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A+ Content for Amazon Drives Conversions

Once called “enhanced brand content,” A+ Content refers to a graphically appealing section that is added to the seller’s product listing. A+ Content replaces the simple and often dull product description that appears on the product listing page. Compelling, eye-catching and detailed Amazon A+ Content improves the user experience and drives conversions.

Sellers enrolled in the Brand Registry program may add A+ Content. If you have yet to upgrade your Amazon products to A+ Content, now is the time to do it. Why? Because A+ Content offers merchants a valuable competitive advantage over other sellers and helps trigger the “buy now” response in shoppers. In fact, A+ Content is so effective, Amazon estimates that it can help boost sales by up to 10%!

Beyond the Traditional Dull Product Description

The standard Amazon product description contains lots of text and no imagery, and provides little to no visual interest. A seller can manually input HTML code to add simple formatting like bolding, line breaks and bullet points, but that runs the risk of violating Amazon’s HTML restrictions and rendering the content invalid.

Adhering to Amazon’s approved use of HTML, even with well written, engaging and useful product information about your product, results in content that looks more like a college term paper than an eye-catching, compelling sales pitch. 

What entices shoppers to stop? What slows their scrolling long enough to read your description instead of just glancing over it and moving on to the next product? A+ Content, that’s what!

Awesome Dynamic Offers A+ Content Services

During your first, free consultation, our experts help you determine if Amazon A+ Content is right for your products. If A+ Content is right for you, then we utilize Amazon’s modules to break up heavy descriptions and create an easy-to-digest page of quality information.

Copywriting. Our copywriting services include engaging product titles, detailed product features and A+ product descriptions.

Design. We design A+ Content pages for your business.

Photo Editing. Are your images low-res or poor quality? We use image processing to highlight details while meeting Amazon’s specs.

Marketplace. Once your A+ Content  is complete, we list your products on Amazon’s marketplace and handle ongoing maintenance.

Optimization. Performing the above services according to Amazon best practices, our unique skill set and years of experience help us to better optimize your product descriptions and engage buyers.

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Amazon A+ Page Improves Your Description Section

Amazon A+ Page Improves Your Description Section

Amazon offers A+ Content to sellers utilizing their Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms, allowing them to add more appealing, in-depth information to a product listing’s description.

With A+ Content, you can add imagery, choose from a wider range of formatting options and enjoy more creative ways to lay out your content. This unique content approach converts better than other content tools and helps turn more shoppers into buyers by:

Grabbing Shoppers’ Attention

Amazon A+ Content stops shoppers in their tracks simply because they are used to seeing product listings filled with long blocks of text. The large images and uniquely formatted copy have the powerful shock value and stopping power that every seller desires.

Showcasing Products

A primary benefit of A+ Content is its ability to display large, eye-catching images. This presents a great opportunity to show off every feature and benefit of your product. Shoppers get a detailed look at your product before they make a purchase, allowing them to hit that “buy” button with confidence.

Making Skimming for Information Easy

The last thing consumers want to do is search through lines and lines of text for the information they need. A+ Content eliminates this problem by making product information easier to digest. Eliminating big, bulky text blocks allows sellers to break up their content and helps shoppers quickly and easily locate the information they need.

Using Proven Marketing Tactics

Amazon A+ pages resemble traditional brochures and marketing collateral is not a coincidence. A+ Content permits sellers to explore new formats, color schemes and added imagery, beyond the standard textual confines. This helps to further build the brand’s reputation and increase conversions. The modules included within Amazon’s A+ Content replicate tried-and-true tactics that marketers have used for centuries.

Reap the Benefits by Demanding Awesome

The advantages of adding A+ Content to your product listing are undeniable. After working with our team to enhance their product descriptions, sellers often experience the following benefits: 

  • Increased sales
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased conversions
  • Improved search rankings
  • Communicated value
  • Increased trust from consumers
  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced returns

A decline in the number of product returns is one of the primary benefits sellers realize after switching to A+ Content. By conveying more information about the product to consumers prior to purchase, sellers decrease the likelihood of buyer’s remorse and often see a boost in positive product reviews.

Ready to Get Started with Awesome A+ Content?

Every day, more and more sellers are discovering the benefits of Amazon A+ Content. We recommend getting a jump on your competitors and taking advantage of this valuable tool as soon as possible. Doing so gives you time to optimize your A+ Content before your competition optimizes theirs.  

Our A+ Content specialists create eye-catching, easy-to-read A+ Content for your product listings. They review your product carefully to gather and convey, through words and images, nuanced product detail and a sense of what touching, feeling and holding your product would be.

Our goal is to engage and resonate with the readers, sparking their imagination with ideas for how the product will improve their lives. Enhanced images, comparison charts and compelling text help your content better connect with buyers and elicit a feel for how the product will work for them.

If you have been searching for ways to separate yourself from the pack and stand out from the crowd, an Amazon A+ page is the perfect way to do it. Get your free consult today and start converting more shoppers to buyers.

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