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Enhance Your Basic Content to Drive Conversions with Amazon Copywriting

Amazon is a popular eCommerce platform. That means it is crowded with not only shoppers but competition. Every Amazon seller gets the same template to develop their product listing but you can make yours superior with proper Amazon copywriting.

The goal is go capture the shoppers' attention, clearly educate them on why your product is the best option and convert their browsing into a sale. 

Your Amazon content is critical part of a successful Amazon selling strategy. A strategic, well-crafted message can go a long way to improve your Amazon sales, boost your conversions and help increase your profits.

Are You Ready for an Experienced Amazon Copywriter
to Take Your Listings to the Next Level?

Powerful Copy Can Make A Product Come to Life

Moving the customer to the “I gotta have this” mindset is especially challenging in an online marketplace. Shopping is traditionally a sensory experience, one in which consumers touch and interact with a product before making a purchase decision. On the other hand, online selling does not afford the customer the advantage of the tactile sense; they can’t feel and experience your product.

Well crafted copywriting can help overcome this barrier to purchase and provide shoppers with a sense of what the product is like. Just as a good novelist can make a story come alive in a book, a good copywriter can make a product come alive in a reader’s imagination. Once a shopper can visualize a product and imagine how it can fit into their life they move that much closer to conversion and purchase. Powerful copywriting can help accomplish this.

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Dissecting the Way Consumers
Think and Shop

Any marketing professional will tell you that the key to successful messaging lies in understanding the wants, needs, thoughts, fears and emotions of your target. At Awesome Dynamic, we couldn’t agree more.

We take time to understand the Amazon shopper’s journey from initial consideration through purchase to craft a message that resonates at every stage. Ultimately, customers buy based on emotion and then justify their purchase with logic. Through clear, compelling copywriting that appeals to both emotion and logic, we can help drive conversion and increase your Amazon sales.

Leave Your Listing to Amazon Copywriting Experts

Appealing to your customers’ needs is critical to making sales – but it’s only half of the Amazon copywriting equation. The other half is appealing to Amazon’s algorithm.

To be truly effective, your listing has to do more than paint a pretty picture. Every word needs to be strategically written, formatted and organized for Amazon’s algorithm. If you haven’t combed through Seller Central support pages, spoken with representatives from Amazon or learned from other experts in the field, you probably don’t have the knowledge to effectively craft a message that meets Amazon’s particular standards.

At Awesome Dynamic, we dedicate ourselves to:

  • Learning the Amazon-specific guidelines for product pages. Amazon has unique copy restrictions that the typical copywriter may not be familiar with.
  • Staying up-to-date with the ever-changing world of Amazon templates, best practices, etc.
  • Optimizing content for Amazon SEO

We’ve taken the time to learn what Amazon looks for in a listing and use these findings to create a copy approach that checks every box. If you think of Amazon copywriting as a big strategic game, we’d say it’s one we’ve mastered.

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Our Amazon Copywriting Services

Keyword Research

Provide a keyword search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. We’ll research and put into practice the words most often used by potential customers when searching Amazon for products like yours. Incorporating the right keywords into your listing is instrumental in appealing to Amazon’s algorithm and getting your product in front of more shoppers.

Amazon Copywriting

Write fresh, compelling and strategic listings designed to engage and motivate shoppers to purchase your product and come back for more. Looking for more cutting-edge ways to market your listing on Amazon? We are also experts in A+ and Enhanced Brand Content.

Content Targeting

Identify an audience that is best suited to your product, be it gender, age, location, language, etc. We’ll use our findings to cater content towards this specific audience to engage them and help create loyalty for your brand.

Content & Photography

Provide compelling photography and images that complement your content. On Amazon, copy doesn’t work alone. Pairing strategically-written content with eye-catching, educational imagery creates a fuller and more positive shopping experience.

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What's Included in Our Amazon Copywriting Services

There are 4 content areas within a standard Amazon listing:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points
  • Product description
  • Backend search terms 

Our typical copywriting services include content for each of the above sections. Each content area has different Amazon guidelines and restrictions while serving distinct roles in educating consumers about your product and contributing to your Amazon search ranking. We exercise due diligence to carefully consider each section and create copy that serves that section’s unique role while contributing to the overall flow and cohesion of the listing.

Custom A+ Content

While the standard product title, bullet points and description provide a great platform to craft a compelling message about your product, many sellers are looking for ways to provide shoppers with more in-depth information. This is where A+ and Enhanced Brand Content comes into play. These supplementary templates allow you to add extra photos and copy to your listing. Our copywriters are trained in the unique requirements of these additional content blocks and are happy to create a listing for you.

Additional Amazon costs and requirements do apply to these types of content. Visit our Amazon A+ Content and Amazon Enhanced Brand Content pages for more information.

Strategic Copywriting for Your Unique Business

From apparel and home decorating to pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements, we’ve created content for an incredibly wide range of products. In working with such a diverse group of clients, we’ve come to appreciate the unique nuances and needs of each and every business. Even among similar products, the differences among brands and product offerings are vast. A one-size-fits-all approach to copywriting simply doesn’t work.

Before creating content for our clients, we take the time to understand every aspect of your business. You are the expert on your product and your knowledge and experience is our best guide. We use your insights, goals and learnings to educate ourselves on your product and capture the tone of your brand. Our goal is that once our content is complete, you feel it is a true reflection and representation of your business.

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Get Awesome Results!

Increased conversions, sales and profits are clear signs of a well-written Amazon listing, but there are other common benefits that our Amazon copywriting can provide.

Typical results include:

  • Favorable perception by the shopper of both the product and seller
  • Fewer returns due to improved product clarity for customers
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Optimized listings for Amazon
  • Reduced bounce rate
  • Engagement of retained visitors
  • Text formatted for various devices 
  • Content customized for your audience