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Why Should You Establish an Amazon Seller Storefront?

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A continuous challenge for online sellers is how to replicate the in-store experience in an ecommerce environment. While online marketplaces may feel impersonal at times, an Amazon Brand Store gives you the opportunity to speak directly to shoppers and connect with customers on a deeper level. 

Amazon Brand Stores allow you to share more details about the unique features and value of your products and brand. This centralized hub, hosted within Amazon, is customized to align with your branding and help you stand out in Amazon’s highly competitive marketplace. Some of the benefits of creating an Amazon Brand Store include:

  • Driving traffic to your entire catalog and increase sales
  • Creating an immersive online shopping experience
  • Highlighting your best-selling and seasonal items
  • Keeping eyes on your brand, not the competition

Creating an effective, custom Brand Store is a time-consuming and challenging venture for many brands. If you’re not sure where to start, be sure to hire a professional firm like Awesome Dynamic. Our experience and expertise range from Amazon Seller and Vendor consulting to comprehensive Amazon Brand Store creation and management. 

Why should I invest in creating an Amazon Brand Store?

An Amazon Brand Store focuses solely on your brand and allows you to cultivate a curated brand image on Amazon. Brand Stores can be customized with personalized pictures, videos, text, and a handpicked list of products to entice new customers.

An Amazon Brand Store allows brands to add social media links. This encourages customers to share the storefront with other shoppers that have similar interests. Amazon storefronts can help drive more traffic, boosting visibility and sales. They also allow sellers to track metrics and view what is working and what can be improved.

Why have a Brand Store on Amazon?

An Amazon Brand Store reinforces your brand identity and values, creates an appealing shopping experience for your customers, and drives visibility, engagement, and conversions.

What qualifies you for an Amazon Storefront?

Anyone who is selling on Amazon, has a registered trademark, and is Brand Registered can create a Brand Store.

Which layout is best for my Brand Store?

Once I create my Brand Store, can I edit and change content?

Yes! Your Amazon Brand Store can be updated or changed at any time. It’s important to monitor your performance and continue to add new products and information that will engage shoppers.

Create a Visually Appealing Online Shopping Experience

Amazon Brand Stores are a breath of fresh air for brand-registered businesses. They create an immersive visual shopping experience that connects the consumer to your brand and inspires repeat sales and long-term loyalty.

Building dynamic and appealing Amazon Brand Storefront pages has never been simpler thanks to Amazon’s user-friendly templates and customization options. A well-crafted Amazon Brand Store uses high-quality visuals to communicate directly with shoppers.

Are You Eligible to Launch an Amazon Storefront?

If you have successfully registered at least one brand on the Amazon Brand Registry, you are eligible to create an Amazon Brand Store. To determine whether you qualify for a Store, head to your Amazon Stores page. Here, you can view your Amazon Store eligibility and view a list of your qualifying brands.

If you arrive at your Amazon Stores page and see a message that you don’t have any registered brands, you are not currently Amazon Storefront eligible. If you do own one of your brands, you need to register it with Amazon before creating your Amazon Brand Store.

If you aren’t the owner of a brand you sell, you won’t be able to create an Amazon Brand Store. In this case, your marketing options are to configure your current storefront through your Seller Profile and customize your Amazon URL. It may not look as impressive as a true Amazon Brand Store, but that is the best you can do with the limited capabilities you have.

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How Does a Brand Store Benefit My Company?

Amazon does not charge a fee to set up a Brand Store. Amazon offers templates and drag-and-drop components to make Amazon store management easier for brands to do it themselves, if necessary. However, if your budget allows, an experienced design team ensures that your brand’s objectives are clearly conveyed, and you are visually meeting the expectations of your target audience.

Amazon Brand Store options allow you to:

Customize Your Store. Choose from various design templates to establish a strong shopping experience that further enhances your brand and values.

Control the Browsing Experience. Sell items from your entire catalog and organize how it looks to the consumer based on your objectives and goals.

Seamlessly Integrate Product Promotions. Utilize built-in social sharing and promotional extensions to further share and drive customers to your Amazon Brand Store.

Choose from Three Unique Design Templates

Wondering how to create a Brand Store on Amazon? Amazon’s Brand Store offers three unique design templates that make customizing and differentiating your site easily by:

  • Sub-brands
  • Product categories
  • Featured products
  • Bestsellers
  • New releases

Each template lets you add multimedia to your Amazon Brand Store to help enliven your brand, create greater visual interest and demonstrate product usage. The templates are:

Product Highlight. This simple matrix allows you to showcase your flagship products and related content.

Marquee. The Marquee permits you to dive deeper into product information by offering more room to display images and detailed product descriptions, including testimonials.

Product Collection. The Product Collection template allows you to showcase a small or large variety of related products.

Blank. The Blank template has no default tiles. To add content, select from the available tile types such as images, text, product collections, grids and more. 

