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The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry Program

A product’s manufacturer doesn’t necessarily control that product’s listings on Amazon. Similarly, there are no guarantees of brand control for the private labeler, contracted distributor or authorized seller. Anyone who sells products can contribute details.

The Amazon Brand Registry program is for sellers who manufacture or sell their own branded products and own the trademark. The program's goal is to give priority control to:

  1. Manufacturers who want to sell their own branded and trademarked product
  2. Sellers who private label their own branded product and control the trademark
  3. Distributors, resellers or individuals with authorization from brand and trademark owner
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Brand Registrants Receive

  1. Proprietary text and image search
  2. Predictive automation
    • An automated program learns from your reports of suspected violations to your intellectual property rights, then looks for and reports on what it regards as usage violations based on that criteria.
  3. Increased brand authority over product detail pages
    • Registered brand owners can submit requests to Amazon for updates or revisions to any misinformation about the brand or product that may be contained in the listings of approved distributors, sellers, and resellers.
  4. Dedicated support (usually within 4 hours)
  5. Help in addressing potential intellectual property rights violations

We Offer Services To

  • Apply to the Amazon Brand Registry Program on your behalf
  • Facilitate the provision of documentation and proof of ownership of your trademarked brand to Amazon
  • Verify that your products have been enrolled in the Brand Registry and assign Global Catalog Identifiers (GCIDs)
  • Identify and report on any other sellers using your registered brand(s) in their listing(s)
  • Troubleshoot and correct any products not enrolled automatically

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Typical Results Include

Awesome Dynamic defense specialists will protect your brand via diligent monitoring of the Amazon platform and quick reporting of any usage violations in the Amazon marketplace.