Amazon Marketing Strategies to Inspire Growth

June 9th, 2021

Amazon Marketplace Consultant Insight

Online sales are here to stay and now they are more prevalent than ever before. Online retail options like Amazon give customers what they want; convenience of shopping from wherever they are, the ability to compare products quickly and fast delivery.

According to a study in 2019, Amazon is the most popular mobile shopping app in the United States. 80.64% of shoppers utilize Amazon’s mobile app. Coming in second, and quite considerably behind, is Walmart at 46.08%. Amazon’s app is convenient, making it easier for people to shop, compare and buy.

Now that you are on the right path by deciding to sell on the largest and most popular marketplace platform, it’s time to take your Amazon marketing strategies to the next level. In our experience as an Amazon marketplace consultant these questions are a jumping off point for you to think about: 

  • How does your online presence stack up to your competition?
  • If you saw your listing and knew nothing about your product, would you be enticed to make a purchase? What questions would you be asking yourself?
  • Have you put time and effort into improving your product listings (keyword analysis, copywriting, product photography and graphics, advertising)?

It is our job to review every component that plays a role in the success of your product listings. We research not only your account but also your top competitors. Then we put a marketing strategy into place that is unique for your business and will help excel your growth on Amazon. Here are our top Amazon marketing strategies that you should be aware of when selling your product online.

Write to Sell Your Product

Oftentimes we get stuck when we have to write about something that we have poured our heart and soul into - and perhaps our savings. We want to share everything that is and perhaps isn’t relevant. It’s important to ask yourself and remember, who am I writing this content for?

Of course, it is crucial that you or your Amazon marketplace consultant is presenting your product in the best light. However, make sure that information is not making false claims. Share the facts.

In your product listing you have several areas where content is shared with the customer. Utilize each content area appropriately in order to capture the customers attention and answer any questions they may have about the product.


First up is your title. This should be straightforward information about your product. Include the product name, the top keyword that describes the product and any important information that makes it easier for the customer to want to click on your listing, like color or quantity.

Think about this, how many times have you searched for something and multiple results come up that all look similar. What are the deciding factors you use to choose to click on the listing? Recently I searched Amazon for disposable face masks (a sign of the times). Of course, I was presented with multiple options. The listings I gravitated towards were the ones that told me how many masks I’d receive because then I was able to easily compare the quantity from the title to the price, and narrow down my search.

Bullet Points

Your bullet points are the second most read part of your product listing, especially the first three because that’s what mobile users see before having to click to expand the text. You want to ensure that you are describing your product and the benefits. How will this product help your customers' life?

To build on the example above, I needed to know how many layers the mask was constructed with and how the mask is worn (is it behind the ear or do I need to tie it securely). If the listings addressed those ‘most important’ information points right away and I didn’t have to search for that information I was more inclined to add it to my cart because the seller made it easy for me.

The point is, taking the time to conduct research and learn how your customers are shopping can convert to sales. You may be asking yourself, how do I choose the best information for my bullet points, customers are all different? This is true but if you research the competition, look at the questions they are receiving or the most popular questions you’ve received about your product you can get a good handle on what is of top importance to customers.


Moving on you have your description area, located under your images. This area should be used to further expand on your product information, share an example of how this product can be used in the customers life and expand on information about the bran

Create a Lasting Impression

Are you aware that by adding A+ Content to your product listing Amazon estimates that you can increase sales by up to 10%? Plus, you get to showcase your brand and additional products in a creative way.

A+ Content goes beyond the standard product listing. As the customer scrolls they are presented with imagery that is cohesive with your branding and more in-depth information about the product. In addition, there are a wide range of formatting options available to the seller to create a layout that fully highlights the product and brand, thus making it easier for customers to skim and find the information which they are looking for.

When you go to a business’ website you are either impressed or turned away. The same applies to product listings and A+ Content. Adding A+ Content allows you a way to impress and elevate your brand's integrity and credibility.

Invest in Advertising

You’ve crafted the perfect copy and added A+ Content to your product listings, now it’s time to drive traffic to your listing. This is the third step for a reason. It’s imperative that you have your listing optimized fully before diving into advertising. By optimizing your listing you are ensuring that when a customer clicks on your advertising and is directed to your listing, they stay, learn more and buy.

Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) advertising allows the seller to pay only for the clicks that they receive. In addition, advertising within Amazon gives sellers an advantage over other advertising options. People who are on Amazon are in the market to make a purchase. You have their attention. Compare that to people on social media or search google - they may be looking to socialize, catch up with friends, conduct research, and may not be ready or even thinking about making a purchase. We’re not saying that those advertising options aren’t lucrative or necessary but we want you to be aware that hitting your target market can cost more of your budget.

Advertising isn’t a set it and forget it approach. It is a strategic approach that requires monitoring and adjustments on a regular basis to ensure that your budget is hitting potential buyers. As an Amazon marketplace consultant we have advertising specialists dedicated to monitoring and adjusting advertising campaigns to ensure our clients are reaching their target markets.


Amazon PPC Advertising Options

Read more about your Amazon PPC Advertising options in our article: How Can Amazon PPC Advertising Benefit my Sales?

We understand the time and energy that can go into creating and maintaining a successful product listing. If you are ready to get started with these Amazon marketing strategies as well as a customized plan for your business, let’s set up a time to chat. It’s easy to schedule a free 30-minute consultation that is convenient for you. Simply follow this link and fill out the form. From there we will  send you an email to schedule your time.