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Today, Amazon is the single largest online shopping platform in the United States. With 1.87 billion users visiting the site every month, Amazon isn’t just leading the way in e-commerce, it is completely dominating the market. Combine the average monthly traffic of the platform’s top three competitors, and they don’t even come close to competing with Amazon Advertising.

Amazon.com – 1.87 billion monthly visitors
eBay.com – 817.6 million monthly visitors
Walmart.com – 339.0 million monthly visitors
Etsy.com – 120.4 million monthly visitors

Amazon now has more than 101 million Prime subscribers in the United States – equating to nearly one-third of the country’s population! And that’s just Amazon Prime users. Millions of additional consumers visit the site every day, ready and willing to make a purchase. 

Amazon Advertising Domination
Amazon Advertising Take Notice

Advertisers Are Taking Notice | Amazon Advertising

With so many shoppers flocking to the platform, Amazon is a treasure trove of valuable information about consumer shopping habits and demographics. All of this data is a dream for advertisers. In fact, Amazon is now the third-largest digital ad platform in the United States, second only to Google and Facebook. And it is catching up to its competitors quickly. US ad spend on Amazon is expected to increase by 30% in 2019 while Google and Facebook are expected to remain stagnant, if not decrease through the year.

The Amazon Advantage

But why are marketers funneling their ad dollars away from Facebook and Google and investing in Amazon advertising instead? To start, users come to Amazon not to search or connect with friends and family, but with the intent to buy. 

Additionally, Amazon ads often don’t feel like ads at all. PPC ads often blend in with the other products in the organic search results, creating a more seamless and less intrusive experience for shoppers – and more clicks and conversions for marketers.

Amazon Advertising Advantage

Claim Your Piece of the Pie with Amazon Advertising

If you are an Amazon seller, advertising is the best way for you to reach the right customer at the right time. The competition is fiercer than ever before, and you can no longer rely on organic search results to get your product in front of your target shoppers. 

Amazon offers a variety of advertising products to help both vendors and sellers grow their business and expand their reach. Whether you are new to Amazon advertising or want to optimize your existing campaigns, our Amazon consultants are here to help you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

The New Amazon Advertising Platform

In an effort to streamline its advertising services and create a more unified brand, Amazon recently absorbed its Amazon Media Group (AMG), Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and Amazon Advertising Platform (AAP) into a single Amazon Advertising program. This simplified program is now home to all of Amazon’s advertising tools, including:

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Sponsored Products

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Sponsored Brands

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Display Ads

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Video Ads

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Measurement and Reporting

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Amazon DSP

Amazon PPC Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are the bread and butter of Amazon advertising. These fundamental ad types are targeted to shopper search terms or products and boost the visibility of your products and brand within Amazon search results and product pages. 

  • Sponsored Products Ads advertise individual product listings to shoppers as they browse search results and other product detail pages. All sellers across Vendor Central and Seller Central are eligible to run Sponsored Products Ads. 
  • Sponsored Brands Ads promote your brand by featuring three of your products within a single ad. These ad types are limited to Amazon Vendors and Brand Registered sellers within Seller Central. 
  • Product Display Ads intercept consumers as they browse a competitor’s product and redirect to the advertiser’s listing. Currently, product display ads are available only to sellers within Vendor Central.

Amazon Storefront

If you are enrolled in Vendor Central or the Amazon Brand Registry, you are eligible to set up an Amazon Storefront at no additional cost to you. Storefront allows you to create a customized, multi-page digital store where you can promote your brand and products and optimize your advertising campaigns.

Our team of graphic designers, copywriters and Amazon specialists will work together to create compelling content and get your Storefront up and running quickly. Once your site is live, we will monitor page views, daily visitors and sales generated from your Storefront to assess your site’s performance and identify opportunities for optimization. 

