand Story. Once the best enhanced brand content services are determined, we then utilize Amazon’s modules to break up text heavy descriptions and create an easy-to-digest product listing page.

Copywriting. Our copywriting services include engaging product titles, detailed product features, and A+ product descriptions.

Design. Our Amazon management agency crafts appealing A+ Content, Premium A+ Content, and Brand Story content to attract shoppers to your business.

Photo Editing. Are your images low-res or poor quality? Our Amazon A+ agency uses image processing to highlight details while meeting Amazon’s specs.

Marketplace. Once your Amazon A+ Content creation is complete, we list your products on Amazon’s marketplace and handle ongoing maintenance.

Optimization. Awesome Dynamic’s Amazon A+ Content services incorporate Amazon best practices, our unique skill set, and years of experience to optimize your product descriptions and engage buyers. 

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Amazon A+ Page Improves Your Description Section

Amazon A+ Page Improves Your Description Section

Amazon offers A+ Content to sellers utilizing their Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, allowing them to add more appealing, in-depth information to a product listings description.

With our Amazon A+ Content services, our creative team will fine tune and customize your A+ Content with added imagery, selecting from a wide range of formatting options and adding content features that offer a more eye-appealing way for shoppers to consumer your content. This unique content approach converts higher than other content tools for Amazon and helps turn more shoppers into buyers by:

Grabbing Shoppers’ Attention

Amazon A+ Content, Premium A+ Content, and Brand Stories stop shoppers in their tracks. Shoppers are so used to seeing product listings filled with long blocks of text that the visually appealing, high quality content features grab their attention. The large images and uniquely formatted copy have the powerful shock value and stopping power that every seller desires.

Showcasing Products

A primary benefit of A+ Content is its ability to display large, eye-catching images. This presents a great opportunity to show off every feature and benefit of your product. Shoppers get a detailed look at your product before they make a purchase, allowing them to hit that “buy” button with confidence.

Making Skimming for Information Easy

The last thing consumers want to do is search through lines and lines of text for the information they need. Amazon A+ Content eliminates this problem by making product information easier to digest. By utilizing A+ pages, Amazon allows sellers to break up their content and helps shoppers quickly and easily locate the information they need.

Using Proven Marketing Tactics

Reviewing Amazon enhanced brand content examples, you’ll quickly discover that these pages resemble traditional brochures and marketing collateral. Amazon A+ Content permits sellers to explore new formats, color schemes, and added imagery, beyond the standard textual confines. This helps to further build the brand’s reputation and increase conversions. On an A+ listing, Amazon sellers replicate tried-and-true tactics that marketers have used for centuries.

Content Management That Gives Your Brand the Benefits

The advantages of adding Amazon A+ Content, Premium A+ Content, and a Brand Story to your product listings are undeniable. After working with our content creation team to enhance product descriptions, Amazon sellers often experience the following benefits: 

  • Increased sales
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased conversions
  • Improved search rankings
  • Communicated value
  • Increased trust from consumers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced returns

A decline in the number of product returns is one of the primary benefits sellers realize after switching to A+ Content. By conveying more information about the product to consumers prior to purchase, sellers decrease the likelihood of buyer’s remorse and often see a boost in positive product reviews.

Ready to Get Started with Awesome A+ Content?

Every day, more and more sellers are discovering the benefits of Amazon enhanced content. We recommend getting a jump on your competitors and taking advantage of this valuable tool as soon as possible. Doing so gives you time to optimize your A+ Content before your competition optimizes theirs.  

When reviewing A+ Content examples, it becomes evident just how significantly Amazon’s enhanced brand content can transform a product detail page. Our Amazon A+ Content specialists create eye-catching, easy-to-read content for your product listings. After careful review, they gather and convey, nuanced product details that give shoppers tangible, real-world feel for your products. 

Our goal is to engage and resonate with readers, sparking their imagination with ideas for how the product will improve their lives. Enhanced images, comparison charts, and compelling text help your content better connect with buyers and elicit a feel for how the product will work for them.

Working with professional Amazon consultants to optimize your product listings can give you the edge you need to boost visibility and sales. Creating cutting-edge content and utilizing all the available Amazon listing tools can be challenging, but our Amazon A+ Content Agency works with you to find the best approach for your brand.

Investing in your Amazon business growth can help you maximize profits and reach your goals. If you have been searching for ways to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the crowd, an Amazon A+ page is the perfect way to do it. Learn more about our ecommerce consulting services and begin developing an effective online retail strategy by signing up for a free consultation.

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