Amazon Brand Story: Everything You Need to Know

February 2nd, 2023

Amazon Brand Story

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Once upon a time, in the nearly prehistoric age of mom-and-pop shops and general stores, shoppers knew who they were buying from. They purchased groceries from their neighbors and resolved their work boots by visiting the local cobbler. Times have changed, and making a name for yourself is more challenging than ever. Ecommerce sellers have to jump through hoops to gain shoppers' trust, establish a strong identity, and cultivate loyalty.

In this highly competitive age, sellers are forced to get creative. Fortunately, Amazon provides valuable opportunities for brands to distinguish themselves and tell their story. Creating an Amazon Brand Story is an innovative way to share what your company is all about. Unlike your product listings, this carousel of images and copy focuses solely on your brand. This guide will break down everything you need to know to get started. 

What is an Amazon Brand Story?

The Amazon Brand Story carousel is an optional feature that is available for sellers enrolled in brand registry with an active registered trademark. In this scrollable carousel, you can select from a variety of modules that include images and copy about your brand. This feature can be applied across your entire catalog and will appear below your bullet points and above your description or A+ Content section.

In your Amazon Brand Story, you can include information about your company history, values, and processes. This is a great place to set yourself apart from your competition by highlighting what makes your business unique. It also allows you to tie your products and brand together to create a clear, cohesive identity.

Here are the Amazon Brand Story modules you can choose from:

  • Brand Logo & Description module with a 450-character limit text field.
    Amazon Brand Story
  • Brand Focus Image module with a 135-character limit text field. If you need extra real estate, you can build text into your image.
    Amazon Brand Story
  • Brand Q&A module with a 600-character limit.
    Amazon Brand Story
  • Brand ASIN & Store Showcase modules that link to your Brand Store.
    Amazon Brand Story

How to Create a Brand Story on Amazon

In a few simple steps, you can create your own Amazon Brand Story. Take full advantage of this space by using engaging language, high-quality images, and interesting facts about your brand and history. Your Amazon Brand Story carousel should be visually appealing and tie into the rest of your branding. 

To get started, log into your Amazon Seller Central or Vendor Central account and follow these steps to create your own custom carousel:

  1. Click on the ‘A+ Content Manager’ under the Advertising tab.
  2. If you have the option to create a Brand Story, you will be presented with two choices, ‘Basic’ or ‘Brand Story.’ Click ‘Create a Brand Story.’
  3. Create a content name and background module with a background image, headline text, and body text. Headline text has a max of 30 characters and the body text has a max of 135 characters.
  4. Scroll down and click the ‘Add Module’ button.
  5. Select the modules you want to use and add your images and text.
  6. Preview your Amazon Brand Story and save your work.
  7. Add your Amazon Brand Story to your product listings.
  8. Submit for approval within 24 hours.

The Benefits of Creating an Amazon Brand Story

Creating an Amazon Brand Story gives you an opportunity to showcase your unique identity across your entire catalog. Not only does this set you apart from the pack, it adds a little extra oomph to your listing. So how does this personalized carousel benefit your brand?

Stand Out in the Crowd

In a sea of competition, it can be difficult to boost visibility. The best Amazon Brand Story examples showcase your brand identity and makes you memorable. Nowadays, many shoppers want to support local sellers and small businesses. They’ve even created a page dedicated to searching for these categories. This is your chance to show why your products and processes are unique.

Cultivate Loyalty

Any opportunity to speak to your audience is a bonus. Your Amazon Brand Story carousel can humanize your business and help shoppers connect to your cause. Explaining what you stand for, how you got started, and how you perfected your process can inspire confidence and give you credibility. Developing a strong brand identity can even increase revenue by up to 23%. After all, people want to support companies that care about their products.

Cross Sell Products

When shoppers view your Amazon Brand Story, they will inevitably stumble across a selection of your products. The best Amazon Brand Story examples link to a variety of ASINs which can boost engagement and interest. Whether they’re new or existing customers, they may discover products that interest them, which in turn increases sales. 

Improve the Customer Experience

Amazon customers demand convenience. A successful listing or Amazon Brand Story makes it easy for shoppers to get all the information they need to make an informed purchase. Creating compelling content that is easy to access can cut down on customer frustration, cart abandonment, and even returns

Tips and Tricks for Creating a Killer Amazon Brand Story

Whether you do it on your own, or enlist the help from a full service Amazon Consulting agency, creating strong content that follows Amazon Brand Story guidelines can be a major asset for your brand.  Great storytelling isn’t complicated - it’s fun to read, easy to understand, and loaded with valuable information. We’ve broken down some foolproof strategies to make your Amazon Brand Story a success:

  • Be consistent: Keep your language and images on brand. The best Amazon Brand Story examples showcase brand logos and color schemes that are easily recognizable. Mimic the look and feel of your listings, logo, A+ Content, and Brand Store.
  • Focus on imagery: We live in a highly visual world. High-resolution, professional-quality images and graphics draw the eye and add credibility to your brand. If you don’t have the tools to create captivating content, it could be worth your while to hire a photographer with lots of ecommerce experience.

  • Choose your words wisely: In your Amazon Brand Story, character counts are limited. Since most shoppers will scroll past a lengthy block of text without a second look, this can actually be a good thing. Keep copy engaging, concise, and descriptive.  

  • Showcase your best-sellers: Your Amazon Brand Story can incorporate top-selling products that best represent your brand. Keep the selection diverse to show a great cross-section of your catalog while highlighting your most popular items in each category. 

  • Keep a close eye: Once your Amazon Brand Story is live, monitoring its performance is a must. Keep track of your metrics to make sure no tweaks or changes are needed. If you’re too busy with day-to-day operations, enlist a professional Amazon consultant to help you out. 

Need help upgrading and optimizing your content? We’re here to help! Our team of highly skilled Amazon experts can help you boost visibility, engagement, and performance. If you want to take your business to the next level, contact us for a free consultation!