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November 14th, 2023

Ecommerce Mobile Optimization

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Understanding Ecommerce Mobile Optimization 

Understanding the preferences of the modern shopper is vital for ecommerce sellers. From the very first encounter with your brand, shoppers choose between learning more or searching for alternatives. With mobile shoppers accounting for 60 percent of all global ecommerce sales, optimizing for mobile devices is essential to keeping consumers engaged in 2023.

There’s no doubt about it - mobile commerce is on the rise. Sellers who have not yet optimized their content to appeal to this expanding group of shoppers should focus on improving the mobile experience to boost traffic, engagement, and sales. From the very first impression to re-engagement strategies, in the world of ecommerce, every second counts. 

Mobile-First Design

Transforming browsers into buyers is a unique challenge on smartphones and tablets. Because mobile shopping is considerably different from desktop, it’s essential for sellers to create a shopping experience that aligns with these unique behaviors.

Since 80% of shoppers first browse your products on a mobile device, many sellers are embracing a mobile-first approach. Instead of developing content for desktop and struggling to make it fit into a mobile-friendly format, they are changing their strategy and seeing better results with less effort.

Improve the User Experience 

To optimize for mobile shoppers, start by identifying their preferences and creating content that caters to those needs. Let's explore what creates an exceptional mobile shopping experience.

Clear Product Pictures

One of the biggest challenges mobile shoppers face is being able to clearly view product pictures. While desktop devices offer plenty of space for information and visual elements, this is limited on mobile. When selecting or compressing images, never compromise on clarity or quality. When in doubt, consult a professional ecommerce photographer with experience crafting both mobile and desktop-friendly images and videos.

Scannable Product Information

Many shoppers rely on their phones and tablets to research a product and check its price. It is crucial to have clear and concise titles, meta descriptions, and product descriptions infused with relevant keywords to attract consumers and keep them engaged. Since there is limited screen space, every word should count. Fill descriptions with explicit benefits and features and avoid using jargon, complicated explanations, and unnecessary words.

Access to Reviews and Ratings

93% of shoppers check product reviews before completing a purchase.  It’s crucial to prioritize getting positive reviews to attract consumers who regularly use their phones for product research. For Amazon sellers, only three ratings are displayed. If you sell on Shopify, customize the appearance of your store's product review forms and review score badges to prominently showcase this information.

Strong SEO

Ecommerce mobile SEO offers advantages to both shoppers and sellers. To attract shoppers and maintain customer interest in your brand, it is crucial to adapt your SEO strategy to mobile devices. Even if your product aligns with a customer's search, not having mobile-friendly content may result in missing out on the sale. In fact, 58% of shoppers will abandon their cart if their mobile shopping experience is sub-par. 

Consider Your Platform

Fortunately for Amazon sellers, the world’s leading ecommerce platform is already optimized for mobile devices, delivering a smooth user experience with minimal effort required. However, it is still critical to consider the look and feel of your content on mobile devices. 

Shopify sellers, stay tuned; we've got you covered as well. Scroll down for our expert Shopify mobile optimization tips.

Mobile Optimization for Amazon

Amazon A+ Content and Storefronts

A+ Content and Storefronts are among the most valuable tools that Amazon offers to sellers. They are highly responsive and accessible from all types of smart devices, enhancing the shopping experience on both mobile and desktop.

With dozens of options for layout and design, be sure to prominently display features and benefits on mobile. Adopt the mobile-first approach and check for image quality and clarity on smaller screens first. Keep in mind, modules that allow you to add text outside of images will split the text and images on mobile view and require more scrolling. 

Product Titles

On mobile, only the first 70 characters of the product title are visible. Within this limited space, be sure to include the primary benefit of your product. Cut out any filler words or unnecessary information.

The First 7 Images 

While shoppers can view nine images on desktop, only seven are visible on mobile devices. Use your first seven image slots to display your product, add informative infographics, and attract customers with engaging lifestyle photos.

The First 3 Bullet Points

While Amazon allows sellers to add five bullet points, only three are fully displayed on mobile. Shoppers must tap “Details” to read bullets four and five. Focus on packing the most important features and benefits into bullets one to three to keep shoppers interested and provide them with the information they need to make an informed purchase.

Shopify Mobile Optimization

Choose a Mobile-Friendly Layout

Consider minimalist or bold styles that truly reflect your brand identity. Simplifying and making the content visually captivating can significantly improve the mobile user experience while also adding more functionality to your ecommerce platform. Given the vast selection of design options available, consider consulting a professional for expert help.

Optimize Checkout

To convert browsers into buyers, it is essential to have a frictionless checkout process. Optimize your Shopify online store by adding convenient payment options and streamlining the checkout process to drive sales. Ensure that all the relevant information such as taxes, fees, shipping costs, and the total cost are prominently displayed during checkout to boost customer confidence throughout their purchase.

Boost Business With AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source project designed to boost mobile performance, responsiveness, and search relevance. AMP increases speed and functionality, with a page-builder and dozens of available integrations that give shoppers the information they need in record time. AMP pages also allow you to pass Google's new Core Web Vitals. 

Add Social Media Sharing Features

With 90% of Americans actively using social media, adding sharing features is an essential part of Shopify mobile optimization. This allows customers to easily share their experiences, reviews, and interact with friends while introducing them to your products and brand. Additionally, it provides sellers with the opportunity to monitor customer behavior, attract brand advocates, and expand their reach to new audiences.

Conduct Mobile SEO Audits

For ecommerce sellers, keeping a close eye on your mobile and desktop performance is critical. Sadly, there is no set-it-and-forget-it strategy, so create a consistent schedule to check in on engagement, sales, and KPIs. 

For busy brands that can’t commit to routinely monitoring their progress, it’s time to enlist professional help. Partnering with an account management team can free up your time to focus on your area of expertise while they focus on theirs. 

Did you know that 45% of global consumers use their phones to shop every day? It’s time to tailor your strategies to reach this vast sect of eager shoppers. Our experts create mobile-optimized content that boosts brand visibility and sales while freeing up your time to do what you do best. With a range of expert tools and techniques at our disposal, we can implement effective strategies and closely monitor your progress. To learn more, schedule your free 30-minute consultation today!