How to Differentiate Your Brand Store

Amazon generally requires brands to keep their product pages consistent with the overall look and feel of the Amazon Marketplace. However, the Brand Store offers more creative freedom, allowing sellers to create a truly branded Amazon hub. You may utilize a combination of social media linking, multimedia content, and strategic use of design templates to create an Amazon hub unlike any other seller’s Storefront.

While no magic formula for success exists, the best Amazon Brand Stores rely on developing high-quality, cutting-edge creative assets. Creating quality visual components that catch the consumer’s eye in a highly competitive marketplace is crucial to your brand’s success. Consider visual elements such as hero images, product photos, product copy, and videos.

Multimedia Content Makes a Big Impression

As a rule, high-quality imagery and video content results in a large increase in conversion rates. Using Amazon Brand Store videos to add product demonstrations and feature products from multiple angles gives Amazon Sellers a valuable opportunity to stand out from the competition.

At Awesome Dynamic, we have dedicated team members available to help create impressive multimedia content for your Amazon Brand Store.

Customize Your Store to Meet Customer Needs

With an Amazon Brand Storefront, you can utilize dynamic widgets or select specific product listings to automatically display different products based on key consumer insights. Displaying products based on keyword searches, best-selling products, and recommendation history fulfills the unique needs of your shoppers and can increase your conversion rates.

Get the Greatest Results from Your Brand Store

Amazon’s Brand Store is equipped with several tools to help you best market your brand and draw shoppers to your page. These include:

Access to a Unique Storefront URL

Once you build your custom storefront, you receive a unique URL to which you direct consumers. This gives shoppers easy and quick access to your products from a single hub.

Store Builder Gets You Up and Running

The Store Builder tool builds a storefront in just a few minutes. In fact, you can create and launch your Storefront in as little as 72 hours! The tool is easy to use and completely DIY, so building a store without any website experience is relatively simple.

Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

With this tool, you easily create email marketing campaigns to promote new products. Simply upload your logo, add a product that was launched on Amazon in the previous six months, select a supporting image, and schedule your campaign.

Drive Traffic to Your Store from Outside of Amazon

While there are numerous opportunities to promote your Amazon Brand Storefront within Amazon, several other marketing tactics can be used to drive traffic to your Store from outside of the platform.

Create Headline Search Ads

These ads appear before relevant search results to build awareness of your product among appropriate shoppers.

Display Your Brand Store URL

One of the most cost-effective ways to promote your Store is to display the URL across your other marketing materials. These include posters, emails, your website, etc.

Spread the Word on Social Media

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn make it easy to promote your Amazon Brand Store to a wide audience. Customers can also help spread the word by sharing your products on their own social networks.

Monitor Your Storefront Through Amazon Store Manager

With an Amazon Brand Store, building your brand hub and monitoring your page through the Amazon Store Manager is easy. This tool has four sections to help you manage your store:

  1. Page manager is where you build, edit and remove pages from your Amazon Store.
  2. Preview window enables you to see a live view of your current page before it’s published on Amazon.
  3. Title manager allows you to add, edit and delete titles from your Store.
  4. Status bar displays the current condition of your Amazon Brand Store as well as any error messages.

Gather Valuable Data Through Amazon Analytics

While managing your Storefront through the Amazon Store Manager, you can also access metrics that provide an overview of your Amazon Brand Store traffic. Amazon Analytics provides you with relevant data from outside sources, such as Facebook ads — something Amazon does not offer to all sellers.

Create a Brand Store that Meets Amazon Requirements

Like any other tool on the platform, Amazon has rules and guidelines for Amazon Brand Store content. Following Amazon Brand Store guidelines is essential to get your store approved and visible to shoppers as quickly as possible. Stores that display high-resolution images have the best chance of being approved, so pay special attention to the quality of your imagery when creating your storefront.

Common Mistakes Sellers Make

When creating your storefront, it’s important to abide by Amazon Brand Store guidelines. As an Amazon seller, avoid these mistakes when building your Store to prevent delays and rejections:

  • Imagery and design issues with your page
  • Placement of a poor-quality hero image
  • A logo image that is not sized to a 1:1 ratio
  • A logo that interferes with an important part of the hero image
  • Phone numbers and/or websites displayed on your page
  • Personal information on your Brand Store page
  • Product guarantees such as warranties
  • A link to a web page outside of Amazon

Video content errors can be more cumbersome to correct. Amazon may reject your video if it includes product pricing, outside URLs or customer reviews. To be safe, create videos that showcase product information or how-to product demonstrations.

Working with a professional Amazon consultant is the best way to get your Amazon Brand Store up and running quickly. From brand asset management to developing cutting-edge creative content, Awesome Dynamic’s expert team can help boost your business by working with you to create an eye-catching, Amazon-approved Store. 

An Amazon Brand Store is more than just “nice to have” – it can be a crucial asset that drives sales and adds credibility to your brand. With the ease and benefits this hub offers, there’s simply no good reason to postpone creating an Amazon Brand Store. Get in touch today!

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