How to Sell Internationally on Amazon

May 28th, 2024

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Selling Internationally on Amazon

It is no secret that global selling can give your business the boost it needs to succeed. With their ever-expanding reach beyond the USA, tapping into international markets is a no-brainer for many sellers.

Ready to seize the opportunities of the global market? Amazon streamlines the process by handling shipping and customer service through FBA. Plus, with Amazon’s trusted name backing you up, entering new markets is easier than ever. So, why wait? Let Amazon pave the path for your global sales success!

How Do I Sell My Product Internationally?

Step 1: Choose Where and What to Sell

If you’re considering Amazon Global Selling, start by pinpointing where and what to sell. To find the most profitable market for your products, here’s our 6-step strategy for finding the best international marketplace:

  1. Get to know Amazon's fees and language requirements.
  2. Gauge market size and consumer preferences.
  3. Find profitable regions and uncover any restrictions.
  4. Dive into tax and regulation requirements.
  5. Research import/export regulations and international shipping.
  6. Assess resources such as inventory, staff, and finances.

If you’re not sure which products to sell internationally, Amazon recommends listing several products to gauge interest, then adjust your selection accordingly. Start by considering what sells well in the US and whether that translates to the age, income, and demographics of other countries.

Step 2: Get Global Listings Retail-Ready

Amazon provides various tools to make global selling easy. To begin, you need to create a Seller Central account for each marketplace where you want to sell. If you're a North American seller, you can access other countries in your region with unified accounts. This lets you create listings using your business info, payment details, contacts, and tax info.

Here are our top tips for prepping global listings:

  • Use the BIL tool to start and stay updated on prices and offers. It keeps you in the loop based on your preferences and currency rates.
  • Link your products between your native and global marketplaces to create listings instantly, automatically reflect pricing changes, and monitor exchange rate fluctuations.
  • For new products, create a brand new listing in the Amazon catalog.
  • For existing products, simply create your international listing using the same attributes.
  • If you have a large product catalog, upload listings in bulk via a flat file to any Amazon marketplace.

Remember, for the best results, make sure your listings are optimized with the right keywords, clear descriptions, and attractive images that truly represent your product and appeal to your target market. This not only boosts your reputation but also reduces customer dissatisfaction and costly returns.

Step 3: Select the Best Fulfillment Method

Once you’ve identified a lucrative location where your products are in demand, it’s important to carefully consider your fulfillment method. How you get your products to international customers can weigh heavily on your success.

Many sellers opt for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), where Amazon takes care of picking, packing, shipping, and customer service. But if you choose to fulfill orders yourself (FBM), internationally, you'll need to pick a fast and cost-effective shipping method and deal with any surprise fees like duties or taxes. 

With FBM, you're also responsible for all customer service worldwide, so make sure you're up for the task if you go for seller fulfillment.

Step 4: Monitor and Adjust

Once you've got the hang of the rules and got your products listed, it's vital to stay on top of packaging and customs rules as you go. Whether you use FBA for customer support and returns or manage them on your own, keep an eye on your performance and adjust as you go.

Let's break down the basics for FBA and FBM:

FBA Business Management:

  • Ship to Amazon centers following rules/regulations.
  • Use FBA Export for international sales.
  • Handle non-delivery inquiries.

FBM Business Management:

  • Ship orders internationally, following rules/regulations.
  • Provide prompt local language customer support.
  • Manage international returns per Amazon's policy.

Amazon Global SellingGlobal Selling on Amazon

This Amazon selling how to guide gives you a quick reference to better understand how to sell products internationally. Explore the advantages, obstacles, and requirements for Amazon Global Selling.

Download Your Amazon Global Selling Guide

The Benefits of Global Selling on Amazon

Amazon Global Selling offers several clear advantages:

  1. Leverage the power of Amazon's trusted global brand to boost your international sales
  2. Get more products sold on Amazon by reaching millions of new customers via Amazon international delivery
  3. Improve your cash flow and reduce low sales periods by taking advantage of peak seasons in other countries

While these benefits may make Amazon Global Selling seem like a no-brainer, it’s important to keep in mind that each of Amazon’s international marketplaces has its own barriers.

Despite these obstacles, the benefits of cross-border commerce outweigh the startup costs for most businesses. Check out our full Amazon Global Selling guide today!

Amazon Global Marketplaces

Not sure how to sell on Amazon Europe, Asia-Pacific, South Africa, or another target market? Follow these links to get started:



Middle East



You will need an individual seller account for each country – except Unified accounts for the following marketplaces:

  • Europe (UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Turkey)
  • North America (Canada, Mexico, and the United States)

Once you have signed up in one of these online marketplaces, you will gain automatic access to all the other countries that are included in your Unified Account.

Awesome Dynamic's Amazon Global Selling Checklist on clipboard, leaning against cardboard boxesGlobal Selling Checklist

It's time to tap into a world of opportunity and reach more customers. From essential tools to actionable steps, we simplified the process with our Global Selling Checklist.

Download the Global Selling Checklist

Sell Globally on Amazon to Expand Your Reach

Whatever you sell, if you sell it on Amazon, extending your reach to markets outside the US can give your Amazon business the boost it needs to thrive. Whether you are familiar with Amazon international selling or have never done business across borders before, the platform strives to make global selling easy.

If you have an Amazon seller account and are looking to break into new markets, reach out to experts who can get you started on the right foot. At Awesome Dynamic, we can help you navigate the world of Amazon Global Selling to determine whether expanding your sales to international markets is a smart strategy for your business. Let’s connect to explore your options.