Improved Listing Optimization Led to 27% Sales Growth YoY

increase sales with listing optimization


A manufacturer of shelf-stable foods came to Awesome Dynamic to determine what opportunities they might be missing in running their Amazon account. They were confident in the work they had done to date but also recognized they needed help. They required a team who had a wider depth and breadth of experience.


  • The client refused to advertise, despite our best efforts to convince them otherwise. This would present a challenge in getting buyers to the listings.
  • Focusing solely on listing optimization presented the possibility of not seeing a dramatic shift in sales.
  • We knew we could create stellar listings that would appeal to customers, but without advertising, the challenge was getting shoppers to the listing in the first place.


  • Listings were grouped together in variations with like products.
  • A competitive analysis was conducted which helped to clearly define a plan of action for optimization.
  • Keyword research was conducted for every product. New copy was written and the backend of every listing was updated to incorporate those
  • New product images were taken and graphics created to help tell the product story visually and utilize all available listing image slots.
  • A+ Content was developed which included recipes for the products being sold, as well as additional images and usage tips for buyers.


By solely utilizing listing optimization, our team was able to create valuable content that transitioned into sales. Overall there has been an increase of units sold by 20% over 12 months.
More impressive, is the 27% increase in sales each year, which was directly attributed to optimizing the listings.

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