Manage Your Customer Engagement: Engage with Your Followers

February 22nd, 2022

Manage Your Customer Engagement (MYCE) is a new tool that Amazon launched which allows brands to market directly to customers who click ‘follow’ on their Brand Store

As Amazon continues to grow worldwide, the demand for more brand experiences has also grown. MYCE is intended to help increase the ability for customers to follow and engage with your brand (Brand Stores, Amazon Posts, Amazon Live).

By using MYCE to connect with your brand followers as well as past customers, you can potentially boost the visibility of your products on Amazon.

Who Can Use Amazon’s Manage Customer Engagement Program?

Amazon’s MYCE program is currently only available to 1P (brand owners) or Vendor accounts. This means that 3P sellers will not be able to access this feature at this time. Although it may be rolled out to other accounts in the future.

Get Started by Enrolling in Brand Registry

Currently, MYCE is only available to registered brands. This means that you must be enrolled in Brand Registry to be eligible for participation in this program.

Where to Find the Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

  1. Log into your Seller Central account
  2. Click the hamburger button (three lines) on the left hand side of the page and select Brands > Customer Engagement
  3. Click the button on the right hand side, Create Campaign to get started

How Does MYCE Work?

For now, the program is free to registered brands. Campaign setup is quick and hassle-free. Amazon has a template for sellers to follow.

Simply follow the steps below to get started with your first campaign:

  1. Select your email subject line from the dropdown menu (your options are limited - you are allowed to promote a new product or feature a product)
  2. Next upload your brand logo (must be a png or jpeg file, aspect ratio horizontal (min 300x100) and the maximum file size is 5-8MB)
  3. Add a header and select the product you’d like to promote
  4. Optional: Add up to four supporting products from your catalog
  5. Choose a campaign delivery window (currently all windows are four day periods)

Once the campaign has been created and submitted, Amazon will review your email to ensure the content meets Amazon's requirements. This can take a minimum of 72 hours. As you plan your campaigns, make sure you plan ahead and allow time for the review process. 

When your campaign has been approved, automated emails will be sent to customers on your list during the delivery window schedule.

These emails will be sent out to customers who have chosen to follow your brand on Amazon. Shoppers can follow brands by selecting the 'follow' button on the Brand's store page.

Tracking data and performance metrics with Manage Your Customer Engagement tool will be available after your campaign has run. Here is a list of metrics currently available:

  1. Open Rate
  2. Click Through Rate
  3. Total Reach
  4. Opt-Outs

How to Get More Followers

One way to garner more interest in your brand is to take advantage of Amazon Posts. This is currently a beta program, offered to sellers enrolled in Brand Registry and Vendors, and is free of charge.

Posts allow shoppers the ability to better visualize your products. You can utilize lifestyle photos to let shoppers see how the product is best used.

Think of Posts like a post you’d create on Facebook or Instagram, but this is shown on Amazon’s feed. Amazon Posts allow more people to see your products and be driven to your Brand Store where they can follow your brand to stay up-to-date on new launches, and learn more about your brand and catalog of products.

Why Should You Take Advantage of the MYCE Program

While it might take a few minutes to initially set up, MYCE gives you valuable insight into if or how your customers engage with your brand on Amazon. Once you have this information, you can use it to create highly tailored advertising and marketing strategies to help drive new customers to your brand.

Since the program is currently free, there is nothing to lose! Another benefit of using MYCE is that sellers who are early adopters of new Amazon programs are also more likely to see better results. Once more brands start to use the program, customers may get flooded with marketing emails from the other brands that they follow, which could lead to increased opt-outs or ignored emails.

If you’d like to learn more about Brand Registry and the MYCE program, we’re here to help. To get started, schedule a free consultation today.