Video advertising is a great way to highlight your brand story and demonstrate your products or services on Amazon’s websites, mobile apps and Fire tablet wake screen. Unlike Amazon Storefront and PPC ads, video ads present a unique opportunity for Amazon sellers and outside businesses to showcase their products not only on Amazon, but across the brand’s other owned properties, as well. Our team will purchase and manage your video ads through Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP) and continuously monitor the performance of your videos throughout the campaign. 

Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is an advertiser’s one-stop-shop for programmatic display and video ad buys. The tool opens up Amazon’s advertising offerings to sellers and audiences outside of the Amazon marketplace. Now, current Amazon sellers have the opportunity to reach new consumers through Amazon-owned sites and apps, like IMDb, while non-Amazon sellers can tap into the program’s sought-after user base.

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Our Awesome Advertising Services

No matter what ad type(s) you choose to use, our team will gladly handle the strategy, creation, execution and ongoing management of your ad campaigns. We are experts at implementing and optimizing campaigns to lower your ACos and maximize your ad budget. Our comprehensive ad services include:

In-Depth Keyword Research and Competitive Analysis

Product Advertising Recommendations

Target by Category, ASIN, Placements and/or Competition

Customized Campaign Setup and Strategy

Automatic and Manual Campaign Management

Regular and Timely Bid Adjustments

Subscribe and Save Recommendations

Promotion, Coupon and Lighting Deal Management

Weekly Reporting

On-Going Optimization


Graphic Design

Amazon Advertising Optimize

Optimizing Our Approach

Your ad campaign, much like Amazon itself, is a dynamic ecosystem that must constantly adapt and evolve to achieve optimal results. As your campaign runs, we will gather data on impressions, clicks, ACoS and other KPIs to measure ad performance and optimize when necessary.

We will regularly add and remove keywords, regulate your bids and adjust your campaign types to meet your ad objectives at the lowest cost to you. As we optimize your campaigns, we will keep you up-to-date on your ad performance and remain transparent about how we are managing your account. 

The Costs of Amazon Advertising

Amazon’s ad structure makes it easy for companies of any size to advertise on a budget. With PPC advertising, you set your own budget, customize your own bids and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. 

Better yet, we can adjust your bids and budget at any time. This makes it easy to cut costs during leaner months and ramp up your advertising efforts during key shopping periods, like Amazon Prime Day and the holiday season.

Short-Term Advertising

We understand that not every Amazon seller has the need, or the budget, to run long-term advertising campaigns. That’s why offer flexible, short-term and seasonal ad options. This can be a great alternative for sellers who want to test the waters of Amazon advertising, support a new product launch or drive additional traffic to their listings during key time periods. Talk to one of our Amazon consultants to discuss your ad options. 

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Awesome Results

With our team of Amazon professionals monitoring and managing your ad campaigns, you can enjoy more clicks and conversions. Even clients with modest advertising budgets often see: 

An increase in sales

Greater brand visibility

Lower ACoS over time

Greater brand loyalty

Higher brand awareness

Advertising Can Lead to Higher Organic Rankings

Did you know that Amazon PPC advertising can actually help improve your organic search rankings? PPC ads give us valuable insights into how well specific keywords help drive clicks. By applying keywords that were successfully used in PPC ads to your product detail pages, we can better optimize your product listings to boost your ranking in organic search results. 

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Experts in Amazon

Unlike other media companies and consultants, we are fully committed to Amazon. If there is anything we have learned from our years of Amazon experience, it’s that the platform is always changing. We pride ourselves on staying on top of these changes and informing our clients of any relevant updates as they come. 

As a full-service Amazon consulting firm, we know the platform inside and out. Our expert team will help you create and manage efficient, effective campaigns that play to Amazon’s strengths and use the platform to its fullest potential.

The Awesome Dynamic Difference

At Awesome Dynamic, we combine cutting-edge consulting with old-school customer service to bring you the best possible results. Think of us as your guide as you navigate the vast and ever-changing world of Amazon. We are here to answer all of your Amazon questions, regarding advertising and beyond, so you feel confident and empowered as you run your e-commerce business. Ready to get started?

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