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Moving the customer to the “gotta have this” mindset takes a talent for painting a picture with words.

Creating strategic and compelling copy that motivates buyers is essential to your listing and your sales success on Amazon. Shopping is traditionally a sensory experience, but online selling does not afford the customer the advantage of the tactile sense; they cannot touch and feel your product. Good copywriting can provide them a sense of that. Just as a good novelist can make a story come alive in a book, a good copywriter can make a product come alive in a reader’s imagination by appealing to both emotion and logic.

Awesome Dynamic Amazon Copywriting Amazon listing on tablets.

Our Services

Keyword Research

Provide a basic keyword search engine optimization (SEO) analysis: researching and putting into practice the words most often used by potential customers when searching Amazon for products like yours

Amazon Copywriting

Write fresh, unique, compelling listing descriptions and feature bullet points designed to engage and motivate shoppers to purchase your product and come back for more

Content Targeting

Identify and cater content towards a specific audience (such as gender, age, language, location, etc.) to engage them and stay loyal to your brand

Content & Photography

Provide compelling copy that complements photography and images for a fuller and positive shopping experience

Let Us Create Amazon Content For Your Listings

Our copywriting team can engage your customers to buy your products

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Words That Hit the Mark

Well written copy provides your clients a vision of possibility. Further, it ensures that the text meets Amazon’s requirements and aligns with your strategies for being found by Amazon patrons.

Awesome Dynamic boosts our clients’ sales by providing listing titles, bullet points, descriptions and Enhanced Brand Content that appeals to buying emotions as well as Amazon’s ranking algorithms.

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Typical Results Include

  • Favorable perception of both product and seller
  • Fewer returns due to improved product clarity for customers
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Optimized listings for Amazon
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Engagement of retained visitors
  • Text formatted for various devices
  • Content customized for your audience

Your customers buy based on emotion and they justify their purchase with logic.

Clear, compelling Amazon copywriting that appeals to both their emotion and logic is an important key to your sales success.