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February 7th, 2024

Current amazon promotions

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With thousands of new sellers flocking to Amazon daily, reaching the right customers is more challenging than ever. While it’s easy to get lost in the sea of competition, with the right approach, you can rise to the top of the search results and market your products to a vast audience of eager shoppers.

91% of shoppers search for deals and offers before making a purchase. With Amazon promotions, you can effectively cater to consumer demand while boosting both sales and visibility. This powerful marketing tool has a broad spectrum of benefits, liquidating stale inventory, enhancing brand reputation, and delivering maximum impact during high-traffic sales events. 

What are Amazon Promotions? 

Amazon promotions are special offers customers can cash in on. Designed to increase visibility and sales, they incentivize shoppers to purchase from your brand to get a great deal. Amazon offers a range of promotional options that are simple to set up and manage, enticing buyers and strengthening customer loyalty.

During significant sales events like Prime Days, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, Amazon promotions hold great value. Whether your goal is to increase your Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR), boost the sales of new products, or gather more reviews, these exclusive offers can help you achieve your goals and stand out from competitors.

The primary benefits of Amazon promotions:

  • Enhanced Traffic

    • Drive more visitors to your products with strategic promotions.
  • Improved Conversion Rates

    • Elevate your sales performance by enticing customers with targeted promotions.
  • Amplified Brand Awareness

    • Boost your brand visibility and recognition among the vast Amazon audience.
  • Potential Surge in Ratings and Reviews

    • Encourage customer feedback and reviews, contributing to your product's credibility.
  • Revitalize New or Slow-moving Products

    • Use promotions to breathe new life into recently launched or stagnant products, stimulating sales and engagement.

Amazon Promotion Best Practices

To optimize your return on investment (ROI), clearly define your goal and select a promotion that aligns with it. Start simple and closely monitor the results. Running multiple promotions before you’ve gathered sufficient data could cut into profits without yielding the results you want.

Consider targeting the vast group of shoppers searching for a bargain during peak times. Analyze your sales history to determine your most profitable timeframes and schedule your promotion accordingly. You can also use promotions to increase sales during slow periods to generate the momentum you need to succeed.

Current Amazon Promotions 

Amazon offers a range of coupons tailored to motivate shoppers to buy. Once you’ve set your goal, select a promotion that can help you achieve it. Picking the best promotion for your products might take a little research, but it can certainly pay off in the end. To familiarize yourself with your options, let’s explore four popular promotions and uncover the details you need to choose wisely.

Lightening Deals 

If you're an Amazon shopper, you've probably searched for an Amazon Black Friday discount code or a Cyber Monday deal. During these high-traffic periods, Lightning Deals reign supreme. These limited-time percentage-off discounts can be applied to a specific number of products to trigger the “buy now” response. One deal may be redeemed per customer. Shoppers love them, and sellers reap the benefits.

How Lightening Deals Work:

  • Determine eligibility based on reviews, fulfillment method, and product category.
  • Submit deals before Amazon’s deadline on Amazon’s Deal Dashboard
  • Set the percentage off, quantity, and timeframe (6-12 hours)
  • Submit your deal and check its status on the Lightning Deal dashboard

Please note, submitting a deal does not guarantee its display. Deals with the lowest prices, highest quantities, and fully stocked inventories are given priority in terms of timing and placement on the Amazon Deals page.

Calculate the Cost:

  • Subtract the percentage from the original sales price
  • Pay a merchandising fee ranging from $150-$500

Amazon Coupons 

Amazon Coupons are a popular option for sellers aiming to enhance click-through rates (CTR), increase sales during special events, or attract customers during slow periods. Remarkably versatile, they can also be used to move surplus inventory, stimulate sales on a new product, and boost customer demand. 

This seller-friendly Amazon promotion can run for up to 90 days and can be shut off at any time. According to Amazon, running coupons can boost sales by 12%.

How Amazon Coupons Work:

  • Determine eligibility (must be a professional seller with a 3.5+ Seller Feedback Rating)
  • Choose between a percentage or amount off
  • Select whether your coupon is single or multiple use
  • Create a coupon title 
  • Pick an unlimited or restricted audience
  • Select your timeframe and submit your coupon

If approved, this promotion will appear in Amazon’s search results, on the Coupons page, your product detail pages, and the All-Offers Display page. Buyers can also view the coupon in their carts during checkout.

Calculate the Cost:

  • Subtract the amount or percentage off from the original sales price
  • Pay a redemption fee for each coupon clipped
  • Review your product category and time of year to determine the applicable redemption fee

Prime Exclusive Discounts 

A Prime Exclusive Discount is a 10%-80% discount available exclusively for Prime members. Sellers must be enrolled in FBA and maintain a 3+ star rating to qualify. These offers earn you a special badge on Prime Day and display in Amazon’s search results and the Buy Box, capturing the attention of shoppers on the hunt for a great deal.

How Prime Exclusive Discounts Work:

  • Determine eligibility (only available for new products with Prime shipping throughout the US)
  • Select the ASINs you want to enroll
  • Pick your percentage or amount off 
  • Set your price discount and minimum discounted price
  • Submit your deal and add an offer name and timeframe

Calculate the Cost:

  • Subtract the percentage or amount off from the original sales price

Percentage Off Discounts 

While they may provide less visibility than other Amazon promotions, Percentage Off Discounts are an effective way to promote a newly launched or stagnant product. Typically, customers will enter an Amazon sale code (for example, Amazon Code Black Friday or Amazon Tool Coupons) to redeem these discounts. Sellers can also choose to set tiered discounts where a purchase qualifies shoppers for a discounted price on another product.

How Percentage Off Discounts Work:

  • Determine eligibility (only professional sellers qualify)
  • Set your conditions (eligible products, percentage off, budget, and terms)
  • Select your timeframe
  • Choose the claim code type
  • Personalize the checkout display text
  • Submit your discount for approval

Customers will be able to view the discounted price on the product detail page and in their shopping cart. To get the most bang for your buck, promote these discounts through strategic social media and email marketing campaigns.

Calculate the Cost:

  • Subtract the percentage or amount off from the original sales price
  • Deduct Amazon’s referral fee from the total sales price of all percentage off purchases

Social Media Promo Codes

Consumers spend their time researching brands and products on social media every day. As a valuable part of any social media marketing strategy, Social Media Promo Codes are a highly effective way to attract a dedicated following and boost sales at the same time. 

Consider using influencer marketing paired with an Amazon promo code to build buzz on your social media platforms. These 5%-80% off codes appear on product detail pages, product images, or on an Amazon landing page and can be shared on social media for maximum impact.

How Social Media Promo Codes Work:

  • Determine eligibility (only professional sellers with 80%+ positive feedback rating and at least 20 reviews qualify)
  • Select the applicable products
  • Set a 5%-80% discount
  • Select your timeframe
  • Choose from one unit in one checkout, unlimited units in one checkout, or unlimited units in unlimited checkouts
  • Select the auto-generated code or create a custom code (ex: Amazon Electronics Promo Code)
  • Submit your promotion for review (promos are typically approved within four hours)

Calculate the Cost:

  • Subtract the percentage off from the original sales price

The Nitty Gritty of Amazon Promotions

From exclusive invite-only deals to the highly coveted Amazon Christmas Promo Code, discounts and deals are a surefire way to attract shoppers and snag sales. Make sure to have sufficient inventory in stock and set a budget that won’t eat into profits. 

Whether you’re setting up an enticing flash sale strategy during slow sales periods or boosting customer loyalty with Percentage Off Discounts, Amazon promotions can help you overcome challenges and reach your goals while staying on budget. Greatness awaits.

With the right promotional strategy, your brand can overcome stagnant sales and gain a competitive edge on Amazon. To get started, partner with our experts to develop and implement effective strategies to enhance visibility, increase revenue, and minimize your workload. Want to discover innovative new ways to propel growth? Schedule a consultation to learn more about taking your business from surviving to thriving on Amazon.